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Ezekiel Elliott Highlights vs. Giants | NFL 2019

Ezekiel Elliott had 13 carries for 53 yards and 1 touchdown in Week 1. The New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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DEMI GOD ! Reply

Same old Giants

Roberta Steutermann Reply

Second view second like

aXi LoRd Reply

I was watching this game

Marcellus Aaron Reply

Feed him that 💰

Escocivo 30 Reply

Wanna hear a joke: the Lions choking a 24-6 lead against the Cardinals

    Dallas Dee Jordan Reply


    Shoresy 69 Reply

    They tied tho lol

    Shoresy 69 Reply

    @Escocivo 30 nah.

    Boo Kalifa Reply


Spidey7747 Reply

Give him time and he’ll feast like he always does. Zeke gon be MVP.

    Broken Inbox Reply


    Julian Davis Reply

    Broken Inbox Everyone knows this. He still top 3

    Kevin Hayes Reply

    Spidey7747 I love Zeke as a Cowboys fan but Barkley deserves a golf clap for the crap show he is dealing with. I hope Zeke does his annual show against the Bills at Thanksgiving

    whitemike414 Aka MJG Reply

    Dalvin cook will win rushing title. Mahomes will have back to back mvps. Mike zimmer will win coach of the year. Vikings win Super Bowl

Money Blaise Reply

When people say it’s the o-line that makes him good I don’t believe the way this dude breaks so many tackles is amazing

    Tyler Voegele Reply

    Money Blaise what tackles did u see him break in the highlight video

    Elijah P Abel Reply

    The announcers were going on and on about Barkley when he ran through a giant hole and just went untouched for 59. Zeke does that and it’s all the o line apparently

    Diamond Moore Reply

    @Tyler Voegele your either blind or a huge hater in the highlight video he ran through 2 defenders and scored the touchdown or did the line block those guys to?

    Money Blaise Reply

    Tyler Voegele 0:44 🤙🏾

maybach music group Reply


GlaPlayz Reply

Zeke played good…..but Dak was the man this week.

Exoiting the hooligan Reply

I thought I was gonna get so many points for fantasy football from zeke

    BigBassBully Reply

    No they said he was gonna play limited snaps his 1st game….. Next week he will be back to regular Zeke 👍

    God Emperor Doom Reply

    Dallas said they were going to limit Zeke this week, pay attention.

Dallas Dee Jordan Reply


Grant Reply

Good to have you back broski

Israel Sanchez Reply

TP is more shiffty i promise you

Yannis Maccabees Reply

Some of y’all tripping…give Zeke time…he just got back Wednesday

    headtrauma911 Reply

    Yeah I know, over reaction Monday here we go

    Yannis Maccabees Reply

    @headtrauma911 😂 right

Playboi Polo Reply

I made a video on getting Ezekiel Elliot and Saquon Barkley X factor activated in madden 20

trillcity922ify Reply

Zeke was limited today still got a TD

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose Reply

From the University of the Forest Moon of Endor.

Player One Reply

Jerry up in the booth like “thats 50 mil well spent yall boys take notes”😂

trizaikha Reply

Oh how fun it’s going to be 😃😁

Chris Gutierrez Reply

He’s gonna get more carries Week 2 ZEKE only had 13 carries this game they were being cautious that he don’t get injured Pollard had 10 carries does should’ve been ZEKES carries he’ll get them back Week 2

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