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Emperor Palpatine

Who’s excited for best plays for each team for week one? It’s coming bois.

    ryder Addison



    Emperor Palpatine Watch the Dolphins’ one be like a 10 yard pass lol.

    Emperor Palpatine

    Natearl13 lol typical Dolphins

    Do Du

    wow, our packers. great highlight, just recovered a fumble???? ahah

Linus B

The seahakws best play should be the Clowney trade tbh

    Elijah Mitchell

    @too many men on the field nah it’s technically offseason preseason is over lol

    too many men on the field

    @Elijah Mitchell Even if it’s not preseason anymore you could still say that it’s pre-season with the hyphen right now because the season still hasn’t kicked off

    Elijah Mitchell

    @too many men on the field but then that would defeat the purpose of his claim. this video is preseason not “pre-season”

    Jerry Jeudy •

    Linus B Yessir

    Daniel Pollak

    @An angry Jets Fan y did we get rid of our pro bowl kicker when we have a billionaire owner And cap room?

Doge Productions

3:06 what about week 4 jayrone Elliot 95 yard scoop and score

    Reid Martin

    Doge Productions facts

Joe Hoardical

Did lions even have a announcer in that game? 1:57

    Paul Cimijotti

    Joe Hoardical I guess not but they did they are really bad😂

    Devin Somers

    We can’t afford one

    Nathan Cerebe

    More like did they even have a play

Side Swipe Basura

Can’t wait for gridiron heights and this week in sports ball to all come back

    Tyler Miller

    A man of culture I see…..

    Ditch 79


    Smart Kid Jimmy


    Andy and Vic

    Guarantee Andrew Luck is in the first episode.

    rippetoe 38

    I can’t wait for Gridiron Heights.

Ben Shank

How is steelers not the 88 yd fumble td

RoguePepper 9606

I would’ve put the Kyle Lauletta Hail Mary best play for giants

Joshua Zepeda

Finally preseason it’s over. Get ready for some football!


    Joshua Zepeda YES SIR!Cant wait

stop hating and spread love

That sheehy td return is impressive, but i love mack wilson pick6 more


What the hell was that for the Panthers. Taylor Heinicke had a crazy 2 point conversion and Will Grier threw a beautiful 40 yard td pass.

David Y

I would have gone with Ty Summers pick 6 or Manny Wilkins hurdle for the packers over the muffed punt recovery

Julian Shipp Jr

Finally preseason is over 💪🏾😈

Rowan Fernsler

Raiders best play in the preseason was peterman 50 yard run


The Giants best play should’ve been the end of the Patriots game

Hayden Theel

So we are going to ignore the fact that TY Summers got a pick six for the packers. SMH. COME ON MAN


Having your best play be a 5 yard gain is the most Lions thing you can do.

    Do Du

    hey our packers is even worst. just recovered a fumble ahah


Uh that was the lions best play😬 gonna be a long season

Malte Backhausen

FOR REAL that sack was the highlight of the Carolina Panthers!! what about the great 2 Point Conversion of Taylor Heinicke an Elijah Holyfield???

Hugo E

Lmao detroit one is a catch for 2 yards i’m crying 😂😂

Legend__ 21

Can’t believe we cut Scott #10 to sign dontrell inman😒…inman better ball out this year too

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