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Escocivo 30 Reply

Josh Rosen did amazing with a Awful O-Line.

    Oliver Twissup Reply

    Finally someone who uses there eyes. Lol I said all day yesterday Rosen has the arm plus improvises behind a bad O-Line. If we can solidify that line, the kid will blossom

    Napalm Blaziken Reply

    @Doc Holliday I like Tannehill, but you’re right. He has no awareness in the pocket.

    Rocco Strydom Reply

    @rune sword Haha I was about to say the same!

Loyal Philly fan Reply

0:10 0:19 Fitzpatrick looking likes Fitzmagic on those two plays lol.

    Doc Holliday Reply

    @Monny o Well what we are hearing from camp is that Fitz is winning the competition, so for the coaches they obviously wanted to see more from Rosen. But yeah i’d like to see them both get equal time with the starters and see what we got as a fan.

    Reivelt Reply

    the mp for fitzmagic is gonna run out sometime in the future

    Jacob Kaplan Reply

    He’ll probably win starting job tbh have Rosen progress more

Chilly Winter Reply

Rosen is ok but we need to fix that o line

    pillowflufferr Reply

    Those weren’t the starters

    King Tide Reply

    Not the starting O-Line. Still need to work on it though

    Junior Aunese Reply

    Guys we got this..this just might be a good year for us..I know the Oline is not all that great but hey they put up 34 point for young rookies…Mighty Finns all day!!!🐬

    Terrance McCray Reply

    @Junior Aunese lol they wont be averaging close to 34 points a game but they do show way more potential than people are giving them credit for thats for sure

ObamaisnextLincoln Reply

*I’m not sure who’s OL is worse, Zona last year or the Fins this year*

    Endless jah Reply

    ObamaisnextLincoln cardinals worse ,Dolphins got laremy tunsin LT to make that up plus it’s not starter lineman

    pillowflufferr Reply

    These aren’t the starters

    Francois Reply

    Dolphins have a center, they can threaten to run the ball pretty easely (even with no RBs) and the QB have at least a chance to step up in the pocket most of the time. AZ had almost nothing. Plus they have a good LT.

    Terrance McCray Reply

    @Francois yea we have a couple good RB’s

Unruly Danny Reply

Josh Rosen looks good and bad at the same time 💀💀💀💀

    chris madsen Reply

    He sucks

    VoidSurfer9 Reply

    Terrance McCray I grew up loving the dolphins even though I’m a bears fan thanks to #13… But if this guy is your only hope… 😯😬😬😬… #TankforTua

    VoidSurfer9 Reply

    Doc Holliday I think at times much is made about playing with a “new team/coach/OC” etc… It’s just football. And that was a terrible read and an off-timed throw. He’s a marginal QB in a league where you need at least a Good QB. You guys will be aight if you #TankforTua or #LoseforLawrence

    VoidSurfer9 Reply

    HighCaliberYT “playing well in general” will keep you guys at 6-10 or 5-11… Below average is what this guy is. Mgmt grabbed him to give you guys some hope while the team #TanksforTua

southpark 981 Reply

Wonder how many games fitzy will play. He might be my fave backup QB of all time besides Charlie Batch

    Christopher Strebeck Reply

    @HerbWithDaHerb nick foles is pure starter..he aint no backup..its crazy to me how teams wont start him

    Erick Mack Reply

    Doug williams Kurt Warner Danny White Tommy Maddox ..Aaron Brooks..those are my favorite backups or transitional qbs

    Erick Mack Reply

    But yeah i love charlie batch too

    Terrance McCray Reply

    I mean Batch was my all time favorite backup followed by good ol Matt Moore. But i think Fitzy might be my new favorite. I love a backup that just wants to come in and just sling the ball . I especially like unorthodox QB’s and Fitzpatrick is definitely unique

Gavin Ferguson Reply

Damn why is nobody talking about Preston Williams man? He was beastin

    Kyle Theune Reply

    @Sampleador doesnt matter what string he is playing against. Did you watch the effort on those catches? Can catch sideline and can catch with someone all over him

    Sampleador Reply

    @Kyle Theune he is good but put patrick oetterson talib gilmore and the level of difficulty in catching the ball will raise

    AztecsRising Reply

    @89Trapbaby J Cole Mike Jones !!

Floridajerk Reply

Williams is gonna be something special

Julio jones Reply

GG dolphins🤝

    Miami fan best for business Reply


    LYSS liquid youngS Reply

    Julio jones why do we always Blow a lead

    Miami fan best for business Reply

    @LYSS liquid youngS idk gg

    Colturtle Reply

    LYSS liquid youngS we
    Always stop trying after a lead😓😢but we will have the regular season

Bakugo Ktski Reply

This was really the Preston Williams show. I’m excited to see what he’ll do this season

Monny o Reply

5 wide outs wilson,stills,williams,parkers and grant

    Cody Paul Reply

    @Jusn time Trade Stills, he’s not that great anyway, never lived up to the college hype.

    Terrance McCray Reply

    @Cody Paul your crazy Still’s is a beast and he can play every WR position. Dam you wanna trade him just because of a disagreement, wow!…
    In every job/team/family, there are people who are gonna have disagreements on issues but tyats no reason to get rid of someone. I would think most logical people would sit down and discuss the issues and then if there could not be a resolution (wich i dont see why not in this case) then yea maybe there needs to be a seperation

    Young Drako Reply

    Hurns too

IIIHybridIII Reply

Preston Williams is a freak

Low Quality Highlights Reply

Preston Williams looking like Randy Moss

    Terrel Blackston Reply

    U went way 2 far compared him to randy mr. Straight cash homie moss smh u a mpron

MrBlazzin101 Reply

Josh rosen and Preston William’s. Wow. I’m excited for both of them.

    Hard Work1994 Reply

    MrBlazzin101 Williams bailed out Rosen so many times

    Lj Aguilar Reply

    Josh Rosen is garbage

    MrBlazzin101 Reply

    @Hard Work1994 I think it’s more that rosen knows he can throw it up to William’s. Dude is a ball hawk. You’re entitled to your own opinion as am I.

    MrBlazzin101 Reply

    @Lj Aguilar okay.


Preston Williams was looking like MegaTron out there today

    Ku Zach Reply


The Fate of Slate Reply

Words to my fellow Dolphins fans, people to watch out for:

Preston Williams: 6’5″ tells you all you need to know. The Dolphins finally found themselves a Red Zone threat who makes some monster grabs

Chandler Cox: I’m really excited for him, he had some great plays in Auburn, Phins should really think about giving him touches.

    The Fate of Slate Reply

    @MizerisMoney are you upset that you aren’t 6’3″ or something?

    The Fate of Slate Reply

    @Dominick S idk, cause I still want them to give Gesicki time to develop

    Dominick S Reply

    The Fate of Slate why not both ?

    MizerisMoney Reply

    Actually i am 6’3″ but what does that have to do with anything?

jaden teel Reply

Love Preston Williams man, dude plays with some heart

Liquid Red Reply

Preston Williams is a star in the making!!! 🤩

    Timothy Gordon Reply

    How did this kid Preston Williams not get drafted. what’s going on NFL??

    Terrance McCray Reply

    @Timothy Gordon he had some problems early on in his college career that dropped him from a potential 2-3 round draft pick to going undrafted

Alex B Reply

I am so happy football is back.

Random_Z Reply

Mark my words. The Falcons will need Qadree Ollison at same point this season.

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