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Josue Tejada

This new look Vikings offense is gonna be scary paired up with that defense they have

    Brandon Ohara

    @NSX Dumbdrew he’s clearly a Vikings fan he’s just not a biased one lol

    Brandon Ohara

    @Qwicks – why? Because he’s being honest about his team? Not every fan needs to side with their own team all the time you do know that right?

    Brandon Ohara

    @Qwicks – it’s called being unbiased

    Cody Catena

    Not with that QB they got.

    NSX Dumbdrew

    Brandon Ohara being unbiased includes some truth

zmon 8426

Mike Zimmer always shuts down Matt Ryan

    Benny Wave

    @Carlos Valdez he’s not. Highly overrated

    Rudy Garibay

    Dude I saw most plays julio had a step on him everytime, but Ryan kept getting sacked or tossing it to someone else.

    GP Lee

    Dude everyone shuts down matt Ryan

    Rudy Garibay

    @1-51 dude wtf kinda game did you watch? Even matt Ryan said julio didnt get the ball as much bkuz he was even TRIPLE teamed. I’m pretty sure someone on the field would know more than you

    Aric sikora

    Everyone always shuts down Matt Ryan


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the dolphins just became the worst franchise this year

    Brian Fitzsimmons

    @Adrian Buck Tanking actually works best in the NFL. You’re guaranteed the 1st pick if you’re the worst team.

    Adrian Buck

    @Brian Fitzsimmons Yes but the contracts are not guaranteed and the coaches gone do their best to win to keep their jobs.

    Brian Fitzsimmons

    @Adrian Buck Not unless there’s an agreement between the coach and Owner that the team is fully rebuilding from the ground up so expectations are very tempered. The coach can still develop players through tanking. Main concern is the team turns on the coach which may be the case already in Miami.

    Brandon Ohara

    @Kenneth Watson lol not in comparison to what MIAMI looked like lmao how are you going to compare what the Cardinals did this past Sunday to what the Dolphins did or didn’t do rather? You make no sense bro. They tied their game and came back to do it while the Dolphins gave up 59 points like a college team 😭😭😂😂😂 just stop man c’mon!

    Brandon Ohara

    @Kenneth Watson that comment deserves to be deleted

Titan Master Race

Knew the Vikings was gonna win that falcons team hasn’t been the same every since they lost that sb.


    @Omega Supreme #9 TurdyBirds😂🤣

    Omega Supreme #9

    @JOHN LEON That’s a good one😁

    lit nation

    Titan Master Race as a falcons fan i approve😂

    Benny Wave

    Falcons are done after that Super Bowl. Mentally they are tired. The road to the Super Bowl is a grind. To let it slip away the way they did, it will be decades before they rebound. Ryan’s only chance to win a ring is long gone.

Orbitz _

Imagine just tuning in and u see Matt Shaub warming up and Ryan isn’t injured

    Erin and Justin Bode


    Juan Ruelas

    @duecedajuice 26 6

    duecedajuice 26

    @Juan Ruelas ???

    Juan Ruelas

    My bad my pocket. Reply to this without my intention

    duecedajuice 26

    @Juan Ruelas it’s all good lol


Great way to start off the year🔥 SKOL VIKINGS

    Ye Yooo

    It’s September…

    Boopy Gooby


    Minnesota Vikings Man 28

    Vikings win 28-12 vs. Falcons!!! Thoughts and Reaction!!!


    Mizzunderstood skol Vikings let’s win this game skol Vikings honor your name!

    U finish it

    Minnesota Vikings Man 28

    @MotionMix Go get the first down let’s get a Touchdown! Rock Em!!! Sock EM!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! SKOL Vikings run out the score, you’ll hear us yell for more!!! V-I-K-I-N-G-S SKOL Vikings let’s Go!!!

Minnesota Vikings Man 28

Vikings were really COOKing today!!!

    INTERNET CRIP aka keep calling me honky I NEED THAT


    Steven Stotts

    Nice 😎

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    ASAC Schrader

    @MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 rent free

Drafty Galaxy

Where my Viking fans at SKOL

    Gene Moretti

    @Skol TV skol. One game. Lol. Lets see u later…probe busted no playoffs. Lol. DEAD….

    Skol TV

    @Gene Moretti Ight Gene

    Gene Moretti

    @Skol TV just playin!! Lol!!

    K-Dogg Nix


    Bruce Lee


Chase McBrien

I knew Vikings would win but I thought it would be a lot closer. Falcons need to get their act together. No excuse to be sorry again.

    Taylor C.

    @jablakeb literally what I said. You just blow in from stupid town.

    Darrell Campbell

    And their healthy for the start of the season.

    Edrick Powell

    jablakeb they got owned. It was bad sorry. I live in Atlanta and watching them yesterday.. It was complete torture. For the first game of the season this is what they do?

    Jesusisourlordandsavior 12

    @jablakeb 4 Turnovers Near 20 yard line for Vikings and those easy Touchdowns come on man they played terrible.


    ​@Jesusisourlordandsavior 12 *3 turnovers, one of which was within the 20 (the pick in the endzone)… other interception was at 41 and fumble was at 21. Did you even watch the game?

Minnesota Vikings Man 28

Vikings were Thielen for a win today and they got just that!!!

Scottie Robinson


    Tezzy Guinn

    Scottie Robinson they diggs up a win😂bengals fan

Joey odom

Here we go again Atlanta… here we go again 😤


    @Herman Taylor that window is almost shut

    Herman Taylor

    @murderofcrows21 it’s week 1 for all, wait a few games be4 you jump out there


    @murderofcrows21 this was over before it started , your days late on the subject move on to the next week..

    John Loye

    @Nathan Slay Yeah All they had to do was run the ball kick the field goal and they would have won that Super Bowl. But no they got greedy and tried to pass….. I am not a Falcons fan but I sure was rooting for them in that Super Bowl. and you’re right they haven’t been the same since that loss


    @Herman Taylor im talking about matty’s age and age of supporting players. Thats a window we have knoe about when players were signed

Andrew Smith

Holy Moly Anthony Harris is gonna be a beast this season.

    John Smith

    Skoldier 19 Vikings go away, no one wants to heayoj

    Dawson Garret

    Hold your horses. Matt Ryan looked like garbage. I doubt it will last the entire season

    The Fitness Life

    @Skoldier 19 Vikings Funny thing is he played qb in high school. I went to high school with him.

    Sean Wall

    Both his ints were just very shitty throws by ryan like literally the ball was thrown softly to him


Dalvin Cook? Anthony Harris? I smell breakout…

    Tekashi 96

    im so happy i drafted cook


    people don’t even realize he led the league in rushing until he got hurt

    Matthew Daniels

    Dude Madison is looking gnarly too

    Brandon Rittenour

    @Matthew Daniels there was a couple runs by Madison that I didn’t even realize it wasn’t cook!

Miles Smith

I’ll be surprised if Harris doesn’t get defensive player of the week.

    Kyle Young

    I’m a Packers fan and I’d be surprised too. Someone’s gonna have to have a legendary game to top this one.


    Kyle Young can’t wait until he picks off Rodgers next week

    francis abongo

    @AD lmao chill. humble yourself man

    Too much Salt

    AD woah man dude was being a good sport should be a great game don’t make us vikes fan s look bad

Peter Chen

Zimmer finally using Barr as an edge rusher and man what a difference. SKOL

    Azhar Mohamed


    Fang Liu

    yeah peter. he used to be an edge rusher at ucla

    Jay Hopkins

    I always said we gotta send the heat Barr is a beast

    Nathaniel Matychuk

    @BIG CANADIAN 21 Barr is good in coverage. He is good blitzing. That flexibility is what makes him such a difficult player to go up against and why he gets the big bucks.


    Probably didn’t want him at linebacker anymore after Josh Allen jumped over him lmao

Eddie Jones

How about Xavier Rohdes shouting down Jones once again


    this is probably the best game he’ll have all year, don’t be calling him slow

    ToolShed BootyGoon

    Revan I really hate when he does that

    Kenneth Watson

    Revan lmaooo it’s hilarious how many people can clearly see he does that. Get beat? Hamstring injury.

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    Revan Rhodes can be a bit of a head case, but I actually think he did tweak his hamstring before he came out and tossed his helmet on the sideline. There was a pass play before that and he was running weird going towards the WR. He is a total drama queen though. He needs to be either in or out and stop with the games. Even if he’s 90%, he’s still pretty good going against the other team’s big, physical receiver. After all his damn hamstring issues last year you would have thought he would have found a good trainer to focus on that. Now he’s saying he was working out nearly 8 hours a day and he just didn’t allow enough time to heal and recover. Come on, you’re just figuring this out? He’s already building an excuse if things go sideways this year.

    Isaiah n Hailee Cronan

    How did Rhodes shut him down? Lmao Vikes were playing 2 Man against Julio. Safety help every play. Matt had ZERO time to throw the ball as well


Man when people said the Vikings needed to run the ball more they really took it to heart.


    Well if the Mike Zimmer says to run the ball more he’s gonna change things and run the ball more

    Aruiz 187

    There rb is a beast tbh

Cookie Nova

Let’s not forget an always unsung hero that is Dan Bailey who banged out a 4/4 game even though they’re extra points. Never know when they’re gonna matter and we’re gonna need him to keep it up!

    Lynn McKnight


Jimbo Jones

The key to a successful Vikings season . A healthy Dalvin Cook

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