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Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan | Atlanta Falcons Greatest Moments

One of the best moments in Atlanta Falcons history is drafting quarterback Matt Ryan in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He has broken multiple franchise records, lead the 2016 team to the Super Bowl, and has quickly earned the respect from the city of Atlanta.

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Hazard aG Reply

Better not throw another INT the rest of the year

    zac hannaman Reply

    Why? What you going to do? Probably cry more.

    Stephen B Reply

    Passing TDs by Ryan in 2019: 8

    All other TDs by the Falcons in 2019: 0

Stevie Janowski Reply

This man has a new OC every other year and STILL manages to put up HOF worthy numbers. Imagine if he had the coaching/continuity of a Brady or Brees. He’s a top 4 QB and gets no respect in his own city. He deserves better than these trash fans we have.

    Stevie Janowski Reply

    @A sad falcons Fan I know the reason….

    smoke404 Reply

    @Stevie Janowski cause he can’t lead a team

    Stevie Janowski Reply

    @smoke404 Ask any of his teammates if he’s a good leader. They all say he’s the leader of the team without question. Fans in Atlanta don’t like him because his name isn’t Mattavious Ryan…

    smoke404 Reply

    @Stevie Janowski hahaha ok

    Stevie Janowski Reply

    @smoke404 nice rebuttal

Nick bagnulo Reply

Ease up on the picks

Dont get me started
THE JULIO CATCH should of ended it
Run the ball kick a fg

    Kevin Scott Reply

    Nick bagnulo

    Martif Reply

    It wasn’t Matt Ryan’s fault for not running the ball

Donnie Ray Reply

If we had won the sb in ’16 then once he decided to retire he would have been a first ballot hof’er. Hopefully we can win one before our finest QB ever hangs up his cleats.

Kevin Scott Reply

With the third pic(of the game)it’s Matt Ryan!!!

    GGG Reply

    but he won that game though

Gary Turbo Reply

What about him crashing and burning during crucial moments?

    AJMoney99 Reply

    bro i remember the bad plays so well from the superbowl and i promise you it wasn’t matt’s fault.

    Gary Turbo Reply

    @A sad falcons Fan Third quarter (0:48)
    Fourth quarter (8:29 3:52)

    A sad falcons Fan Reply

    @Gary Turbo None of those play you just mentioned weren’t his fault. The 1st one was on the o line, the second one was on devonta freeman for missing a block, and the third one was on the o line again.

    Gary Turbo Reply

    2017 When he fumbled a snap TWICE

    GGG Reply

    @Gary Turbo name a Qb that has never done that?

smoke404 Reply

Happy feet noodle arm

    Stevie Janowski Reply


    smoke404 Reply

    @Stevie Janowski no need for name calling

DimeBag Darrell Reply

Nah we still trash y’all chill

    Audrey Johnson Reply


julius jones Reply

Fire Dan Quinn

Prime Rex Reply

My QB Matty Ice!!!!

Nathanael Warren Reply

That’s my Quarterback damnit 😭

Mark Godbee Reply

Matt Ryan has been a blessing to our franchise. I was at the game when his first regular season pass went for a TD.

Large Southern Load Reply

Greatest record with Coach Smith! 13-3

John Smith Reply

Stats don’t lie, best Falcon QB ever. Don’t kno if he has a future tho. He is half punch drunk, arm getting weaker by the day, no legs to escape sacks. Trade him b4 his value drops like Cowboys did Hershel

Stephen B Reply

If not for Matt Ryan the Falcons could have easily been like the Miami Dolphins of the NFC for the last decade.

Gstar Reply

Love that moment with his wife at the end and his face! Hope to see that again!

Josh Nguyen Reply

he need to go

Josh Nguyen Reply

sad last suuper bow cant even get 3 point to win . they dont care about fans if they do they dont play like that alway i say
alway give up in sencond half

Soundamite Reply

Goat 🐐

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