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King Of EA

Last time I was this early to a video the NFL knew how to call Pass Interference

    Mustache Kitten

    Well, well, well look who decided to show up.

    Chidozie Osuji

    EA I know you are everywhere on youtube

    King Of EA

    Chidozie Osuji obviously you are too if you’re seeing me everywhere😂😂😂

    King Of EA

    Mustache Kitten well well well look who decided to come back from the dead and try to make fun of me

    Chidozie Osuji

    @King Of EA Facts

How Bout Tree Fiddy

Can’t wait for every team to go 10-6

    a a

    @chris madsen Yes it could have been an all Texas superbowl. But this year teams want texas steak.

    Mike Causey

    Probly if the refs comply again

    Andy Yang

    You mean 8-8 idiot?


    Safe bets…like every division is the NFC East 😂😂😂

    Lidor Rosh

    Wait…. That’s illegal…

SuperCD 7478

Imagine Cynthia’s model is just madden. You know what? It probably is. Not as bad as Adam Rank though.

    Pat K

    That’s not saying much. His projections were just terrible. These ones are just too lowvfor the top teams


    True dat

    Siddharth Korukonda


john da goat

U know it’s going to be bad if its Cynthia


    john da goat never even heard of her till now, but I see what you mean. She hella disrespected my Bills.

    FF noob pumpington

    @BlueComet1991 faxxxxx
    We signed 19 players and drafted good players and we gonna have the same record of last year lmao 😂 I have them at 10-6

    Houston born

    FF noob pumpington yea I’m not gonna disagree with the drafts and making improvements but ur still a young team 2 years and u will be 10–6

    FF noob pumpington

    @Houston born I have them between 8-11 wins

    8-8 is reasonable
    10-6 possible
    11-5 is the most wins and very very surprising and unlikely


    john da goat I just learned this she’s horrible


Ah yes Cynthia, every team either goes 8-8 or 10-6

    angel calderon

    @K Dizzle1207 depends how soon they get Zeke. If he’s back by week one, they’re probably a 9-10 win team. If he doesnt show up for an extended period of time the cowboys playoff hope’s go down the drain

    umop apIsdn

    yg.meech679 that’s the way the computer model predicted it. Some of the predictions for a team went 14-2, others 2-14, and she ran 10,000 so the average is around the same

    SH 20

    @angel calderon dont worry any rb would be all pro with that o line. You can replace him

    angel calderon

    @SH 20 eh, I agree but only to a degree. Yeah you could probably put trent Richardson behind that line and he’ll put out 1000 yards,
    but it’s different when its Zeke. Defenses plan around Zeke, without him defenses will just go “we’ll just let irrelevant RB x run free for 20 Carrie’s, force them to pass.” Dont get me wrong, I don’t believe that Zeke is a genuine top 5 back behind an average O-line, but he’s still a great back.

    Julian Perea

    Every top RB will have 1500 scrimmage yards


Wow, 5 seconds in and I already disagree….


    Brenden Nichols he also claims to be worth the first ever $200 million contract and he’s nowhere near a top 10 QB


    Donald Trump Jr. X true patriotic man 🇺🇸

    Brenden Nichols

    SW They should extend him, but not for that amount. Even though I think he’s good, he isn’t 200-million dollar good.

    Vapor Btb

    Donald Trump Jr. X yes they are?

    Brenden Nichols

    Looks like Ezekiel Elliott is going nowhere, ladies and gentlemen.

PennywiZe Addict27


    jay fairman

    FabledAllele how is she fairly accurate when the season hasn’t even started

    Chris Barnett

    PennywiZe Addict27 5-11*


    @jay fairman you right she was pretty far off last year

    Travis Cervantes

    PennywiZe Addict27 my poor broncos lol

    Tom Flanigan

    Agreed, very predidcitatatittable of her.

Collin Moore

Not this woman again. All of her score predictions were 24-28

    AC Coon


    arcadekid 21

    Isaiah Monroe doesn’t everyone

    kevin penado

    😂 how tf do you know that😂

    A Fucking Bird

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT that’s the one.

    A Fucking Bird

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT No it’s not.

Santizo BRZ

*Let us all come back here and clown on how wrong she’ll be.*

    Marty McDickcheese

    daniel preece for the millionth time 😂

    KingDre The Juice God

    Bet…will do

    Chad M

    I’m always saving these videos anyway

    Brady Haley

    Be back soon

Legend__ 21

I never take Cynthia serious so see y’all next video✌🏾

    laserd FN

    Same lol…you a titans fan?
    I’m a Texans fan we are going to crush yall this year lol

I smell broke

Wait is Zeke not holding out? How would he get the most touches if he isn’t even playing😶

    The InvictusSamaritan

    I smell broke
    theyre almost at a deal. 6 years/90 million

    angel calderon

    A deal is getting close enough to prompt Zeke to fly back to Dallas after spending all summer in Cabo. Not sure If he’ll be back week one, but the holdout probably won’t last too deep into the season.

    I smell broke

    Got it thanks for the update

    Big booty Rashod

    I smell broke nah bro he’s playin now😔


My model projects Cynthia to be wrong on almost all of these predictions

    Rip Life Leech

    FACTS. She has the worst predictions

    Alexander Escatel

    “My model” aka madden 20 simulations

Help I don't have a name it's sad 108

Why do people think the Packers are going to do really well?

    Big booty Rashod

    Help I don’t have a name it’s sad 108 honestly there overhyped

    shaq hall

    And when they go 11-5 or better y’all are gonna be looking stupid

    Zabun Nahar

    Rodgers has only Davonte Adams

    Joseph McGuire

    @Zech Merquise not really… Young as in 20-27 or 28 alot of the players like Blake Martinez(25), Kenny Clark(23), Zadarius Smith(27), Preston Smith(26), Dean Lowry(24) and Adrian Amos(26) are already pretty well developed. Jaire should have a second year jump, Kevin King has provem whem healthy he can be a good corner and at corner we have great depth so please find another reason why this defense is still the same from the past years. Also another thing: we have one of the best defensive coaches in Mike Pettine. Mike Pettines design is pretty great. It shows you one thing and would do something else. He would call insane blitzes being 8th in sacks with virtually no big names on our front 7. Now we add 2 big names and 2 draft picks to our front 7 while also improving our secondary.

    Joseph McGuire

    @Zech Merquise but yeah just keep saying “hurr durr packers trash no defense xD Aaron Rodgers trash and I dont even know who is in their steam because I refuse to believe that the packers made their team better”

karl da broncos fan

your model is madden simulation because of all the touchdown amounts

    Scott Ford

    Denver is winning at least 10 this year

    Ka Kjj

    Scott Ford lol no

    Dat Boi

    I’d say denver is going 9-7 if things go great for them.

    karl da broncos fan

    i have them 9-7

the vault dweller

Cynthia probably just presses “sim to off-season” on madden and just uses that

    Sim ?

    What’s wrong with sim to off season??

    Connor Baker 2

    Reynolds Twumasi when she said I have Eli throwing for 3,000 yards I’m like sure let’s see how many checkdowns it takes

    Dallas Cowboys

    you never lied

Orbitz _

Every team goes 10-6 and every Qb has 29TD

    Rigoberto Rascon

    No, not every


    Eli had 18

    Vaughn Bui

    And every QB has 11 int.


You are stupid if you think the best record in the whole nfl will be 12-4 and only one team gets that

    RAVIGINGSTAR100 Gaming

    I see chiefs low 11-5 and high 15-1

    arcadekid 21

    Saints have a relatively easy schedule so I see is at 13-3 again

    The Red Barron

    Mahomes will have a down year

    Alexander Escatel

    arcadekid 21 Saints will be going on a redemption tour this year. 13-3 best record in the league

    Xx Its Cloud xX

    The chargers got 13 last year how they gonna do worse when they got Better. Simple Blot gang or don’t bang

Tyler Croskey

So after all the games are played
There will be:
259 wins and only 255 loses🤔
Something doesn’t add up here

    andrew reierson

    She really likes her wins lol



Drugs Inme

Best part of the video 20:49 Thank me later


I’m no Rams fan but 10-6? And the Saints too? And pretty much everybody else? Weird.

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