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empireone :P

This is the first preseason win by the falcons since preseason week 4 in 2016 against the jags

    The OverLord

    Coincidence i think not

    Carlos Guerrero

    I went to that game lol

    Dre walton Walton

    Jack’s back to being sorriest


    Coincidentally we went to the Superbowl that year…maybe the results will be different this time.

    Ninja TypesTooFast

    Carlos Guerrero did you see Jayson Stanley’s sack


Aye! We got the run game going! Riseupnation

T Clark

So the falcons win their first preseason game since 2016 by giving the jags the taste of salt and pepper

    Ninja TypesTooFast

    T Clark nice copied comment

    Dre walton Walton

    A great place to go Falcons

Escocivo 30

Falcons winning a preseason game!?!? What is this!


    An alternate universe

    Tyrone Dixon

    Escocivo 30 it’s football

    Fred Thompson

    Either WE are not really trying…OR .theres a big weakness problem! ?


    Not trying preseason don’t count really

Greg Van Gaasbeek

Jaguar second string is pathetic. Only ones I saw with some damn heart, Armstead and McGough.

    Taco Clan

    Greg Van Gaasbeek there also not playing with first string. There isn’t meant to be a full second team on the field at once

    Quis Mac

    That running back 35 looked good

Jags Nation

Time. For regular season 🐯

    Ninja TypesTooFast

    Not for y’all tho

    Dre walton Walton

    No it’s time for Jags Toulouse all except five games hahaha hahaha it time for the hurricane to come wipe you out hahaha

    Isaac O

    @Dre walton Walton lol you sound dumb af

    Kevonte Jones

    @Dre walton Walton you don’t wish that on anyone bro. This is just a sport at the end of the day.

Jacob Garcia

Kicking field goals 4&1 down 21-3 in a preseason game just don’t get it. Mine as well go for it.

Yayo Hernandez

Shout out #76 baby!! Looking good! like a monster man. His size able to block two players when pulling up the middle. Niccee glad u back on the field man #RiseUp #BrotherHood

    Craig Alexander

    On a few of those plays, he was the reason we moved the ball so well. He’s a great fit in the line and I feel like we could at least get deep in the playoffs.

Papa Xan

These announcers sound like they’re either heavily medicated or just don’t care about what’s going on.

    John Doe

    They are clemson fans and wanted to watch game 1


    @Brody This is the jaguars coverage.
    The Falcons one was more active


    It’s a preseason game. Nothing big at all.

    Papa Xan

    @Kylo What difference does that make?


    Papa Xan I’m not even going to answer your question….

Georgian State Dude

Atlanta’s away broadcast was way better than this broadcast

    Keshundra Perdue


D. Coleman

Etling is a good backup. He’s got JETS

    Dre walton Walton

    I’m down for anybody beating the jacks

Andre Parson

Falcons for Super Bowl LIV

    Dre walton Walton

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves

    John Doe

    @Hardtimes57 😂😂probably his boyfriend

    The Fuzzy Pickle

    @Hardtimes57 lol get em spidey

    Andre Parson

    They actually looked pretty good this game tho. But I was joking fo sure




2nd rushing TD of the night? 🤔Wait .. what?😆😆

    malik miles

    Blazien24/7 exactly! Wtf

    Suave Redd

    Meaning the whole preseason not that particular game

    Dre walton Walton

    That means the only had two touchdowns no actually one

Yungin Senju

Alex needs to be the backup for foles

- S I L V A -

McGough is more explosive than Gardner Minshew


We can try and deny it, but the Jaguars quarterback, Alex McGough, has outplayed G. Minshew the entire preseason.

    Danielle johnson

    aregua1 I was looking fir mcgough last week, after his performance in week two. Unfortunately it was all Minshew fir some reason.

Steven Mcfarland

This QB is awesome!!!!! Shout out to brooks-james also. Rise up ATL

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

… and people said that the Falcons should’ve drafted Taven Bryant instead of Calvin Ridley… guess the joke was on them 🤔😂😂😂😂😂

Daytrin Hall

Keep Danny Etling and cut Matt Schaub!!! Keep Tony Brooks too 🔥

cody myers

I just with they let Alex McGough play way more. Hes a better play maker period.

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