EXCLUSIVE: Moments after Troy Polamalu finds out he’s a Hall of Famer | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Hykte Alshabol

    @Omega8kilo Hey man. Even if we’re not Steelers fans, we still gotta recognize greatness and not ruin a moment for an all time great. Polamalu and Ed Reed revolutionized their positions… you cannot deny that. Congrats Polamalu.

    Shawn Friend

    @Omega8kilo go play in traffic

    Michael1313 michael

    Omega8kilo 👈🏻re re

    The Punisher

    @Omega8kilo salty much?

    L C

    @Omega8kilo Damn I read it! Didn’t know all that!

Legend Troy

True “Hall of Famer”.

Mango Masher

“Unworthy” Troy you are the MOST worthy

Legend Troy

Bill cowher, Donnie Shell and now Troy Polamalu. Steeler Nation is proud.

    jairo tovah

    Don’t leave out Jerome bro…come on

    Sky Hook

    Legend Troy That hair is still beautiful 💯

    Legend Troy

    @phoon no stop the hating.

    Legend Troy

    @jairo tovah ok about all the Steelers that are on. Need to have the 70’s Steelers in the “Hall of Fame”.

    Legend Troy

    @Sky Hook hell yeah.


There has never been a more humble person in NFL history

    Ian Snyder

    Love Troy..fine human being!!!



    Hip Hop Junkie

    @AlmightyJoe69 Barry Sanders and Troy Polamalu are tied because they’re both just as humble as one another.


    Have u ever seen Barry Sanders? U probably haven’t, most likely you’re a millenial



feelin froggy

Yessirr! Troy was a straight beast.


One of the greatest Steelers ever! Congrats Troy! Hopefully Faneca gets in next year!


Congratulations, Troy, on this well deserved honor.

DeadHead Poseidon

He makes me so proud that I’m a Steelers fan what a true man



    44 counts of well documented cheating

    They don’t have the nickname the Pittsburgh Asterisks for nothing

    Tyler L

    Omega8kilo and also, the Ravens have a score of 35 and they’ve been around for 50 years less then us, so let that sink in, and also, they’re we’re limited to no drug tests in the 70s nfl and it was a common practice, while it is fround upon now. atleast Troy didn’t kill anybody.


    @Tyler L You just murdered him….

    Brian Lawrence

    You’re right, they don’t have that nickname and poly was about as class as they come

iAm Ghost

Nothing but love for this man.
He belongs to the Hall of fame.

Mango Masher

I don’t think a human is capable of disliking this


    Well as of right now i see 19 idiots

    Eric Vasquez

    Trump supporters could find a way.

    jacob johnson

    Mango Masher ravens bengals and patriot fans could lol

    King ROLLO

    @Eric Vasquez I’m a black man and like Trump, but I also love football.

    Cav Trooper 19D

    King ROLLO right on!


This man is the reason I became a Steelers fan. Truly happy for him

    A Random Gamer

    same with me.

    Lock#20 Down#72


Craig Byerly

Congrats Troy! The most dynamic Steelers defender of all time. He was seriously the most exciting defensive secondary player ever. Such a difference maker.

    Mark Rulis

    While I agree that troy is one of the all time Steeler greats but the NFL enacted new rules because of Mel Blunt in the 70’s so I can’t totally agree…



    44 counts of documented cheating

    The Pittsburgh Asterisk


    David Ray

    @Omega8kilo and what team is yours? Lmao


    @Omega8kilo Wait, so Troy is a documented cheater?

Lil Smith

dang its a great moment to see him in the HOF after seeing him playing as the best safety go steeler nation

Richard Oki

Troy is a huge reason why the Steelers made it to three Super Bowls in six years.

    Jay WiLL



    Mr Ed your birth was useless

    ATG Bamboozler

    Omega8kilo “Don’t argue with idiots, for they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.”

    Jorge Gaytan

    @Omega8kilo why don’t you just bring all the teams down, not just one..

HeyHow HiAreYou

This is exactly how I would imagine his speech would be. Such a humble, soft spoken man. He was my favorite player to watch when I was in High School. My gf called him Crazy Hair Dude!

    D C

    Steelers moved up in the draft which was almost unheard of coming from them.

    Dal Nuu

    HeyHow HiAreYou crazy hair dude 😆😆😆

Donald Allen

Palamalou is one of those names you hear during a football conversation and automatically say, “hall of famer” with no arguments involved.

    Miguel Avila

    Bassplayer95 piss off grammar nazi

    Psycho Logical

    Exactly and everytime you hear Eli Manning you think the same thing, after all you can’t spell elite without Eli 😂😏

    Randy Bobandy

    @Bassplayer95 it’s from the song, super fan.

    Kingof Grim

    Psycho Logical I don’t think anyone thinks that way LMAO
    Well lemme clarify not to that same extent at all. He’s a HoFer because of his team. Troy is a HoFer because he was one of the best to ever play

    Alex Perisho

    Even when he was playing outside the C gap.

Mark Moses

That dude’s deserves it more than anyone in the last 20 years


    Respectfully disagree. Obviously he belongs in the Hall but players like Reed rank just a little higher.

    James Wilson

    Yeah I gotta give Peyton Manning a nod too


This man is one of the greated a BEAST on the fields but an overall humble man he deserves it. Thank for all you’ve done for the steelers nation 🔥🔥🔥#43


    Deserving it has nothing to do with it. The HOF is NOT a participatory trophy you have to earn it, and boy did he earn it

henry r

His kids have quite a role model, incredible guy, Hall of famer, oh yeah

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