Falcons Turn Keenum INT Into First TD of Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Falcons Turn Keenum INT Into First TD of Game

Watch as Atlanta turns a Case Keenum INT around for a Falcons scoring drive. The Washington Redskins take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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All Stars Reply

What up

dj dj Reply

I love nfl

Amiri Reply

Thought it was an interception returned for a touchdown. Y’all got me.

TieD9174 Reply

BREAKING NEWS haskins traded to the New York giants for Daniel Jones after pre season

    Michael Shan Reply

    TieD9174 Pretty sure that’s Case Keenum.

    Fun Chiefs Reply

    that was case keenum

Keizer 15 Reply

Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez were my favs

    Rob D Reply


    Yoxify Reply

    Rob D hey look he did the funny number, very cool

    Goku Black Reply

    @Rob D Are you proud of yourself

    Rob D Reply

    @Goku Black So proud 😁

    Goku Black Reply


ShowtimeMahomes Reply

That big man is fast holy.

A sad falcons Fan Reply

Rise up

Kevin Balls Reply

This confused me…..why show the play that brings them to the 5, then the play before that play, then the play from the 5???

    PrecyseTheWise Reply


J Johnson Reply

Put Haskins in

f1r1n1e Reply

big running holes we need to fill in redskins

Robert Dillon Reply

Falcons the time is now

Sergio Alvarez Reply

Put guice highlights

    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    I wanna see him get stuffed at the goal line again

Randall Aufrecht Reply

Who cares???

    Goku Black Reply

    Just because the video doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean nobody cares lol

Ryan Damon Reply


that's right Reply

Neither QB exactly running away with the starting job

    Franswair Heard Reply

    Well it’s a rookie playing with recievers trying to make the team vs a scrub veteran playing with starters

    Arou Johnson Reply

    @Franswair Heard facts

    that's right Reply

    @Franswair Heard Haskins was overthrowing guys all night. He should have connected on that one out pattern to the endzone. He just threw it wide.

    Rise Above Reply

    The redskins have the worst receiving core in the league and an average o line. It’s going to be a rough year for either qb

isaiahh rodriguezz Reply

Not gonna lie Matt Ryan looks good – cowboys fan

Jay Manning Reply

Falcons starting defense played well even without there best player, good to see

Matthew Frazier Reply

Case didn’t have a chance, you see how fast that pocket collapsed on him?

Instinct_Surge Reply

Well think that seals the deal on Haskins taking his job

Marc Vargo Reply


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