Exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Chase Claypool | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Chase Claypool | Pittsburgh Steelers

talks with about the win over the Buccaneers, catching his first touchdown of the year, the upcoming game against the Dolphins and more.

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Tristan Strother

Don’t trade ‘em the Steelers are onto something. Good days are ahead


    They never were. Trust me, they don’t listen to “the fans” anyway.

    Gorge Payne

    We got Calvin


    @Gorge Payne who hasn’t played an NFL snap

    Gorge Payne

    @keithchristen well he has to get some reps


    well give you a 4th rounder a redbull and a pack of peach rings.

Jerris McBride Photography

I like claypool I’d rather him stay but no lie if we can get a valuable starter for him then no don’t trade him

Quality Scrub

We are not trading him. That would be so messed up right after this interview being released 😂

    Wavy Baby Records

    Better not!

Chucky Daniel Martin

The Steelers will only trade this guy if they can get a big return package, which is unlikely. I don’t think we should trade him, because he proved last week that he’s still an important part of the offense.

Rod Fetter

Good job with interview chase..


We better not trade him 😎🤙🏽🖤💛

Richard Wolf

Chase should be a Steeler for life. 🖤💛

Richie Cortezzz

All players need to be consistent can’t just have one game and think it’s all good now on to next week

Kenneth Craven

Better not trade this man. Our offense will be crazy for years to come if we just keep doing our thing


    yall been doing your thing. its his 3rd season. hes 24 now and hasnt had a breakout season.

    J Fame 500

    @howdyusa because he hasn’t had a stable qb!


    @J Fame 500 so let him go to a team with a stable qb lmfao

Mind Business

4-minutes and 46-seconds of blah, blah, blah. Translation from Claypool to the world was, “We are all great receivers, BUT we can’t throw ourselves the freakin’ ball!” 🙄


keep Chase, trade Diontae for a receiver that can catch.


    trade him for a high draft pick and get jordan addison


    Chase can’t catch either. He had one decent game

Nathan Cline

“Have an American work day” Mike Tomlin


He is a Steeler Mike T ain’t lettn him go !

ricky marino

Keep Chase!


Yes! this means we aren’t trading him right?



Michael Rodriguez

Chase is Awesome 👍 they would be stupid to trade him,we have one of the best receiving cores in the league, it’s just stupid people talking starting rumors,were starting to get a little flow going here and keep the air attack going and run when you need to,we have a good young QB in Kenny Let’s Go Steelers!


No way Claypool is going anywhere, he’s apart of the Steeler family

Dylan Harrison

Brandon Marshall helped him off the field and on the field. Excited to watch this kid develop. No way he’s getting traded.

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