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Marquise Walston


    FtS_ Sync

    Marquise Walston me

    Barbara Chieppo

    Go Colts🏈


    I’m hella hyped bruh🤣

    Arinda 55


    Peter Karel Kraus

    Not quite, but interested. I hate hot weather. Lol


Look man the Patriots got yet another steal but because the team is so good nothing is gonna change.

    YBC Nathan

    Jason Wallace wake up sheep and learn the rules


    Doing Reaction Vids on My Channel ALL SEASON. Tune In ✊🏾🏈


    @Dark Limeking nah Patriots deflated the ball.

    Arinda 55


    Ben Perez

    Jason Wallace buddy go look at the nfl rule book, once the ball is in play the time clock goes to 25 seconds signaling that they only have 25 seconds to get set. I’m a packers fan but you really need to fact check your claims before making them

Luis EGarcia

Who ready for the nfl season

vIQtory Sports

Who’s your favorite rookie?

Looking forward to seeing what Chase Winovich from the Patriots can do from a pass rushing stand point. Jumped off the screen the other night


    devin bush

    Rice King

    Big Facts

    Eatmorechiki 20

    Josh Jacobs


    Q. Williams was my favorite even before we drafted him, but if i had to pick someone from another team, i’d go with JJ Arcega Whiteside or N’Keal Harry



Legend__ 21

I have a good feeling about tillery 💪🏾⚡📈

    Chris Smith

    Me too

    sana stans IN YOUR AREA

    Legend__ 21 i know his godmother not even lying

    Legend__ 21

    @sana stans IN YOUR AREA I believe you bro and that’s dope💯

    Legend__ 21

    @Chris Smith 💪🏾⚡💯


Prolly gonna say Greedy, but I’ll take Mack Wilson for Cleveland.

    Murphy's law 78

    Greedy gonna be a monster. Look if Cleveland don’t at least make AFC Championship game? Season was a fail. They literally have someone’s fantasy team last year!


    The single complaint about Greedy is probably also the most easily remedied. If he can bulk up even just a little and improve his fundamentals, he’s gonna be Pro Bowl in no time.

    Swiggybtch Gaming

    @Murphy’s law 78 lol cut it out ….maybe in a year or two

    Str8 Enzo

    @Murphy’s law 78 Let them win a game first. Just because they have really good players, doesn’t mean they will make it to the conference championship.

SW Productions

Mack Wilson should be on there instead of Greedy Williams

    Dewitt McDidditt

    Overall, Browns defense is lookin dangerous. Got Denzel, Randall, and Williams in the secondary. Got Mack Wilson. Got Garrett, Richardson, and Vernon on the line.

    SW Productions

    Dewitt McDidditt True but Mack Wilson has two picks including a pick 6 in the preseason game. Also according to Odell, who practices with him everyday, he will be a surprise impact player for the defense

    Big White Duck

    SW Productions can’t take what guys do in preseason too seriously especially interceptions. Greedy will probably look better cause Denzel Ward will be on the #1

    SW Productions

    Big White Duck Well the season hasn’t started yet so practices and preseason games are the only way to determine how good they’ll be and Mack played better than Greedy did so…

    Big White Duck

    @SW Productions fair enough week 3 will tell the story

PSU Wrestling

What a trash list. Peterman is on a new team so he is a rookie for that team and we all know he is the goat.

    John Khenyarath

    PSU Wrestling peterman for president!

Yohei Mito

Browns Rookie LB duo is the real deal .. Takitaki and Wilson

Also look out for the undrafted punter Jamie Gillan

Dirt Law502

Mecole Hardman for the Chiefs looks like Tyreek2.0

Sports 311

David Montgomery looks like a contender for rookie of the year based on what he’s been doing this preseason. Clearly an upgrade for the bears and compliments Tarik Cohen in that backfield

Michael Pisciarino

Find Your Team

*NFC North*
0:00 Chicago Bears 🐻
0:18 Vikings
0:41 Green Bay Packers
1:15 Detroit Lions 🦁 – T.J Hockenson

*NFC East*
1:42 Dallas Cowboys ⭐️
2:28 Philadelphia Eagles 🦅
3:09 Washington Redskins- Dwayne Haskins
3:30 New York Giants- Dexter Lawrence

*NFC South*
4:15 New Orleans Saints- Erik McCoy
4:36 Atlanta Falcons- John Cominsky
5:05 Carolina Panthers, Brian Burns
5:28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ Devin White

*NFC West*
6:02 L.A. Rams- Darrell Henderson
6:28 Seattle Seahawks- D.K. Metcalf
6:56 San Fransisco 49ers- Deebo Samuel
7:28 Arizona Cardinals- Kyler Murray

*AFC North*
8:04 Baltimore Ravens- Miles Boykin
8:32 Pittsburg Steelers- Devin Bush
8:45 Cleveland Browns- Greedy Williams
9:18 Cincinnati Bengals- Germaine Pratt

*AFC East*
9:36 New England Patriots 🇺🇸
10:07 The Miami Dolphins 🐬
10:30 The Buffalo Bills
10:56 The New York Jets

*AFC South*
11:18 The Houston Texans
11:40 The Indianapolis Colts Rock Ya-Sin
11:58 The Titans of Tennessee- A.J. Brown
12:14 The Jacksonville Jaguars 🐆 – Josh Allen

*AFC West*
12:42 KC Chiefs- Juan Tornhill
13:06 LA Chargers- Jerry Tillery
13:18 DEN Broncos – Noah Fant
13:53 OAK Raiders- Josh Jacobs



    Madden Guru

    How u have time

    Hugo González

    You the GOAT


    Michael Pisciarino thanks

    Peter Karel Kraus

    Thanks 👍 They’re wrong, Winovich will be the immediate impact player. 10 sacks minimum. He already has 2.5 in 2 preseason games.


Why didn’t you guys show Kyler vs the Raiders?


    @jay fairman Yeah and they don’t wanna say the Raiders D is looking good. That’s why they predictably left the Raiders for last and said Josh Jacobs instead of Ferrell or Abram.

    Thomas Hutchinson

    Because this was originally aired before that game had happened

    Dawn Scarver

    @JacksTip Abram should have been on list

Ryan Hatch

It’s not an interesting video if you just pick every first round pick

    Theophilus Baidoo

    Couldn’t have said it any better

    Matthew Le Cocq

    It’s a review of the top rookies. So your comment makea no sense.

    thanos gibby

    Ryan Hatch montgomery was a 3rd rounder

Sleepy Head

Basically it’s just the biggest player names that they just drafted. Nothing much

    Bear Archambault

    Exactly. Seems like they haven’t seen any of the preseason games.

Sec. A A

Josh Jacobs got no love

Paul Cornelius

Dude Randy Moss the best jump ball WR ever!!


JJ ok but I think Miles Sanders will be the impact rookie 😎😎😎

Max P

Did yall really give .5secs to the raiders rookie???


damn raiders really getting shade, showing zero footage of their running back in preseason, but instead running a couple of drills.


    Can’t say we are used to it, but definitely expecting it. Instead if covering our much improved defense, and o line, they only talk about ABs helmet. Making it a bigger deal than he is.

    Nash Scheber

    As raiders fans do you regret trading for him ?


    @Nash Scheber Hell no. He will be there week 1. Finally have WRs that want to be Raiders, and can actually catch and get open. Carr about to play like 2016 but better. AB was a steal, idc if he makes a big deal. Let the media bullshit about the Raiders. As a Raider said in camp “let them sleep bruh!”.

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