Ezekiel Elliott: Locker Room | Dallas Cowboys 2022 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jared Grimes


Jared Grimes

You know why 👉☆

Drusilla Mcmillan


Ruben Quintero

Let’s Go !

Jayson Wigley

Love his laugh. Very contagious

matthew cantu

Zeke got healed up now they don’t know how to act RB1 humble in front of the mic and ruthless on the field


“got two great backs in the back a good o-line why not make it easier on dak”

General5 Scooby

When u watch his interviews he always talk about TP getting his shine also. They deserve more carries

John Lancaster

It’s good that you are getting to play a lame team like the Lions after that beating you took in Philly!

    Janet Sullivan

    Oh what goes around must comes around Philly

    Triple S Productions

    Right in time to regain confidence lol

    James Hard

    @Nate Dogg at least the eagles put up fights against playoff teams even last year

Janet Sullivan

Zeke always smiling 😃that’s a good thing do your thing Zeke

Sheila Neal


Janet Sullivan

Praise God for Cooper rush 🙌🙏also

Janet Sullivan

What goes around Philly must comes around?



Nate Dogg

He’s got a front man bun

Nate Dogg

Zeke is a beast I hope he accepts a smaller contract to stay with Dallas in the future. He is a big part of this team

    Stephen Martinez

    Me too, i think he’s past his prime but definitely still has juice in the tank.

    7 Reasons

    @Stephen Martinez He’s not past it. His number of carries and quality of carries has dropped since Kellen Moore took over.

    David P

    Hope he stays too. He does alot more than the naive eyes on here can seem to observe

    7 Reasons

    @David P Facts.

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