Ezekiel Elliott Runs for 125 Yds vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Isaiah Battles

Best running back in the NFL 💪🏾


    xNightm_res YT WOAH man calm down there Logan let me get some of that AD rev

    isaiahh rodriguezz

    xNightm_res YT 🤡🤡🤡 just go play roblox

    Heso Melo

    Todd Gurley is

    Reesey Trapgod2018

    Lol thats like saying michael thomas is best wr

    Scorpion 465

    xNightm_res YT Imagine not being a professional football player and judging how good a professional football team is

Emperor Palpatine

Cowboys look good but I still need to see them beat a team better than the teams they’ve played

    K Dizzle1207

    Travis B
    Don’t be delusional

    Arty Munoz

    Yo the packers defense is for real. That’s not gonna be a walk in the park


    Ain’t nobody better


    Yeah but we cant control our schedule either

leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

Zeke is the best Rb in the NFL and its not even close💯💯💯

    aaron berhane

    Tarantula Guy Stfu LeBron the Goat

    aaron berhane

    Dallas Cowboys #LVE #Jaylon Smith how do you know who my favorite team is?

    aaron berhane

    Dallas Cowboys #LVE #Jaylon Smith it’s not like I’m hating I respect the Cowboys

    aaron berhane

    Dallas Cowboys #LVE #Jaylon Smith I think Rodgers will be healthy this year we’re about to be 4-0


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Zeke got that money and he’s working hard for it. Barkley you will be begging to get out of NY before your career is over.

    Sean c

    @Zhxst _ haha no

    Zhxst _

    @Sean c haha yes


    @Zhxst _ Barkley is done, injured he’s not coming back the same, career over


Should i be impressed. A college team could beat the Dolphins.

    Aj Moreno

    You’re trying too hard to hate


    Nobody asking you to be impressed we cant control our schedule


    Ej Thompson I guarantee a college team can beat Miami

    Trojan 57

    Here’s the thing, any player to start in the nfl (yes even Miami players) was a dominant and extremely good player in college but not every single Alabama or other college team player is starting nfl talent. So any NFL team can clearly beat any college team because the professional team is made up of the former beasts in college.

    Orlando Gonzalez

    LOL not buddy. That would never happen. Dolphins arent great this year, but they are still at a completely different level than even number one Clemson

will chocolate

It’s not suprise

Del So wavy

Y’all love talking bout the cowboys the patriots ain’t beat nobody either

    Nyderia Alston

    The Truth dude bye lol we 3-0 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

    Creative Visuals

    Nyderia Alston You Cowboy fans are mad childish 😂

    Nyderia Alston

    Creative Visuals 🤣🤣🤣🤓

Super Trill

Keep feeding ZEKE 🥣 DC4L


I picked up Zeke in the second round of Fantasy. LOL.

Luis_Is _Goated

lmao y’all can hate but y’all just mad you don’t have a RB like him

    Heso Melo

    I have a better one in Gurley

    ilasa stinson

    Right people be haters

    Glockness Monster

    Heso Melo lol Gurley has the knees of an 86 year old Pearl Harbor survivor gtfoh😂 Zeke takes him to the cleaners all day

Evyan Wallace

They still 3 and 0 . We didn’t make the schedule. D town 4 life

Ray Thomas

Go Zeke!🏈

Pedro Rocha

These jerseys are so damn beautiful

Jay Boogie

Ezekiel Elliott that’s what’s up dude


😔 My phins 🐬
We about to make every team look good


Is he a big potential? 😍

    French Jesus


JoshD #BBG

For everyone saying they have to beat a good team still. That’s true but the pats haven’t played anyone good either and no one talkin bout that🤔 that jus shows y’all hatin for no reason😂

    Creative Visuals

    The pats are the SuperBowl champions while Dallas is still proving themselves. We know the pats can beat good teams, while it’s still questionable if the Cowboys can.

    Creative Visuals

    Reigning Super Bowl champions*


I Thought zeke was wearing his new dark mirror visor this season


I told you all he’s been the best running back in the league since day 1

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