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Ball Hawk

I love Julian Edelman but we’ve producing white wide reciters close to him


    Ball Hawk reciters or receivers 🤔

    Connor Prov

    Why not black🤔


    Connor Prov it’s Boston

    Paul McCartknee

    you’re not a Patriots fan if you think that’s true

Smokin Jay Cutler

Welp I already know 1 teams player and he just retired.



    Mobilebeast 49

    @Bobbynotthingham wydm wrong? he is irreplaceable

    Tanner Rienbolt

    @Mobilebeast 49 “no QBs allowed”

    Mobilebeast 49

    @Tanner Rienbolt keep forgetting that lol

    Gaurav G.

    No QBs allowed my dude

kevys ッ

How can the pats not win without Edelman if they wen to the SB without him?


    Emperor Palpatine why are you everywhere

Jordan 8821

If you’re a colts fan you’re out of luck

    Сергеи Бороздин



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    Broken King


    Dj Diddles

    If you’re a cowboys fan, a sb is something your team will never get to.

How Bout Tree Fiddy

lol james connor in the thumbnail sure

Jumping Jimbo

Where’s the guy who puts the team and the time in the comments?


    They deported him on Monday

    Marcus Middleton

    vivek ganapa should have put the player too so I don’t have to watch this video. They make it boring!

Raphael Champion



    All facts




    No starting qb’s sadly


The lions had golden tate but look what we did to him

Gaming Rooster

Texans Will Fuller
Have you lost your mind


    They’re right though. Without Fuller taking the top off defenses they can smother Hopkins. Look at the Colts games last season.
    5 for 37 yards and 4 for 36 yards in second meeting and the wildcard without Fuller.

    Matt S

    clutchthepearls you’re argument is Fuller helping D-hop lol clearly D-hop is the more important player. Also Fuller has been injured every season so the Texans still play ball.


    but without deandre hopkins texans be nothing with just fuller so overall deandre is irreplaceable hands down no arguement


    clutchthepearls I understand and partially agree but that can be made about any really good #2 receiver. Hopkins is a beast, if he was an Adam Thielen level receiver I’d 100% agree

    munene mathenge

    @clutchthepearls Without another deep threat, they’re going to double team Hopkins and without Fuller, that’s pretty much all they have.

isaac Thao

Bucky just say hopkins is more replaceable than fuller? Nah just nah

    Eric Zamudio

    Hellll nahhhhhhh

    Hououin Kyouma

    Not to mention JJ Watt

    t tay

    @Hououin Kyouma when you always hurt it don’t matter

CEO fishing

Bruh. Will Fuller?😂😂😂 Not Hopkins or 3 time DPOTY JJ watt?

    Сергеи Бороздин



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    Justin Young

    Yepp, stopped watching right after he said that. Does that idiot even know the meaning of irreplaceable? Might as well just say the oline for every team if you’re not talking about best players because without them literally nothing can happen.

Hail to the Redskins

The dude on the right clearly doesn’t know what irreplaceable means. 😂

    Will Gomes

    @Mike Splitt Plus, Hill didn’t have as many targets but he had more yards and he’s younger than Kelce

    Will Gomes

    @Mike Splitt More touchdowns as well

    Сергеи Бороздин



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    Mike Splitt

    @Will Gomes Alright i think they are both as important to the offense so one of them gets injured it will hurt the offense for sure


Thank me later
Arizona Cardinals -David Johnson
Atlanta Falcons – Julio Jones
Baltimore Ravens – Mark Andrews
Buffalo Bills – Micah Hyde
Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey
Chicago Bears -Khalil Mack
Cincinnati Bengals – A.J Green
Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett
Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott
Denver Broncos – Von Miller
Detroit Lions – Trey Flowers
Green Bay Packers – David Bakhtiari
Houston Texans – Will Fuller
Indianapolis Colts – Darius Leonard
Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey
Kansas City Chiefs – Tyreek Hill
Los Angeles Chargers – Keenan Allen
Los Angeles Rams – Aaron Donald
Miami Dolphins – Minkah Fitzpatrick
Minnesota Vikings – Danielle Hunter
New England Patriots – Julian Edelman
New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan
New York Giants – Saquon Barkley
New York Jets – Jamal Adams
Oakland Raiders – Josh Jacobs
Philadelphia Eagles – Fletcher Cox
Pittsburgh Steelers – James Conner
San Francisco 49ers – George Kittle
Seattle Seahawks -Bobby Wagner
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Evans
Tennessee Titans – Derrick Henry
Washington Redskins – Ryan Kerrigan

    Juan Ignacio Ordoqui

    22 are correct. 10 they are wrong

    Better Than You

    Trey flowers????

    LaTisha Bowen

    If Jerry Jones, get his head out of his a** and 🛑 penny-pinching. Give Ezekiel what he earned and they will win their 🏈 games.

    chris van aken

    Disagree with the Conner pick look what samuels did in his absence RBs are a dime a dozen now saying a RB is irreplaceable in this era of the nfl is foolish in my opinion


00:30 ravens
1:38 Steelers
2:42 browns
3:27 bengals
4:21 patriots
5:05 bills
5:28 dolphin
6:12 jets
7:15 Texans
8:09 colts
9:06 titans
9:39 jags
10:33 chiefs
11:08 broncos
11:36 chargers
12:06 raiders
12:59 bears
13:14 Vikings
13:56 packers
14:31 lions
15:05 cowboys
15:52 eagles
16:24 redskins
16:57 giants
17:35 saints
18:30 falcons
19:00 panthers
19:40 buccs
20:16 rams
20:25 Seahawks
21:00 49ers
21:25 cardinals

I saw the other guy didn’t show up , I got y’all 🙏🏼


    Football Reaction Vids on My Channel, ALL SEASON ✊🏾🏈

    Bashar Al-Assad

    I hope you win your fantasy league bro. True hero you are

    Victor Montes

    PoloNoLogo you are a hero!!

vivek ganapa

Here are all the time stamps hope you enjoy and find your favorite team!

AFC North
Ravens 0:36
Steelers 1:35
Browns 2:43
Bengals 3:29

AFC East
Patriots 4:22
Bills 5:00
Dolphins 5:29
Jets 6:13

AFC South
Texans 7:16
Colts 8:12
Titans 9:07
Jaguars 9:39

AFC West
Chiefs 10:34
Broncos 11:06
Chargers 11:37
Raiders 12:08

NFC North
Bears 12:58
Vikings 13:16
Packers 13:57
Lions 14:32

Cowboys 15:12
Eagles 16:04
Redskins 16:36
Giants 16:58

NFC South
Saints 17:51
Falcons 18:32
Panthers 19:10
Bucs 19:41

NFC West
Rams 20:18
Seahawks 20:26
49ers 21:01
Cardinals 21:43

Gaurav G.

21:25 Arizona Cardinals – David Johnson
18:30 Atlanta Falcons – Julio Jones
0:30 Baltimore Ravens – Mark Andrews
5:05 Buffalo Bills – Micah Hyde
19:00 Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey
12:59 Chicago Bears -Khalil Mack
3:27 Cincinnati Bengals – A.J Green
2:42 Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett
15:05 Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott
11:08 Denver Broncos – Von Miller
14:31 Detroit Lions – Trey Flowers
13:56 Green Bay Packers – David Bakhtiari
7:15 Houston Texans – Will Fuller
8:09 Indianapolis Colts – Darius Leonard
9:39 Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey
10:33 Kansas City Chiefs – Tyreek Hill
11:36 Los Angeles Chargers – Keenan Allen
20:16 Los Angeles Rams – Aaron Donald
5:28 Miami Dolphins – Minkah Fitzpatrick
13:14 Minnesota Vikings – Danielle Hunter
4:21 New England Patriots – Julian Edelman
17:35 New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan
16:57 New York Giants – Saquon Barkley
6:12 New York Jets – Jamal Adams
12:06 Oakland Raiders – Josh Jacobs
15:52 Philadelphia Eagles – Fletcher Cox
1:38 Pittsburgh Steelers – James Conner
21:00 San Francisco 49ers – George Kittle
20:25 Seattle Seahawks -Bobby Wagner
19:40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Evans
9:06 Tennessee Titans – Derrick Henry
16:24 Washington Redskins – Ryan Kerrigan

David Hall

Dolphins: Fitzpatrick? Whoa nelly! Try the X-man, dude!

    Wachary -

    David Hall I was thinking the same 🤷‍♂️

Tito22 123

3:23 he says Myles Garrett 4 def. mvp like Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack don’t exist

    R3T4RD 4life

    And Eli Apple

    R3T4RD 4life

    @Conrad Strong damn son, u gotta apply for Harvard with your outstanding common sense

    LaTisha Bowen

    @Tito22 123 @R3T4RD 4life @Conrad Strong What do the stats say when you compare them all? Total stats, no matter how much time in the league today. Who would be the Defense Player MVP: Myles Garrett, Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, Bobby Wagner, Von Miller, Eli Apple, and Luke Kuechly


    @LaTisha Bowen stats aren’t everything you’d have to watch tape as well, does matter if the beat a shitty o-line 3 times in an unimportant games, if a guy makes on big time sack in a super bowl I’d rather have him that a 15+ in normal season on bad tackles/guards

Andrew Fung

I hate that Ryan Kerrigan is so underrated and undervalued and he didn’t even make the top 100 he makes the pro bowl
and yet people like frank clark who has not produced as much as Kerrigan makes it

    Barry Macockiner

    Andrew Fung exactly Kerrigan has had more sacks than Khalil Mack in the past 3 seasons and Mack is treated like a god and Kerrigan is just considered average by most


I love James Conner, but he did replace Le’Veon Bell who was supposed to be irreplaceable

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