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Emperor Palpatine

Worst case scenario for all of America except New England: Another patriots super bowl win

    illmatic tony

    Erick Colbert was he the best an in the super bowl?

    Amanda allesgut

    @Djohn 300 well its no fun when only one team wins. The superbowl had superlow ratings. So yeah we’re hating. Just like people hate on warriors etc.

    Voltexx VG

    buddy2016 hayden dude the browns are not going to the superbowl🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️this team is so overrated

    Jose Arias


Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Who’s hyped for the actual season?!?!?

    Josh's random channel

    Me go Broncos

    Adam Amster

    @Josh’s random channel Booo broncos Go Chargers

    Josh's random channel

    @Adam Amster nooooooooo

    football life

    Right here

    Nass Nass

    Go Chiefs

Jose1213 C HACKER

Worst Case for all TEAMS- Pats win the SuperBowl

    J D B

    Milli Macro funny

    Thee Surge


    Ameya dagoat

    Jose1213 C HACKER bro that’s best case


    I can tell you one year that proves it isn’t necessarily the worst case for all other teams ⚜️

    Shimeka Covell -DHS- Baltimore City

    jr. hahaahah u buggin

Erick Colbert

Jimmy G better not get injured AGAIN. 😒

    Jay Johnson

    @Erick Colbert I’m guessing that the 49ers are your team

    Darth Raider

    Jimmy G or no Jimmy G, 49ers are not playoff contenders

    Dakota Deal

    Even if he doesn’t, he’ll just show that he’s mediocre

    Erick Colbert

    As a 49ers fan, I agree with all of the above. We are making bad decisions right now, but I’m rocking with this team post mortem whether I agree or not with what they decide to do with it.

Keeshawn Perkins

Jason kelce isn’t a tight end 😂

    Two Lock

    i think he meant travis but at first i heard it i was like wtf

    Michael Zannis

    Isn’t the first time someone mixed em up

    Chop Chop

    Michael Zannis and won’t be the last lol

Dr. Z

4:34 do you mean Travis Kelce?

Jordan Born

4:35 He [Ertz] is in the argument with Jason Kelce…. “C’MON MAN!”


    I know this dude didn’t just disrespect Travis like that….

    Jon C

    relax all he did was mix him up with his brother😂

904 chris

short answer
worst: lose 16 games
best: win 16 games n win the Superbowl

septicpool 56

Worst case nathan peterman uses 100% of his power throws 420 touchdowns 0 ints team goes 16-0 and wins superbowl

    Camaro Guy

    You forgot another thing. Every player on his team gets injured so he does all that while throwing to himself, running the ball, blocking and being the only player on his team to play defense and special teams as well.


    nah, peterman is so good they going 17-0 in the regular season


    septicpool 56 more like worst case

    backup cool

    420 tds, 69 int

    Raj Shah

    backup cool that’s what I was gonna say


Every team’s worst case scenario: 0-16

Every team’s best case scenario: 19-0


    Lets be real, theres no way lions or raiders go 19-0


    So true.

    Chidozie Osuji

    Actually we count preseason loses as well


    You are technically correct.
    Well, actually there are much worse scenarios, but I’d rather now point them out because reasons.

Jennifer Anthony

Love the Whisper, “I don’t think that’s gonna happen “ at the end of the Browns one 🤘🏼

Im Bory

Finally someone who speaks facts about kirk cousins


Pats worry is TB? Really?
How many times… **sigh**


    Maybe they’ll finally be right when he’s like 80


    Not even a pats fan but we all know you never underestimate Brady

    Ádám Jakab

    It’s not him who matters….it never was him…


Rank meant Travis not Jason at the 4:35 mark


    Noted haha

    Samuel Alexander

    The whole video was garbage anyway, the guy clearly has no clue what he’s talking about. Or being told to say.

    Samuel Alexander

    @clayjr86 White privilege? You had me until you said that dumb crap…

    Rocco Rouse

    Nooo Jason is the best TE

    Victor Rodriguez

    Nick _333 shoutout to my dawg Nick_333😂


The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game in almost 30 years.

    Trev Mac


    Nick 718

    The Bill’s haven’t won one in about 25

kevin penado

Best case for all teams is the Pats dont make it to the superbowl

Brandon From

Saying the bears worst case which he claims he’s “obligated to do” is go 11-5 and lose in the NFC championship is laughable


    Better Worst Case: They lose to the eagles on wild card weekend on a 43 yard miss like last year.

    Vijay Raghavachari

    He is a hardcore Bears fan.

Howard Slocum

Worst case scenario for Pats.
Not making Super Bowl.
Best case scenario for every other team

ToNeYtHeTiGeR 23

Pats best case scenario 16-0 Win Super Bowl

Pats worst case scenario 15-1 Win Super Bowl

    backup cool

    15-0-1 worst


    Every team:
    Best: 16-0 super bowl win
    Worst: 0-16


0:00 Cowboys
2:10 Giants
4:22 Eagles
6:18 Redskins
8:13 Saints
9:57 Falcons
11:54 Panthers
13:26 Buccaneers
15:35 my Bears
17:23 Lions
19:11 Packers
21:16 Vikings
22:58 Seahawks
24:39 49ers
26:34 Rams
28:21 Cardinals
30:16 Chiefs
32:11 Chargers
34:02 Raiders
36:03 Broncos
37:55 Browns
39:47 Ravens
41:34 Bengals
43:27 Steelers
45:26 Texans
47:32 Colts
49:06 Jaguars
50:39 Titans
52:31 Jets
54:22 Bills
56:04 Dolphins
57:41 Patriots

Y’all welcome

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    seltenda you are my savior thank you

    Rahim R

    Good looks brother

    Jake Harmon

    seltenda The Man


    You’re a saint

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