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Axis Orbital

Antonio Brown isn’t a clown, he’s the whole circus.

    pete b

    he the ring leader

    Haruko Meyers

    Nice edgeworth reference

    George Richards


    Axis Orbital

    @Amari_Antique 21 bruh I did not call him broke, I called him the clown that he is.


when the best play your team got is a sack 😂 sorry bears yall sucked


    George Richards



    It was one game, the first game, lol you cant say they suck, the first game they sucked yes, but we still got another 15 games 😉


    XArekX I said they sucked, meaning past tense aka this game.


    XArekX Bears definitely showed out last season, so idk what to expect from em. But GOPACKGO

Martini Music

I’m shocked the Steelers had a best play.


    Or the browns


    Tw1 They looked like they were in the game until late in the third quarter.

    King Asaad

    ddawgg23 agreed

    George Richards



A single sack was the Bears highlight😂


    porkchop0212 I’m saying😂😂😂

    Cooler Daniel

    porkchop0212 they actually had five


    porkchop0212 as a bears fan atleast we got a sack lol.

    Madden Mobile Videos

    @VanHallen52 5 sacks

Darrion Hale

Steelers or the Bears don’t deserve a highlight they ain’t score a single touchdown

    America Reigns


    Chris Harris

    I honestly thought the Steelers one was gonna be the freakin field goal lmao

America Reigns

The dolphins best play was running off the field

    Good Bye



    James Brown I agree but I still like them

    Mr. YouTube Man

    What about the bears best play being a sack

    George Richards


    Robert Pirlot

    @Mr. YouTube Man Because that’s all they had. Unless you consider that kick for 3 points?

Webster Kollie

Cleveland best play was OBJ 300k watch 😂

    Dominga Santibañez


Cole Dorion

Winston’s interception LOL what was he doing 😂

    Aaron Serna

    He was doing everything they teach a QB not to do lol.


    @Aaron Serna facts lol

    Jr Rod

    He probably had sf defense on his fantasy team 🤷‍♂️


    That game had a combined three pick-sixes

    Jonathan Morales

    Winston saw pressure and didn’t want to get sacked so he threw it there. Nick Bosa and Dee Ford already showing what they do


Trubisky’s best play was going back to the lockeroom after the game


I watched the Raiders game, that wasn’t their best play. Hell that wasn’t even Josh Jacob’s best play.


    Thank you, I was thinking the same damn thing. Who picks these things?

    Aaron Serna

    It was his first career TD though so why they labeled that their best play idk why. Still understanding.

    yo booty stank

    Yeah he had that big catch and run. Looked like Kamara

Kobe Langston

Did they forget the play where Ekeler broke 2 tackles and ran for a 55 yard TD???

    Oliver Franco

    Kobe Langston I know right? I thought the same thing

    Grumpy Cat

    two different meanings of best. they chose the game winning touchdown

Brent Clemens

The 49ers and Buccaneers best plays were both intercepting the other.

    James Bob

    pick sixing*

    Manuel Villacana

    They forgot Richard Sherman’s pick 6


Why does the ticker up top take up a quarter of the screen?

Sean S.

Yo who picked the Vikings and Cowboys plays cuz those definitely were NOT, their best plays smh


    GJL11 beast agreed

    N. Willy48

    GJL11 beast nah best was Cobb’s third down conversion in the red zone, he basically beast mode a guy

    Derric Kennemer

    @N. Willy48 Just about any deep throw Dak made couldve been the best, the one to Cobb was sweet, but that go route to Cooper was awesome too.

    Indo Fresh

    Nah, I’m an Atlanta fan. They were that bad on Sunday that that was their legit best play

    Joseph Murdock

    AGREE 100%

Lord Sheogorath

That Texans TD filled me with so much excitement. That was an amazing game to watch.

    Daniel Krautner

    but the 58 yarder with :02 was better

    Lord Sheogorath

    That’s up for debate and even if it is better that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy another great thing too.

    Thomas Manning

    @Lord Sheogorath As a Titans fan, the kick was amazing

    Lord Sheogorath

    @Thomas Manning ok you are right. I didn’t enjoy that touchdown. Thanks for setting me straight.

Goldy Bobi

Did they really choose a sack as the cowboys best play? Wth did they not watch that game at all?

    Daniel Krautner

    the WHO?

Devon Jones

Exactly who gets to pick the “best plays” ?
Just saying

Raymond Policarpio

That Saints and Texans game was 🔥

Under Pressure

The Steelers’s best play was getting me to turn off the TV in the 3rd quarter.

    King Asaad

    Under Pressure 😂😭


    Hey! That was the Browns best play for me.


The real Steelers best play was the flag “false start, all linemen except for the center”


    Best play of the year XD

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