Examining the Ravens Pass Rush | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Examining the Ravens Pass Rush | #RavensMailbag

What were the positives to come out of Kansas City? Do the other receivers need to get involved more?

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Oui Bay

Tim Williams just isn’t strong enough at the point of attack. He has everything but strength.

    Iceberg Slim

    Oui Bay……looking at his build I thought that when we drafted him. He’s just speed an thats it



    D 3

    Great thought!!!!!

    M L

    Sure Can

    Lion Thomas

    I just don’t understand how cats make it that far and Suck in the League

king shark

We getting sacks, qb pressure, and even fraudulent ruffn the passer calls.

But, we getting secondary guys, giving free release, when our safety is slid away to the other side doubling prolific tight ends, and that slot you just gave a free run by to, runs a 4.2 forty.

If we gone man, press and run with. 🏃‍♂️

Plus, stop sending our safety on outside the tackle blitzes that haven’t worked in two seasons.

We gotta watch that film on what work and don’t work.

    Lion Thomas

    Wink need to step them schemes up,…too many guys running free

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … yep , yep. But, wheeew kc really showed how important tavon young was for us, dammm.

    That slot td, and carr getting banged on a seam post curl move td , proved we got problems.


Outside Judon , Our pass rush Is Trash.

    Sugar RAY LEWIS

    @Cartman Power dont matter they were doing work this what we get for not keeping them so lets hope the boys get their shyt together

    Craig Griffin

    I concur

    Jugg Head

    Also if you could do the job, do the job. I personally don’t care how old u is I dont want everybody young… You ever heard of grown man strength. Younger could be faster but it ain’t stronger. A Defensive line shouldn’t be all youngins, they’ll get tossed around like little boys. But they’ll get it together u seen preseason they just got to be clearly recoached on certain plays

    D Sr. Davis

    That’s what I said before the season start, the pass rush is the issue for the team

Right Left Paradigm

Browser and Williams are garbage. Completely bust.

king shark

Plus, coach need to chill, trying to put guys under the bus, especially after the horrible game managing he did, that cost us.

Put that shyt on your shoulders. Not the players, the guys putting pressure on the qb. But Harbaugh putting our qb under unnecessary pressure.

    king shark

    @will Boog … I bet they do, to hide john lack of coaching. It’s too easy to throw Ferguson or someone else in there, crying out to the media, about they need to step up, when you the coach, you step them up or step them out.

    Guys, still getting cut and release all around the league still. John is the coach, do what you gotta do.

    Jordan Helton

    king shark oh so you’re a clowns clown huh? Accountability man. John said the plan was to play aggressive and go for it and everyone in the locker room knew that going into the game, he’s explained himself now as a good coach he needs to put his players that underperform on blast so they know what’s up and that they have to do better. John is a top 5 coach for a reason bub

    king shark

    @Jordan Helton a top 5 coach, ok bub. … strange he was about to be fired, till lamar play got us in position for a afc north championship, and a playoff spot, that hadn’t happened in how long “bub” …. riiiight, top 5 coaches, aren’t on hot seats, and they make the playoffs year after year.

    Come on bub, john Harbaugh is a decent coach, who’s had talented players, and when the talent retired or signed elsewhere we didn’t go no where. That’s not a top 5 coach bub

Shands J'Andrew

Give Ferguson more reps

    Lion Thomas

    Ferg wasn’t anchoring correctly


how they gon show what they can do when they not on the field like that

Tyrone Savage

Fun Fact: Sam Koch and Brandon Williams have the same amount of tackles this season

    Tyrone Savage

    1 if you didn’t know

    king shark

    Sound like Jaylen mack need a shot, Brandon is a huge contract for not to be producing. Pierce tho, trying to cash a check.


where is Brandon Williams? we need tackles like Haloti Ngata that get to the QB and create pressure..  not one dimensional “space eaters”  with no impact on the game

    Bookie mane

    Willie Henry was our best interior pss rusher but we released him for a reason I can’t understand.

    Iceberg Slim

    Bookie mane …….that’s exactly what I was saying. Heard he wasn’t healthy but I Donno bout that we shouldn’t have let him go


Steve B I paying other WRs they should all get acclimated with Lamar to up his game.

Jace Woods

Gotta be better Baker after 1st read will try to get outside stay contain and would help if🦓 would call more holding ijs

will Boog

That Jackson to brown connection need to get down pat expeditiously

    Lion Thomas

    MF right!!!!
    Them 2 should score at least 2 a game average


    LOL it will , give it time lamar aint played a full season yet

    godlikekreations. com

    That’s going to be hard they’re going to blanket Brown cuz no other wide receivers are showing up so there’s really no need you look at anybody else going over the top is only Brown that’s the problem and no one besides Andrews working the middle of the field so unless more of our wide receiver step up that’s a wrap


Can the Jags just stop tryin to keep Jalen. We need him and he needs a good team. #FreeJalen

Bookie mane

The loss of Tavon and Jimmy has affected the pass rush. Guys are getting there but the secondary hasn’t played the best coverage. I know KC picked on certain backups. I honestly believe we won that game though. Horrible calls and non calls throughout the game and all were in KC favor. Hollywood got tripped on purpose that was a TD. Gus the Bus big run taken back on a bad call would have been at least 3. Carr int taken back because a bogus pi call would be at least another 3 or possibly more. The TD pass caught on Carr was clearly a push off so that should have been called opi and not a TD. Horrible roughing the passer penalty on McPhee who was blocked in the freaking back which KC did all day in the game, I’ve never seen o linemen get beat so much and block in the back and not get called. One of the blocks sprung a guy open for a big gain which they got more points off of. Player for player Ravens are better and it showed at many times in the game but the refs had to keep stalling Baltimore. Funny what’s the coincidence that before the game on the pre game show they had to put emphasis on the refs not calling as many penalties on the oline in the game. KC held and blocked in the back several different times and it won them the game period. To me Sports Entertainment at it’s finest. Might as well watch WWE then if you want to watch a freaking script. I guess the NFL is forgetting that us fans pay attention and just want a real game wether it’s 3 to 0 or 40 to 0. They want points tho and the bs rules and manipulation is watering down the game.


    While you’re hitting on some points I believe it’s just an agenda for the nfl to instruct the refs to manipulate a game like that.

    Iceberg Slim

    Both of u guys r bring in the heat. It felt like we were playing the patriots n fox borough. It’s like we had no chance of winning the game because it was already set up go k c. We stopp k c twice n the redzone an bull crap calls kept them alive. The nfl is like watching the wwe nowadays

Bookie mane

Willie Henry was our best interior pass rusher but we dumped him for a reason I can’t understand.




How do you examine a pass rush that isn’t there?

Retro Revelations

Harbaugh throwing our young pass rushers who aren’t even seeing the field as much as McPhee, who has just as little on field production against KC with 82% of the snaps, is silly. Harbaugh throwing our young pass rushers under the bus, when the secondary couldn’t slow down KC’s passing game much at all, is stupid. Harbaugh throwing our young pass rushers under the bus, when it was his nonsensical 4th down calls, is idiotic and the definition of hypocrisy.

You want to see the young bloods produce more, and have McPhee see the field less? Then put them on the field more, and McPhee on the field less. Easy math. And you want to win more games? Cut this cute “aggressive”, “analytics” BS out. We left points on the field trying and failing for 2 repeatedly. And we literally gifted KC two TDs, just about, by giving them short fields off of failed 4th down tries in our OWN territory.

If John Harbaugh wants someone to point the finger at for our loss, instead of trying to blame guys who barely see the field, he should maybe try being a true leader and own up to his own bad decisions.

Buck Browning

Pass rush won’t be addressed till the draft & FA..

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