Exclusive Bengals Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Browns Countdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive Bengals Game Preview w/ Freddie Kitchens | Browns Countdown

Nathan Zegura interviews Head Coach Freddie Kitchens about the 2019 season and what it means to have two 2019 Pro-Bowlers on the roster.

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Tom Hawley

Lets get this season over with…WHAT A BUST……

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

I want to welcome you to my city, I hope you look strong its even ok if you win. But you gotta score over 20 or I wont grant safe passage in the wasteland

    Edward Gaines

    Cincy’s not a wasteland, I just drove in. Now the village of Lockland on the other hand…😒

Arnold Davis

Only one more browns loss to go

Jovan Drakalski

is this clown still here?????

JimmySe Se

Would not be surprised if we lose here. And on Monday the news came we go on with Kitchens. Let.s get 1-0 next season!! It.s hard to be a browns fan.

nelson maldonado

I just cant see the Browns being successful with Kitchens. He is not a leader of men. More like a mascot. He has to go but I think Dorsey is going to keep him another year.

    Edward Gaines

    Then Dorsey will be fired with Freddie next year!

Paul Beduhn

Disfunction junction.
Freddie Kitchens is not head Coach material. Sits good players for bumbs. Never had and never will have an intuitive connection with the pluse of the team when calling a game.

Ronald Cox

Well Freddie it’s been a rough one I want to Thank You for absolutely ruining a promising season and once again giving us fans nothing to be happy about. I was at Training Camp twice, the Orange and Brown scrimmage,All the home games except the Bengals and there were a few good moments but not many but hey You managed to beat Pittsburgh at home in prime time just to have that fucked up by the Myles Garrett incident but for real I have never been so disappointed in my life with this team. All the talent in the world and we get 7-9 if you beat Cincinnati today.I knew before the season it was risky hiring you but we gave you a shot and man you down right failed. I wish you the best your a good man but a Head Coach in the NFL you are not. Thanks and just like every year guess we’ll have to wait again for our time to shine !!!

    Edward Gaines

    Freddie’s a nice guy, but you know where nice guys finish!

Killer Shott3

I don’t know if I can watch the browns if Freddie is there


Fatso is sitting Higgins AGAIN?! Baker and Hollywood were on fire last year, what’s the deal???


We’re gonna try real hard.

Like hell. They aren’t even awake to play this game.


Rolls to the right
Rolls to the right
Rolls to the right
Rolls to the right
Rolls to the right
Rolls to the right

…and throws it away.

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