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Escocivo 30

Will Grier had a decent game but he needs more time to develop.


Who else is pumped to have football back!!!

    Julian Gomez

    Believe me I do

    Natethanh P.

    something to watch finally

    Kurt S

    ObamaisnextLincoln July is the worst month. NBA and NHL are done. No NFL, No College Football or College Basketball. No English Premier League Soccer.

    NFL preseason is so much better than MLB.

    ReD Penther 127

    Hell ya


    Kurt S facts

Vonte Ross

Holyfield was the star tonight


    @Jameer TheDonProphet Bears also lead the all time series 6-4-0. Get your facts right. Bud

    Gaming Core

    Jay.B wow your but hurt over a preseason game

    Rico Suave

    Dare I say he’s the real deal?

    Young Ghost

    O Alonzo A he didn’t get drafted he was signed as a undrafted rookie

bargain bob

he had some happy feet….he’ll get better

Fire Chicken

Pretty good game just needs some time to develop a bit

Jamaal Noland

Let’s be honest Will did not look all that good tonight. Good thing he’ll be 3rd string and on the bench for some years to develop

    Jerry Berumen

    You jump to conclusions faster than my ex wife..Give him a break. This is barely the first week of preseason and he didnt even play all of the game…

    Mystic TK

    It was his first NFL game chill

    Jamaal Noland

    @Jerry Berumen well 1st impressions matter

    Jerry Berumen

    Jamaal Noland they definitely do but this guy is already saying its gonna take years to develop lmao..

Jack in Black

He honestly looked pretty good, the panthers o line was pretty awful tho, he had dudes in his face nearly every throw

    Anuj Peri

    Mango Masher if any of the starters for the oline get injured then Cam in in trouble


    i see this comment on every video, so are there no good offensive lineman in the league ??

    Mango Masher

    Darius Steelers Packers Eagles Patriots


    Mango Masher he’s also facing second to third stringers. Every QB in the pre season has a little less time, it’s not an excuse.

    Mikhail Washington

    The run blocking was terrible

Joshua Perez

So Daniel Jones best qb so far??????

    Kameron Manning

    Jones has also had the easiest matchup

    Mamba Mentality

    Kameron Manning and surprisingly the best o-line


    Murray easily but Jones did well

    Bolby Ballinger

    Not even the second best.
    Murray and Haskins threw to people that weren’t the first read and didn’t stare them down the whole time.
    Daniel Jones had a solid performance, but in the preseason especially results don’t matter, just how the results were achieved.

    LiteWork _

    Jarrett Stidham was good

Desperate but Datable

He’s pretty good. It’s hard to have your first game playing the best second string D in the league.

    Stuck in Space

    Desperate but Datable he didn’t play the ravens?

Adam Prueher

All I can really think about now is if this guy’s got any fashion sense since hes Cam’s backup

    Al Vinn

    I’d say kyle Allen is a lock for number 2 so far, and he dresses pretty plain…


    He did in college but idk where it went

Tantalizmo II

That wasn’t will Grier he looked nervous and skidish the complete opposite of WVU, he’ll probably shake it off

    Shemir Lobbins

    wvu is mostly shotgun too, so that didn’t help him at all

Bolby Ballinger

More bad than good, but not by enough to throw hopes of him becoming a good qb out the window.

TW Bluff

Held the ball a little to long at some points but other then that looked like he has potential

RaZe FrostyZz

He was a bit bad and sloppy early but was super consistent later on hopefully he continues from their.

What's up guys

Cam will be riding the pine this season


Looks decent. I’m enjoying these preseason baptisms of fire


Solid QB….rough night. Only 1st preseason no big deal

Eat Soup

I know it’s preseason and he’s just a backup but he looked pretty poor for the one drive he was given I know he’s a rookie but his release is way to slow

Brendon Mayor

Needs to work on being more decisive

Mandalorian Legion

This guy is a career backup like fitz.

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