Ezekiel Elliott: “We’re A Family” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Chris Gloade Reply

It’s about time

Emilio Orejel Reply

Looking light , that speed is gonna kill this year 🔥🔥

Hiep Nguyen Reply

Let Go EZEKIEL 🏈🏈👍👍

Alex Shepherd Reply

Zeke got the bull ring in…We going to the SHIP

    Andrew Do Reply

    Zeke gone run straight. Either going through the man or over him lol.

    John Burke Reply

    Alex Shepherd choke artists

Jim Hollywood Reply

Talk is over. Time to bring it. Here we go.

da Star Reply

That’s right Family, so now you know.

benjamin kearse Reply

Road to the chip get that boy a bag of lays. Time to eat CB4L

Tejano Boi Reply

Offense is deadly.and the HOTBOYZ are resetting the power button on DOOMZDAY BIGD.2020.AMERIKAZ TEAM =AMERIKAZ NIGHTMARE.

    SVT Sieton Reply


    2fly215 Reply

    Somebody tell Ike Reese he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Philly sports radio talking sh*t about the eagles have a better defense….HOW??? They probably have a better d line but even that could be up for debate. They have better d tackles Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson will be a problem but overall Cowboys defense is scary and better.

Em Hauk Reply

Zeke The Freak!
Gonna be a hell of a season.

Trojan Hell Reply

Finally ZEKE and POLLARD let’s go

    boxing97 Reply

    Trojan Hell Hopefully they don’t waste pollard just because zekes back. Pollard can take a lot of weight off Elliot

    Chop Chop Reply

    Trojan Hell Hell yeah! With this line…pollard is going to mix in nice as a change of pace back! These dudes are going to be a better version of Ingram and Kamara!

    Maverick Cater Reply

    boxing97 there gonna play pollard he’s a great receiving back he’ll play some snaps

Chris Salcido Reply

Feels good to have him back even after everthing he is well worth it. Better now then later

Cathy Leatherman Reply

Sure glad you are back

Ernie Estrada Reply

Welcome back man I’ll be get another rushing title and a Super Bowl ring☝️🇨🇱🤠👌🐃🐂🐂

Al-t Yazzie Reply

$ is the game, why else play besides for the love of the game.

    UltraMicroBudget Reply

    Wins, superbowls, hall of fame, legacy… but yeah you gotta get paid. I was pretty bitter when Zeke held out but I’m glad he’s locked in now.


Future Hall Of Famer.
Happy he got the money he deserves.

Donald Evans Reply

I love watching Millionaire’s score touchdowns…lol

    Nate Franklin Reply

    *Athletes too

Jose Montes Reply

Is it me or does he look slimmer

    MegaGolgo13 Reply


    Heem Boy Reply

    Definitely Slimmer, And That’s A Good Thing. He’s Going To In Another Gear This Season

    Kevon McNeil Reply

    He is. His agent reported a few weeks back that he’s the slimmest he’s been since his rookie season

    Alfredo Ortiz Reply

    Hookers and cocaine will make you slim lol

    Tanner Gonnoreha Reply

    He is gonna be fast 💨

corey goree Reply

Glad this is done and YES u are the best in the game!!!!

Robert Young Reply

Congratulations on that bag young man now go do your thang!!💰💰🏈🏈💪

Jimmy Rudd Reply

They haven’t won a Superbowl with him yet good team’s stop him so Zek put your money where your mouth is let’s see how many touchdowns he get in the Red Zone

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