Every Touchdown from Ladainian Tomlinson’s RIDICULOUS ’06 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Christian Shotts

San Diego Chargers!!!!!!

Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов

My San Diego super chargers 😢😔

    jay L

    @MediCali951 you realize that San Diego is a Military town right and the chargers are a westcoast team?


    jay L you realize that the lakers are also a west coast team with a huge navy base down in Long Beach? Doesn’t stop the fans from coming out win or lose. Can’t say that about San Diego. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful city but it’s all exports from Florida and Texas they could care less about San Diego sports in general

    jay L

    @MediCali951 http://www.hcdmag.com/military-bases-california/
    let me know how many times you see San Diego pop up as a military installment when compared to LA. and unlike majority of football teams the westcoast in general has more things to do than say Green bay, pitt and all those hardcore fan bases. The LA lakers are shrouded in Championships and a basketball team. Tell me how many football teams have come and gone in LA?

    Caleb Julius

    jay L was it that deep?

CKriss CKross

When we was a running team!!

Angel Chavez

Smart move, y’all know the fans are mad about Sunday’s game so you throw in some nostalgia.

Trade for Ramsey!!!!

    SoCal619 Chargers

    @McFlei it’s all good if you don’t want to realize what’s going on with with CB Casey Hayward


    @SoCal619 Chargers bro I’m honestly curious when he got burned. I know he gave up some plays last year, but in these 2 games he’s looked like a shutdown corner

    SoCal619 Chargers

    @McFlei bro I’m glad your a Boltz fan like me!. But if your blind by him beign burnt constantly than idk what your seeing.

    kry sohard

    @Vince Ruland sorry don’t want that punk diva anywhere near my chargers thats drama and selfishness we dont need

liveyourlife97 D

That man L.T is the whole reason i became a chargers fan in like 3rd grade..Still till this day L.T is the best RB to ever do it…He did it all….THANKS L.T IF you somehow see this😆

Raulito Alvarez ll

Tru Legend #21 👍🏽Go Bolts ⚡️

    Legend__ 21


Cartman Power

Nobody expected a loss to the horrible Lions.

BB Clover 2010

imagine having him in fantasy that year…


Imagine having him in fantasy. Four touchdowns in one game. Absolutely unstoppable. On a separate note I miss those dark blue uni’s, especially the helmets.


I won all my fantasy leagues that year ! Go Bolts ⚡#LT21

Average Baller05

If only he was still our running back

Tony F.

Let’s not forget Lorenzo Neal making those holes open up. 💪



    Kyle Grunert

    Tony F. All but the record setting one lol he was embarrassed about that one. I loved that team though

    Tony F.

    Lol. Yeah Lorenzo wanted him to earn it. 😂


    Tony F. Remember the Lorenzo Neal fumblerooski?! That play was hilarious

    Kevin Gray

    MediCali951 lo was a big part


I’d want the Blue helmets to make a comeback but I’m not sure it would work with the current helmet rules

Jack Morgan

Their second worst decision as an organization was letting josh Lewin go

    Football Man

    No kidding!


if y’all don’t trade up for Jalen Ramsey..


that was our year to win the SB😭😭⚡

ann Craig

GM Trade for RAMSEY. We need to win are division and get to the SUPERBOWL

Aaron Arellano

Gonna miss the trifecta of seeing LT, Gates, and Rivers on the field at the same time.

Cali4nia Mar


Orange County Productions

Lorenzo Neal was key to that. No know have him credit. Real FB

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