Every Touchdown from Week 3 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Sports 311 Reply

A lot of rookie quarterbacks have had their coming out parties this week

    Cipher Pol Zero Reply

    *Michael Sam has entered the chat*

    ThanosButthole Reply

    Cipher Pol Zero bruh momentum

Edward White Reply

Eagles are overrated. 6-10.

    TheGreatGold ™ Reply

    Half of their roster is injured my dude, how does that make them overrated

    Edward White Reply

    @TheGreatGold ™ injuries are a part of the game however excuses are not

    TheGreatGold ™ Reply

    @Edward White Okay the bench players are benched for a reason, agholor drops easy catches, the rest they are ok

    Edward White Reply

    @TheGreatGold ™ ok I just don’t want to get into anything personal here

FJ365E Reply

No dolphins TD’s???? LMAO

Lexington Leffall Reply

Fun fact: everyone scored a TD except for the Dolphins.


    Cn Sd Reply

    Makes sense

    Fier The Great Reply


    Carolina Howard Reply

    Jets got Le’Veon Bell…. so they will be OK 😘

    Angel Cadena Reply

    Lexington Leffall hey would u just shut ur mouth n give credit to the dolphins for hanging in there against Dallas till after half time.

Althletic Monsta Reply

I thought there was a penalty when Kamara just walked in the endzone, LMAO

Mekhi Morris Reply

My boy the packers man. The Aaron’s on the team has some skill

Brian Jackson Reply


Althletic Monsta Reply

Danny Dimes doin’ his thing this week. What a GOAT

Jairo Ramirez Reply

Honestly I see the dolphins in the Superbowl

    Andrew Martinez Reply

    They are doing better than the browns

    tubefu Reply

    back in the 70s?

    Branded McGowan Reply

    Yeah the Superbowl is they hosting in hard rock

Rubix 77323 Reply

1:35 was my favorite part. Beach ball game strong

JasonCH Reply

I went to high school with Deonte Harris. Crazy to see him in the NFL

    Gabriel Cleene Reply

    JasonCH how was he in high school

    Althletic Monsta Reply

    Lol he hella short

    JasonCH Reply

    Gabriel Cleene never had complete burner speed but he could make anyone miss in open field. He made impressive catches too the one or two times we threw the ball 💀 our senior year we went undefeated and averaged 350 rushing yards a game and Deonte got around 200 or so of those normally.

tubefu Reply

should consider some scoring changes. touchdowns by a defensive player, and touchdowns by any player during a kickoff or punt play (not fake punt), should be worth 9 points.

Sauce Jackson Reply

Chark got a TD every week so far !

Im watching out for that Rookie !

    ThanosButthole Reply

    Sauce Jackson he ain’t a rookie

GreenCookie_RBLX Reply

Can’t Wait to see how the dolphins score an TD.

*Oh wait*

Big Boy Reply

I wish I had Gabriel on my fantasy team this week with 3 touchdowns

Canyoutakeitallaway Reply

Anyone notice the NFC North Teams were the first to score TDs on Sunday? That division is so good…

Joshua Ivery Reply

I’m so happy that bears won that game

Al. Ben. Reply

3:48 big ups to 66 for suplexing his teammate in for a TD

RIPjkripper Reply

Miami Dolphins:

**Footage Not Found**

FakeUser NameTwo Reply

Love how these are in chronological order.

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