Every Team’s First Touchdown on Sunday Night Football! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Gabriel Valles Reply

This video can finally be made now that the Browns had a Sunday Night Game.

    Jags Nation Reply


    cris_h23 Reply

    Still lost lmaooooo

    HTX 713 Reply

    And lost😁😁 Baker heavily overrated

Bomb Bro Reply

Lmao jay cutler doing jay cutler things

Jordan Davis Reply

They couldn’t do this list until the Browns scored last night😂

    U CALL Dr JONES Reply

    That’s embarrassing 🤣🤣

    duane jessup Reply

    This video has been sitting under the heating lamps over a decade waiting on the Browns. Wow. Patrick crayton was still a free man when they made this video.

    Jordan Davis Reply

    @duane jessup 😂😂😂

    the man Reply

    What if they had gotten shut out???

    Tro Ketchebachian Reply


Jordan Davis Reply

NBC has always had the best scoreboard

    awesomejasonsel 1 Reply


    The Gong Farmer Reply

    Lol. The scoreboard?

    EveryDaffodil53 Reply

    Jordan Davis best scoring animation I thought was Fox before the current one they have, but that one didn’t fit really well with big games. NBC’s did.

    Xx Yourmam Reply

    That’s why I like Sunday night football

    L G R W Reply

    Personally I liked the scoreboards in 2006-2011 a lot more than the current one. But current one not terrible doesn’t look ugly just not as good in my opinion.

MinusLife Reply


Frank-o04 Reply

Gotta love Al Michaels

Fathul Arifin Reply

Am i the only one, who read the thumbnail “every first teams snf touchdown” ?

    Chris Smoove Reply

    Yea for Sunday night football

Max der King Reply

i dont get this title

Billy Backpacks Reply

My favorite part was when they crossed the end zone

Webster Kollie Reply

Thanks to the Browns, the video is now complete lol

Matt Peterson Reply

3:46 San Antonio Holmes was so good.

Matthew Shortle Reply

Bills have only been in one SNF game, how sad.

    Lego By Ben Reply

    Matthew Shortle fun fact: it was flexed to snf due to New England’s perfect season. Buffalo vs the world smh

    Matthew Shortle Reply

    @Lego By Ben It’s because the NFL wants ratings and they think the Bills would be a low rated game. I hope this would change because they’re 3-0 rn.

Reid Reply

Back when the touchback was at the 20 not the 25! A lot more kick returns

Crazy Cajun Reply

Strange they didnt show that LOONNG punt return TD from the saints rookie

Joshua Ivery Reply

I remember Jay Cutler he used played for the Denver broncos and I definitely remember when he threw that interception

Justin Boyd Reply

Lotta names on this list I hadn’t heard in a looooooooing time 😂

the man Reply

2:33, Who thought that was a Sunday Night Worthy Game???

Edit- Patriots won 56-10

    Leo Life Reply

    Since that day , The Buffalo Bills have never played again on Sunday Night.

BRD JuniorGolfer Reply

Wow Rex Grossman actually threw a TD

Sparky's Joint Reply

Mike Karney, lol. I leveled that guy in highschool on a dive play. He had 60lbs and 4 inches on me.

Light Yagami Reply

The interesting thing is Alex Smith has the first sunday night football touchdown for both the 49ers and the Chiefs

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