Ezekiel Elliott: “Take These Last Two Losses & Use Them As Fuel | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay Flo2

This game was a perfect example of bad coaching we ran the ball own their throats then we kept passing in shotgun and not using daks legs no rob screens or rpos

    Jay Hova

    dak is not himself in rpos. but we deffinitely shuda ran the ball more.

    Michael Kirby

    Zeke was doing good at the beginning and we just kept passing.

    Chop Chop

    Jay Flo2 last week was too much running when it wasn’t working and too much passing when the run was working!

Snoop Brown

Stop wit the “we have a lot of ball left”😩😩 if you keep losing the 3 wins will be cancelled out… & our vision of the Superbowl will be 🚫

Henry Hill

Entire coaching staff should be fired after this game


    @Rodney Sowels Why not? He should be accountable as well idiout!!

    Rodney Sowels

    OMAR LUNA no need for the name calling but it’s just one game Richards body of work overall was has been great


    The NFL is a what have you done for me lately league and Richard should not be absolved from blame.


    The past two game the defense has looked like Hot Trash, Richard and Marinelli are just as much to blame as Garrett and Moore, no excuses and nobody is absolved, all coaches have contributed to this farce, FACTS!!!

Junior D

Gotta clean the game up, penalties , turnovers, getting behind ain’t gonna cut it…

    Paul Howell

    SNAKEBIT that’s what it’s called


    Coach didn’t have them ready

one love

At this point it look like two different seasons. What happened to all those great plays?

    Armando Clark


    Bobby Trill

    They were there…. just a few costly mistakes

Vince J

Everybody talking bout zeke was averaging 6 yards a carry in that game dak throws three picks he can’t be used like that no more lets just be real here

James Tatum

STOP bringing up Romo!!!!!! What did he do for the COWBOYS??? He played 20 seasons😂😂 feels like

    Gerry Stevens

    You and your 2 likes and those talking about No. 9 back are idiots.
    One time. Plus all of you are non-football knowledge folks.
    Romo getting 50M and he aint going nowhere. Check his work he is a HoFr.
    Again, You and your 2 like and those talking about bring No. 9 back are idiots.
    Two time. Plus all of your are non-football knowledge folks.

Shanta Cooley

Fuel to do what with?

    Big Daddy in da Caddy


Clyde Jones

Come on Ezekiel it is the ref

Paul Howell


Michael Kirby

The Coaches need to get Zeke more involved! Let’s go back to game managing and winning. If we run Zeke and control the clock we win. We need to study these teams better.


    Only works IF you have the lead, when your defense gives up 14 in a qtr of play, you can park running the football…Rodgers once again out smarted this coaching staff

Nathan Kohler

The Cowboys was my favorite team

Justin Tarantino

this man needs to get fed early and often to turn this ship around kellen is terrible


No you don’t use these 2 losses for fuel!!! You use them for just 2 more reasons to fire Garrett

tommy fasthorse

$90 million dollar contract…haha funny now

Omar C.

Fleming sucks ! They need to find a better replacement for Smith


I thought you guys were going to use the saints loss has fuel to bounce back vs the Packers Now its 2 losses, if you guys lose to the jets I am done hearing the talkin

Sal Valdivia

Zeke!!! Use some of that 90 mill and buy a treadmill you look 20lbs out of shape

Jose Peralta

Zeke when you gnna put the star on your back and lead the team you making big money now come on man step up to the plate and take it home

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