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Monitors of Decorum & Decency

Love that *Wilson to Lockett* connection! Another perfect passer rating, when targeting Lockett, might be the way 2019 plays out (just like 2018’s perfect rating)… Wilson will win the MVP!


    I hope so! Hawks will be taking that division this year though.


    They should’ve shown that and the interception, two plays of the week!

    Gunna Gaming

    Wilson will definitely win the mvp and hawks will win division

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @FreelanceXD oh, heck yeah! T2 was displaying such AMAZING athletic ability, and intense mental focus, on that pick… I think he could’ve gone to the house, had the refs let that play run out… Anyways, go ‘Hawks!

Jaime Garcia

The best play for the browns was getting off the field but seriously it should have been the OBJ pass to Jarvis Landry

Can we be the most subscribed channel on YouTube ?

The browns best play should have been the garbage can on the field

    George Kittle

    No it should be the water boy he kept all the players hydrated 😁

    Can we be the most subscribed channel on YouTube ?

    George Kittle honestly 😂

bruce lau

Christian McCaffery was damn amazing in that game Sunday , that 83,84 yard touchdown was insane

    Tariq Ginkinger

    I didn’t know a touchdown could even possibly be 8384 yards long but you never know

    Casey Costello

    What about Matt breidas 83 yard TD run

i ate your cake01

When the browns best play is a field goal block that didn’t do anything…

    i ate your cake01

    Collin Mac true

    daone billygunnz

    😂 he needed something to go highlight it should bakers look after the game

    Epic zombie 2238 D

    Collin Mac then you probably don’t watch football

    Trevor Collins

    @daone billygunnz Could have been one of the Baker commercials

Seattle Seahawks

5:58 saving the best for last?

    Minecraft is better than Fortnite

    @bahahahaha haha You act like a diehard dolphins fan right now chill dude. We all have opinions

    bahahahaha haha

    @Minecraft is better than Fortnite “die hard dolphins fan” im chill but i dont talk trash with ringless peasants


    Minecraft is better than Fortnite the eagles beat greenbay and we are a top 5 team. I think eagles are better then us and thats saying alot

Destry Giannonatti

Well hey, at least the Dolphins didn’t lose this week 😂

    Destry Giannonatti

    @Angel Cadena Ouchies, you hurt my feelings. I’m not allowed to criticize? 😂

    Dolphins 2021🔥

    Honestly whoever loses this week might be the worst team of all time

    Angel Cadena

    clearly we got idiots in the comments. did I ever mention I am a dolphin fan. no I didn’t n for the record if I were to be a fan it’d be eagles. I just am Someone who knows when to show respect unlike some stupid kids n punks

    Paul George is Micah Bell

    Its always that 1 person in the comments who gets triggered

    Angel Cadena

    Paul George is Micah Bell nah I just don’t tolerate punks who are disrespectful n completely rude like ur self.

Thomas Leduc-Marcil

Seahawks have the best plays of the week!! The Catch!!

    Thomas Leduc-Marcil

    Lets go Seahawks


    Amari Cooper has a good arguement, then again what for?

Telecaster 21

The panthers best play wasn’t McCaffrey’s flip
It was McCaffrey’s 84 yard touchdown

    Andreas Lambropoulos

    @David Chen your a car

    David Chen

    Andreas Lambropoulos ???


    Come on that flip was awesome!

Yo H

That Dart from Wilson to Lockett was insane

Maximum Overdrive

That Darren Fells TD where he was Playing Keep Away with the Football on the Falcons Saftey should be the Texans best Play 😂 it was Glorious

David Link

The raiders beat play was Jacobs dive over the end zone to take the score back for the W

    Bubbleking tv

    It’s true


    That was a pretty cool dive you are right

    Minecraft is better than Fortnite

    @NFL …

Raymond Jiang

Eagles’ best play is by a former Cowboy lol 😂

Kitty Petro

that Marlon Humphrey clutch play tho <3 love my ravens

Mike G

The dolphins beat play: not playing


Dolphins: 3
Buy week: 42


    “buy week”


Packers definitely shoulda been when Aaron stepped up into the pocket and sidearmed to Tonyan on the sideline.


    TheBiggdogg73 exactly. They are showing no love to that insane pass

Jeremiah Edwards

When’s Pittsburgh’s best play was a play that shouldn’t have even happened

Nick D

anybody know who the remix of “oye como va” playing during the first third of the video is by?


I love how the packers’ best play was an interception on a play that was clearly defensive pass interference lmao

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