Every Team’s Best Play from Week 2! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Thomas Bierbaum Reply

when your best play is a field goal

    Donuts 1520 Reply

    @Frankie Mauro right. Love pineiro now

    Roberto Izaguirre Reply

    It was pretty impressive because it was at the last second literally and as a bears fan we actually have a good kicker

    Explosion Gaming Reply

    At least it wasn’t a double doink lol

    Captain Cortez Reply

    *when your best play is a fumble from opposing team*

    JK, I’m a Buccaneers fan.

    Nero Pathak Reply


Kev Bacon Reply

Just here to see what the Dolphins best play was…

    gor9027 Reply

    For real. The person who makes these videos must be laughing anytime they have to find a highlight for a team this bad.

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    @Ronnie Patrick lmfaooo best comment on here 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 you got me dying😂😂😂

    Bradley Conard Reply

    Lol I was to xD

    Jure Vukšić Reply


    Nero Pathak Reply


Lucifer Reply

Best Play of Miami is a fumble from Patriots RB sony Michel 🤣

    Lucifer Reply

    @Cristian McCaffery yeah but at least they did Something for the Sack … Dolphins didn’t even really tackle Michel to get the Ball free

    Shark Knight 007 Reply

    I was laughing and thinking the same thing

    Sean Khu Reply

    Better than thr Saints sack tap

    Nero Pathak Reply


    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    At least it was a turnover. The saints only got a sack. And it wasn’t even on 3rd down

mostdeadlygeist Reply

lmao that miami highlight

    Jure Vukšić Reply


YoungGOAT1610 Reply

When your best play is a field goal it should tell you something about your overhyped offense

    wow Reply

    Or the fact its a 53 yard field goal… as time is running out… to win the game… for a team that’s had kicking struggles

    Tehzy Reply

    The Bears offense is not overhyped… nobody ever hyped our offense.

    Victor D Reply

    Overhyped offense? Dude what? 😂😂😂 no one thinks the offense is that good lmao everyone trash talks the QB. Their defense is hyped because the dline is stacked

    Zach Zadrozny Reply

    A kick they shouldn’t have time for..

    J Goose Reply

    Zach Zadrozny yes they should’ve there was one second on the clock and I’m not even a bears fan

Yvng Vro Reply

falcons with the block in the back , smh

    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    It wasnt

    Yvng Vro Reply

    @PrecyseTheWise watch the video

    Yvng Vro Reply

    Awww of course its coming from a falcons fan

    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    @Yvng Vro he tried to run around the block

Bryson Dulay Reply

dolphins best play was walking off the field

    Obasi Okoronkwo Reply

    You saw the dolphins on the field? Here I thought the Patriots were the only team on the field…

    Kavanaugh 13 Reply

    💀💀💀i spit out my water

    gor9027 Reply

    When they were in the locker room when the score was 0-0.

Brandon Vasquez Reply

Lmao bears celebrating that FG like they just won a championship

    GKdunch Reply

    @Chris DeVries 🤣 too soon for the bears fans (even though I’m a lions fan)

    Luke Sanchez Reply

    celebrating like they deserved the win

    Ronnie Patrick Reply

    Cause that’s as far as they are gonna go.

    Brandon Vasquez Reply

    @Ronnie Patrick with trubisky at QB? 😂😂😂

    Ramaun Thompson Reply

    @Luke Sanchez cuz they did

Flan Pan Reply

Why isn’t the interception by Kevin king the best play for Green Bay?

    Isaias Gonzalez Noguez Reply

    That was absolutely the ball game

    Eric Reisdorfer Reply

    I’m a Vikings fan and I agree. The interception was a better play.

Jeremy Devold Reply

The Saints best play should’ve been something else..

    In CogNito Reply

    Same with the bills. shitty vid

    Adaptive Tech Reply

    Like what lol

    Chris Bunce Reply

    Adaptive Tech even if we narrowed it down to their top 10 plays, your mom would still be getting plowed in all of them. So it’s hard to pick which one is the best.

    Adaptive Tech Reply

    Chris Bunce why did you need to say that?

    dajhonify Reply

    I mean..
    That WAS their best play though lol

The FuzzyMonkey Reply

Best play from the Pat’s is ABs catch?? What about one of the two defensive touchdowns they had???

    The Dark Knight Reply

    Those were mostly inept Dolphins offense. That Ballage one was……truly terrible.

    Detective Gokes Reply

    All for the hype lmao

    chiefpacman Reply

    NFL is political.

Begreat 7 Reply

I thought they were going to put the best play last but it was the dolphins😭

    Tyson Dino Chicken Nuggets Reply

    Begreat 7 the best play is typically first

6YP SY Reply

I thought the dolphins best play would be getting across the 50-yard line.

    Ben Davis Reply

    They got past the 50 yard line?

mohit manna Reply

when the best dolphins play is a fumble which they didnt even recover

    Infinity War Reply

    no they did recover

    Browns Fan Reply

    @Infinity War no they didn’t

    Infinity War Reply

    @Browns Fan yea they did

Kent Mahaffey Reply

And I appreciated Watson’s touchdown but Reid’s game winning tackle was our best play

kyle clark Reply

The saints best play should have been a forced fumble by Cameron Jordan but once again the refs do not like the saints

Epochal Bull Reply

Lol, just don’t put Dolphins on the list, but the Dolphins should on the worst performance list.

MW2ChangedMe Forever The Nub Reply

Guess you could say they saved the best for last.

Nick Carson Reply

Must’ve been hard to pick the Chiefs. They had 4 touchdowns that almost all looked the same. 3 of which were around 40 yards or more.

S3VYR_Ogiyy Reply

You know it’s bad when the dolphins best play was committed by the pats🤣

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