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Epic Gam3r

I like how giants actually played defense

    Sports Fan

    Epic Gam3r its just that the redskins suck! Don’t get used to the giants D being good!


Minshew’s play is clearly the #1 play of Week 4.

    S B

    nah is allen vs J J watt. You’re facing a monster like jj watt and you pull that move ? Damnnn !


    Minshew dodged like 4 motherfuckers bro. Insane

    Jaime Garcia

    If the Jags can build around him they’ll definitely get their first super bowl

    Isaac Hamilton

    Debo as a jags fan, thank you

    Evil Duck

    @Jaime Garcia no u delusional

Jaime Garcia

For the Browns it should have been Chubb’s 88 yard touchdown

    Tylko Stany

    NFL when they give to intern way to much access lmaoooo

    pretty cure Forever

    I said that too


    @NFL can i get an NFL contract?

    Matthew Kennedy

    @NFL what about Landry 60 yard truck

    David Long


Giants Pride

1:09 That hit tho, SHEESH

    Camron Cash

    Look at the grey shirt guys reaction😂😂

    Hugo Lalumiere

    Peters really earned that interception by getting pummeled by that charging offensive lineman.

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Kyler Murray’s rushing TD was way better than that strip sack that we didn’t even recover

The InvictusSamaritan

For the saints play why not show the play where AJ Klein punched the ball out of Jason Witten’s hands for a fumble? Much better play!

Walter White

1:42 how is that better than the 88 yard run??

Urassnface 1

AJ Brown turned on the jets after that catch had the secondary like ☃️⛄☠.


Bengals and Redskins’ best play was finally getting off the field.

Cole Pratt

What about Chubbs’ 88 yard run


Nick Chubb had an 88 yard TD and they chose this 15 yarder?


    Any rb In the league can do that 88 yard run it wasn’t even that goof

Daniel Giron

Chiefs best play should of been the lateral from kelce to McCoy

Undead Bomber

Chiefs should have been the lateral from Kelce to McCoy

Aaron Rodgers

1:57 is incredible tho

Aaron Rodgers

2:39 the best play of their season

Aaron Rodgers

4:40 Jackson got better moves than Bell lmfao

Austin Tackett

Chiefs was definitely the catch and flip from kelce to McCoy, I don’t understand 🤨

Brandon Burke

lmao how was that the bears best play of the day. i see that it was important but not the best

    Dominic Bandola

    Ikr right wtf




1:18 the most athletic wide open catch you’ll ever see

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