Every Trace McSorley Pass & Run vs. Eagles | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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T P Reply

Solid performance

kaddo34 Reply


Itss Swift Reply

he could genuinely be a great quarterback for any NFL team

    Itss Swift Reply

    @Marvens Francois preseason against all of the Eagles defensive starters 🤣

    Lamont Gaston Reply

    @Itss Swift They are starters who are trying not to hurt themselves during preseason lol.

    Dylan A Reply

    Itss Swift All? Yeah all for the 1st quarter, when they were held to 3 points.

    neetrab Reply

    It’s, I’ve said this the past 3 years he was at PSU.

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply

    @Marvens Francois lol

Brandon Teal Reply

#💜Team Ravens

drsamw pepper Reply

He looked good.

SwiftyBros Reply

Hope he has a chance during his career to start somewhere

    jake scott Reply

    Might have a chance to start where he is now

    La’ Garv Reply

    jake scott  only if Jackson goes down

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

It now seems like Baltimore are pursuing mobile quarterbacks. Baltimore are gonna be interesting to look out for this season.

Swag Machine Reply

Who ever wears number 7 better remember Micheal vick

    Toxic White Whale Reply

    And Geno Smith

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

    or colin kaepernick.

    eoe123321 Reply

    better no wear it then

    Patrick Chaney Reply

    Bruh, we already got a Michael Vick, and he’s wearing Number 8. At least we have a solid contingency plan should The Worst come to pass.

Zdot D1 Reply

Bro why is m. Floyd playing against rookies etc. no wonder he’s killing 😂

    Daddy SmokesYams Reply

    Its not like its the 4th quarter of the last preseason game. Its the 2nd quarter of the dress rehearsal. Plenty of vets were still out there

    BowlesMovement08 Reply

    Floyd has to compete as well. He been bouncing around since he left Arizona

Sang Nguyen Reply

Miles did ok wish he made a touchdown or at least Hollywood brown makes a touchdown

    Mitch Conner Reply

    @donald deluxe yea how is that funny? It would be funny if he was acting like a jerk about his helmet and people wondered why and then you pointed out the family thing. But him just being his cousin isn’t funny at all

    NotQuavo Reply

    donald deluxe how is that funny? Lol

    Sang Nguyen Reply

    @donald deluxe yeah how is that funny I would like to know

    donald deluxe Reply

    No I find it ironic that marquise went to Baltimore as he is cousins with Antonio who was with Pittsburgh all this time.

BigChungus Reply

Tracy> Drew lock any day

kevin spencer Reply

Mc Sorley played pretty good. I give him a B. But we need pressure on the defense line. From edge to interior. Make the trade for Clowney or a pass rush interior lineman so we don’t have to bliss as much. Our biggest problem. Trade one or two of our run stoppers for edge or interior lineman. We definitely need it. More than anything.🤔😔

    PoloNoLogo Reply

    kevin spencer a B lmao do you read stats ? You want him to go 20/20?

    kevin spencer Reply

    @PoloNoLogo ok, to back ups n the receivers made some great catches. He had couple good throws. He was a lot better than the first two games. He’s getting better.

    PoloNoLogo Reply

    kevin spencer that’s as good as a backup gets , 3 TDS in one half and no turnovers

    Jay Mar Reply

    Agreed except pass om Clowney

Young_ Hokage Reply

I see great potential coming from number 7💪👌💯

J D Reply

He is not bad he could throw pretty good

    Jay Mar Reply

    Just has to improve on reading NFL defenses & progressing to his 2nd & 3rd reads without starting down his 1st read

    eoe123321 Reply

    Throws far better than Jackson

    Gordon Adams Reply

    @Jay Mar He is already doing that. The TD throw to Floyd he looked off the receiver. Most rookie qb’s have the problem of staring down a receiver.

That Random Person Reply

3:08 that spin before the throw tho…
Mcsorley is a gamer…

neetrab Reply

Eagles fan here. I absolutely HATE that the eagles didn’t draft Trace. Wanted him for the last 3 years being a PSU, also. Now he’s showing out with another team smh

    Jay Mar Reply

    Hope he makes it over rgknee

    Setsotama Reply

    if he keeps this up, he most likely will

    james bieryla Reply

    Die hard PSU and Ravens fan .. im
    More than happy ..

jermerio sloan Reply

For anyone saying Lamar watch out must not really be watching smh

Grandle Jams Reply

Hey, at least we know we have at least something if Lamar gets hurt.

Rusty Shackelford Reply

I think the Raven’s should keep McSorley and let RGEgo go.

McSorley has upside, RGEgo has bird bones…

Qwertyuiop Reply

Imagine the crazy plays that could happen with him and Lamar on the field at the same time

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