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Josue Tejada Reply

Falcons had everyone thinking they were gonna comeback. They did, but then Matt Bryants missed extra point took the life out of that thought

    jennetics Reply

    O Alonzo A y’all went 11-7 during a 16 game regular season? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about sir…

    Jassim Arab Reply

    He prolly had money on the cardinals lol

    Kev Johnstone Reply

    @Ali thst entered my head as well that miss suck the life out my wallet what a bastard .I had a really awful feeling when he was about to kick he would miss .

    TheGreat Roeski Reply

    jennetics They went 10-6 but I think he was talking about the wild card game they won against the Rams and the lost against the Eagles in the playoffs

    Drexmvile Reply

    Can I call u JT?

Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

This was the last game of Patrick Peterson’s suspension. Hopefully he can help stop blowing big leads

    TheCrownOfFusion Reply

    @Ahmad2423 shut your filthy little mouth

    Bryce Forrest Reply

    Ahmad2423 we needa trade David Johnson if anybody he’s great if healthy but that’s a big IF

    Albert Ornelas Reply

    Sammy UH OH

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @Bryce Forrest trade David Johnson? You good there?

    Green wall Tree Reply

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT you have meet the world of the special kids lol

JayTCU Reply

The falcons looks so damn lost on defense

    Jonathan George Reply

    The year the falcons went to the super bowl they built a defense around Ryan and had a strong OL. I think he had a few more strong years under his belt

    VastBluepuppy 424 Reply

    What do you expect, this is a tank bowl, the goal is to lose for the draft pick, both defenses new what a tank bowl is but both offense Didn’t

    aljanat5 Reply

    Someone, anyone, please tell the NFL at 0:57 the replay in the highlights should be from a pitch side camera angle not from a high position zooming down. Player feet and contact with the ground are the point, not the entire length of the run.

    gRiM Reply

    Exactly. Offense is straight

    VastBluepuppy 424 Reply

    @gRiM and defense sucks

Fingering Things Reply

It’s been a rough couple years for sports fans in the state of Georgia.

    JOHN LEON Reply


    JOHN LEON Reply


    JOHN LEON Reply

    @southpark 981 😂😁🤣

    JOHN LEON Reply

    @Charles Held REDWINGS, TRY AGAIN👌🔥👌

    ScatteredThoughts Reply

    Unless you like soccer

Fingering Things Reply

This would be such an Arizona sports game to lose

But the Georgia sports curse is the only thing stronger

    Winner-Timothy Bolorunduro Reply

    Atlanta United though…

    stoned investor Reply

    Atlanta braves, cardinals scored 10 in the first inning eliminating them, let that sink in

    Kellie Kole Reply

    Church Lady told yall. You’re not going to Win anything Big again. We had no scoocer team when the curse started.

    David Mata Reply

    LA sports curse is worst. Trust me, far worse.

    Nile crocodile Reply


Jonathan D. Reply

The Falcons were there to remind everyone that they just entered the Tank Bowl playoffs!

    Chanelle Thrash Reply

    I wish they would tank but leave it to the falcons to go 1-8 then win out

    Jonathan Morales Reply

    spiced Bay Area sports is better than Atlanta bro shut up. Warriors were champs falcons ARENT 😂 anyways thank you for Kyle Shanahan dude is a genius

    gary snyder Reply


    Jonathan Morales Reply

    gary snyder no what?

    Go Getta Jace Reply

    I have a better name, the Tankoffs

Xx-MrClutch0804-xX _ Reply

It’s depressing being a falcons

    Jacob Bradford Reply

    Hey Andrew I hope someone takes your life possibility by fire burned alive sounds great.Your screams would give me a great ringtone for my phone,If there was a video of this happening to ya Id watch it every day. If this AMAZING thing happened I would then go piss on your grave

    Jacob Bradford Reply

    Don’t bother with that trash.I wish death on him

    N/A Reply

    @Sir Uppercrust III superbowl: Saints 1-0, FalCONS 0-2. Where’s ya chip at? Ohhhh okay, well yall should 🤐 then. Oh and WHO DAT!

    N/A Reply

    @Jacob Bradford ya team is the trash, hot garbage. Who dat!

    Andy Yang Reply

    Fly bird fly!

Kyle Rodrigue Reply

Atlanta offense: *scores*

Defense: guess y’all dont need me right?

    retro nerds Reply

    @Minecraft is better than Fortnite Seattle at least got three interceptions today

    Minecraft is better than Fortnite Reply

    @retro nerds true but our d was still horrible the first 3 quarters

    s0459054 Reply

    KC Chiefs template

    Jonathan George Reply

    Minecraft is better than Fortnite the Seahawks defense allowed 8 points the final 44 minutes

    Minecraft is better than Fortnite Reply

    @Jonathan George that’s the Browns though.. they always choke. Our defense last week on Thursday night didn’t make one stop but that one interception. We were lucky to win that game.

Caleb Turkson- Williams Reply

Its not even like we don’t have the players, We’re one of the most talented teams just led by bad coaching.

    Ahmad2423 Reply

    @SilverSpadeLord Quinn is already fired they just haven’t announced yet because they’re in fear of Goin 1-15 or 3-13 an for their fan base that’s not GOOD !

    Kevin Charles Reply

    Cowboys have the exact same problem

    Caleb Turkson- Williams Reply

    @Kevin Charles true, at least yall still have a chance to make the playoffs though

    Farris Hodo Reply

    K Murray Dan Quinn is the defensive coordinator. He fired the one last year and said he’d call the defense

Gus Logan Reply

Georgia’s having a rough time rn

    Justin Favors Reply

    Huge falcons fan but I think I’m officially done with this season

    Ahmad2423 Reply

    @Justin Favors This season is OVER and Quinn will be fired.

Moe Elder Reply

I’ve had never seen a team like the falcons to have so much talent on offense but to still be so trash

    Epic Penis Reply

    2012-2015 Saints

    zack16 Reply

    Moe Elder chiefs

    thedarkemissary Reply

    The higher you Rise Up, the farther you fall.

    VastBluepuppy 424 Reply

    So least thay won a tank bowl.

    David Mata Reply

    @SyzygY Let’s call it a push. 2 World Series and 1 Superbowl fails and 7 division titles with nothing to show for it. UGLY..

CM T3 Reply

Me: Hey Siri where is the nearest cliff in Atlanta

    alumbo Reply

    Stone Mountain, bro. Make it epic!

    DontTrip Tyler Reply

    CM T3 stn mtn bro😂

    Andy Yang Reply

    Ain’t worth it to jump off a cliff. Just go play with barbies and you’ll feel better for now on.

    CM T3 Reply

    Andy Yang oh it is worth jumping with the 28-3 and now losing to the cardinals

    Cruz Soto Reply

    CM T3 CLEMSON!!!

ColdCase File32 Reply

4:45 Larry Legend with the tackle 😂😂 love that guy

    Christian Hernandez Reply

    He just loves the game but at the same time he having fun while being one of the best

    BassStrangla Reply

    It makes me happy to see Larry happy!

    Thiago Tanikawa Reply

    Who doesn’t love Larry?

    Ahmad2423 Reply

    You can’t be a Football fan an not love Fitz, I’m mean seriously it’s not possible.

Levi Wilson Reply

When cardinals win the chiefs lose 🤔🤔

    The Second Reply

    When the Pats win the Bengals lose 🤔 🤔

    Psycho Logical Reply

    Lets go kylahhhhh

    Daniel Barnett Reply

    Levi Wilson when the bombs drop, the Japanese lose

    Andy Yang Reply

    What? Your sentence doesn’t make any sense.

    Aaron Johnson Reply

    When the saints win the Falcons lose 😎

malsimian Reply

Dang kyler Murray throws such a crisp tight ball. The arc, spiral and hang time is almost beautiful. And that release tho..

    malsimian Reply

    Got it. But man there’s only one scenario where you can be right, but countless number of them your prediction can fail. But hey if they beat NY next game and go on to lose 5 consecutive games. I’ll come back and give you props.

    malsimian Reply

    @Job Done Right I’m from pennsylvania man, Im not invested in the cardinals. I’m saying that aesthetically kyler murrays throwing mechanics is like poetry in motion. Time will tell how he developes as a starting QB. I’m rooting for him to suceed tho.

    Thomas Urech Reply

    Too bad he’s like, one of four guys on the Cardinals with any real talent

    gRiM Reply

    Ikr just look at 1:35. Beautiful

    Andy Yang Reply

    That’s what happen when you draft the rookie of the year.

Ben Davis Reply

Matt Bryant: you’re wrong and here’s why

    Israel is REAL Reply


Mark Drekaj Reply

Kyler Murray looking taller with every win lmao

    Jose Antonio Quintana Reply

    Silas Tandrup : LMAO!!

    JellyFishSticks Reply

    No need to make fun of him, he can’t control his height. If anything it’s more impressive how good he’s become despite his disadvantage

    Silas Tandrup Reply

    It’s all in good fun, don’t worry. He’s impressive

    Hemi Reply

    It’s David vs. Goliath when he’s out there.

    VastBluepuppy 424 Reply

    In reality, he’s screwing his team over for potential High Draft picks

dewitt anderson Reply

So let me get this straight. In the span of four days:

The Braves gave up 10 runs in the first inning of an elimination game.

UGA lost at home to a 24-point underdog.

The Falcons lost on a missed PAT.

The entire city of Atlanta should call in sick tomorrow.

    Connor May Reply

    @Milli Macro Kyler Murray never played in the AAF.

    D Me Reply

    Don’t leave out the Super Bowl Choke. That’s NEVER going away.

    Philip Tucker Reply

    They ain’t callin I’m sick my guy, ATL is used to this by now 🤣

    KASLtja Reply


eoe123321 Reply

At this point the Falcons are just trolling their fans 😂😂😂

    White Rose Reply


    Thanos Reply

    Reverse card

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    They tanking

micah smith Reply

Game starts

Atlanta defense: Aight imma head out

    Jacob Bradford Reply

    Alex what’s the point of someone who isn’t a fan of the Falcons or Cardinals commenting here? Rather then to troll? A trolls life doesn’t matter and someone end said trolls life.

    Jacob Bradford Reply

    Mxnd Fax?

    Mxnd : Reply

    Jacob Bradford When you Told The Kid To End Yourself

    VastBluepuppy 424 Reply

    Arizona’s defense: can I join you for a cup of tea Atlanta’s defense
    Atlanta’s defense: sure, want to add poison to your cup of tea
    Arizona’s defense: sure
    Atlanta’s defense: good because I will do the same.

    Alex Rahim Reply

    Jacob Bradford you’re an angry boy because your team is sucking it up right now. It’s alright man.

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