Fantasy Football 101

Other than basketball, football is one of the most popular sports in the world and is played in many countries. From kicking the ball to score a goal up to managing the team to win the game, many football lovers have dreamt of controlling their own team. While this may not happen for you in reality, you can have it almost like the real game. Playing the fantasy football will let your dream come true virtually.

What is this fantasy game?

Fantasy football is an interactive game for football fans. In this game, players will act as team owners, managers and coaches of their team. Each team, is composed of real football players. Fantasy players will need to create a team by selecting from a list of players in a real football game. You fantasy points depend on the performance or statistics of your players in actual game for a given week. You need to be updated and be wiser than your opponent. You have to manage your team intelligently so that they will be better than your opponent’s choice of players. If you want to play fantasy football you have to have a basic understanding of the sport because you will need this in competing with other players.

When did it start?

Fantasy football was created by Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach in a hotel in New York City named The Milford Plaza Hotel in the 1960’s. Together with Bill Tunnel, a Raiders Public Relations manager and Scotty Starling, a Tribune reporter, they developed the basis of this fantasy game. They made a system and rules for this game. The Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (GOPPPL), which consists of eight members, is the name of the first league they created for this game.

What are the things you can do in fantasy football?

There are various actions that a player can do or make in the game. Like in the actual football game, fantasy football players can do drafting, trading, adding or dropping players, as well as changing rosters and other things. The NFL, or National Football League, provides the game statistics online which makes tracking players easier. There are also providers like ESPN, CBS, and Yahoo. Below are different actions you can do in this game.

Join Leagues – As a team manager, you will have to participate on whichever league type you play. There are different types of leagues to choose from in fantasy football. Here are some of the types:

  • Auction Leagues
  • Dynasty Leagues
  • Head-to-Head Leagues
  • Individual Defensive Players Leagues
  • Keeper Leagues
  • Points-Per-Reception Leagues
  • Salary Cap Leagues
  • Survivor Leagues
  • Total Points Leagues
  • Two Quarterback Leagues

Scouting players – The performance of your players is important in every fantasy football game. It’s important to be a good scout so you can have the best players who perform well in a real game.

Player Drafting – Like in real games, unowned football players can be claimed by fantasy players. You can claim players until your team is complete. You can choose between a traditional or auction draft. “Serpentine” method is used to draft players in a traditional or “snake” drafting for equality. While in an auction draft, drafting players is made through auctions. Players have a fantasy budget that they can spend by buying players for his or her team.

Creating Team Names – As a team owner in fantasy football, you need to provide a name for your team. Choose anything you like.

Adding or Dropping Players – To improve your team, fantasy players can drop their football players if they think they don’t perform well. You can add a better player from those free agents.

Trading Players – You can trade your players with other teams like in a real game. There are leagues that have trade deadlines so make sure to check beforehand. Sometimes player trading can cause disagreements between teams or members of a league. In order to settle this disagreement, a fantasy trade referee will be called and provide the final decision. They will check on the fairness and validity of the trade. They are not needed if the voting system is used by the league.

Arranging Your Team – As a manager, you are provided with a certain number of players for your team and have to organize them. You should assign a player to every position that is needed in the game. You have to decide on who the starters are and who are on the bench, as well as the line up.

Compete With Other Fantasy Players – Your team will face other players’ team which is usually on a weekly basis. Your gain score will depend on the real time statistics of your players in fantasy football.

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