Ezekiel Elliott & Cowboys React to Third Straight Loss – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ezekiel Elliott & Cowboys React to Third Straight Loss

Members of the Dallas Cowboys talk about losing their third straight loss after falling 24-22 to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

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Jfal23 Reply

Say this for every game smh

    Kirk Thomsen Reply

    We have the talent on the field but we don’t have the talent on the sidelines

    Rodney Mays Reply

    Yeah- I’m sick of hearing this crap!



Chawanna Mazyck Reply

These interviews are super suspect; these scripts. They all say the same thing.

    Tracy Johnson Reply

    @Chawan Mazyck you are so right Sis i hate it no one has courage on speaking truth… I saw yesterday when the defense was leaving the field Garrett tried to acknowledge them and hand shake nobody even touched his hand…

    A1 Kev Reply

    Bobby Owens Dez got thrown out because he kept it real. Romo said it best, Jason Garrett has his footprints all over this team.

    A1 Kev Reply

    Josh Rodriguez Yes.

Lynette Lee Reply

Zeke yall need to find something else to say. Yall looking real stupid saying the same thing week after week. And we fans need yall to do more. Period!!

Lynette Lee Reply

Fire Jason Garrett!!! Bye Felicia!!

Reggie Moses Reply

Tony Romo said it this offense has Jason Garrett foot print all on this team

    alwaysopen Reply

    Smells like it. No loss is accepted.

Kirk Thomsen Reply

In order to perform on gameday you need the right coaching staff plain an simple Jerry Jones

Kirk Thomsen Reply

We have the talent on the field we don’t have the talent on the sidelines

Kirk Thomsen Reply

Jerry Jones you built an elite football team now grab an elite coach

    alwaysopen Reply

    He wasted an elite QB, receivers and defensive players with that philosophy.

Terrance Ranel Reply

This team way to laid back, have all the pieces and still can’t get it right as far as I’m concerned if we don’t beat the Eagles bye season

    Angel Rosario Reply

    Dallas will finish third in the division behind Philly and the Giants. Trust & believe! Peace! Shannon Sharpe is going to act a fool!

    Say Orange Again Reply

    Do you play for Dallas ? Why you keep saying We. Team don’t give two fks about you

Dude Yes Reply

Jerry paid lots of money gets nothing in return.

    Ryan S Reply

    Dude Yes he let zeke walk all over them and now zeke is done in the league.. same with d law

    Trever Lloyd Reply

    Ryan S how is zeke done with the league he had over 100 yards they haven’t made him a focal point because they’ve been playing from behind and you run the ball you kill too much clock

Erin Black Reply

There’s no fire … motivation… leadership on this team

    The Brew that do Reply

    I think we have that it’s the play calling on D and O

    Erin Black Reply

    The Brew that do ….. yea that also but last three games if ya looked at sidelines people went talking …. everyone looked down…..

William Perryman Reply

No killer instinct, too damn soft, and way over paid.

    Shawn Montgomery Reply

    Agreed to that

    Predatxr Reply

    He’s a monster on the field lol… AND the club!

Mitch Rogers Reply

Jaylon Smith looking like Will Smith in the new Aladdin 🤣

Joshua Romero Reply

Smfh Sound’s Like The Same Ol Bullshit Lines & Excuses Smh🤦🏽‍♂️Im Sick & Tired Of Being Let Down After Praising My Gahdamn Team And They Can’t Ever Put Out And Execute!!

Junior Valdez Reply

“We gotta hit the film room n see what went wrong ” everything went wrong!!!!!!

    Jared Quinonez Reply

    Theg never actually hit the film room. Because if they did they wouldn’t be making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

mediamannaman Reply

It’s a trend – Cowboys sleepwalk through the first half. By the time they wake up and start playing it’s too late.

    BayBoy Westbrook Reply

    mediamannaman 💯%

Felix Blaksley Reply

Why isn’t Jourdan Lewis starting? This dude is a serious playmaker.

    A1 Kev Reply

    Lmao’BrinaWtf I don’t know why ab still has a job.

    crazychris7417 Reply

    Exactly man! Soon as 31 was out I saw Lewis start and I said watch will get a pick. Sure enough. They need and Wilson to start playing some safety finally!

    CG_ Rodolfo14 Reply

    I thought it was Byron jones, jourdan lewis, awuzie starting not , Jones, brown and awuzie , I want Lewis back in for brown , I want the big 3

    crazychris7417 Reply

    CG_ Rodolfo14 I saw Jones get banged up and saw a lot more of Lewis he had a pass deflection and a pick. The dude is a dawg! I wish they would put Wilson in he had a pick almost every practice and every preseason game!

John Sickler Reply

We got to beat the eagles. I bet $50 on that game when I thought we were a winning team.

monty monteee Reply

Coach clap taught them the word “execution” but apparently not the meaning.

da.aii Reply

AND where is DLaw? Since he got paid, he’s been ghost.

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