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Gamesepic123 A 3pt GAWD

Said it here first greatest compilation of all time

Lebron James

Adding a WR possibly Jerry Jeudy would be icing on the cake for NYG offense. Jones Barkley Shep Engram Tate coming back & Darius Slayton has potential

    Elijah Mitchell

    KS Mahomes yes young is a beast

    Brooks Orlando

    Jeudy is a freak, but I think he’s gonna be off the board at that point. CeeDee Lamb is a good option. Also, Justyn Ross will be in the following class. There’s some stud WRs entering the league

    Kyle Bryson

    Gorne Outdoors The o-line started the season hot but they definitely struggled last night. Hopefully it’s just a bad game. Nate Solder is so inconsistent

    Derrick Seo

    @chibifirestorm Maybe…you gotta remember our defensive players are all pretty young…if they don’t improve by say week 8, then yes. But half the defense is rookies and sophomores.

    Hengel Andrews

    I was wrong and I’d like to apologize for suggesting that any team could combine the ineptitude and bad luck of the Nicks. The Giants are a classy organization, but Jerry Jeudy is a top 3 pick and Giants won’t be that bad this year.

Muz Kamal

He won us this game

    Brick Tamland

    If one team loses, the other has to win. Derpy derp.. 👍

    Damien De Leon

    Muz Kamal Boy the bucs gave you that win

    erv king

    @Damien De Leon Lmao just like you can say Giants defense gave Bucs a chance to win with a fg.

    Jason Kerns

    Muz Kamal yessir

    Knicks Owner

    If Eli played, the game wouldn’t have been close. So Daniel Jones + kicker won us the game.


I’ll never forget this game


    Never forget the last kick

    Jason Kerns

    MJD me either I’m die hard giants fan

    daniel preece

    I’m so tired was up cebrating until about 4.30 am UK time


    daniel preece respect


    OK… Are you Daniel Jones’ Mum?

Dominican 1844

Danny Dimes!!! Wait till the Giants have better play calling, a defense, and better receivers. This team will be complete!


    Dominican 1844 we need a better O-Line too

    Giovanni Carbajal

    NFL fans always say wait until “Blah blah” lmao

    Anthony Hutchins

    I’m not trying to be a jerk but i find it so funny when people say that. When the team is good your team will be good? No way!?!!

    DeAndre Vaughn

    Definitely need new playcalling.. My boy Danny was throwing to the same spots some of the time. As soon as they started being more decisive with their routes the started walking down the field. This is a good QB tho.


    Shepherd and Engram are great talents. Made Jones look good on a couple of bad chucks.

23 Studios

This kid has the guts to play qb for the New York football Giants.

    Christopher Araujo

    Eli they really don’t know what they’re talking about but what do you expect from joe in YouTube comments

    mike wright

    @Ya Boii Brandon we need him to play the leadership role of a quarterback which he can’t do your right😂

    mike wright

    @Christopher Araujo the truth did you watch the game?

    Jon Burrows

    @Trent Koberna I’d rather Jones play superb and their in the hunt every year with only one SB win.

Aitzaz Ghaznavi


    Evander Holyfield

    Thank you

Omar Alwawi

his composure in the pocket is something else

    Rick Harris

    He has some wheels, too!

    Anthony Mosco

    Never seen anything like that bro

    Sho Nuff

    That’s what I was most impressed with.. Half of these throws he literally surrounding by a collapsing pocket and seems unphased. Gonna lead to lots of fumbles though if Giants O line can’t give him more time. He’s got a hell of an arm too and puts a sweet spiral on it. Even as a Cowboys fan, I’m glad to see this kid doing well in his first start. Good for him. Might even pick him up for my fantasy team 😎

    Omar Alwawi

    Sho Nuff yea i’m a bears fan i wish we could have some of that composure in mitch tonight

    Noah Sarasohn

    In a way he has too much composure. He doesn’t seem aware of where the defensive line is. hopefully he gets a better at that because if not I expect to see a lot of fumbles and sacks. Still its amazing to see such a young quarterback seemingly unfazed by the pressure.

U. A.

Cowboys fan here, Jones kinda reminds me of Matt Ryan but with more mobility. I guess nobody will be laughing at Gettleman anymore


    Imagine of he had OBJ to throw to …

    U. A.

    @FAITHandLOGIC Hell no, I’m a Cowboys fan and have seen twice now that in the long run, linking a diva WR with a young developing QB is not a good idea. Dez and Dak were very good for a year, but the minute it went sour Dez became a cancer and stunted Dak’s growth. In 07, TO and Romo set records, in 08 when things werent going as well TO split the entire locker room and single handedly destroyed the season (we were 8-4, finished 9-7). For the sake of Daniel Jones, keep diva WRs away from him

    Willy Kellermann

    Getting rid of his defense, trading away OBJ, drafting Jones at 6 (that was the main criticism since he could’ve gotten him later in the draft), and paying Eli $17 Million. Gettleman is a joke!

    Jonathan Hill

    The Falcons need to let Ryan go

    Easy Recipes

    ​@Willy Kellermann ​
    1. gettleman got rid of declining defensive players who had max 2 decent years of play left in them. he traded them for a good oline.  he is building an elite defense. he removed the declining players for draft picks. all we need now is a good cornerback and a good pass-rusher. Total finesse.
    2. he traded obj for a future top-10 safety in jabrill peppers (he had an amazing performance aside from one play) and dexter Lawrence (17 pick). we wouldnt have won the game without lawrence, he had a blocked field goal and a crucial 3rd down sack. In todays nfl, you don’t need an elite wr to win a super bowl, and a cancer wr at that.
    3. wtf eli is an average starting quarterback. He was paid 17 m. Teddy bridgewater was paid 15m on the jets last year and sam bradford was paid 20m on the cardinals. They are both backups, Eli was a starter + his contract expires this year. you expected giants to just cut him?! (that would’ve resulted in lots of dead cap and a sour ending)
    4. He drafted Daniel jones. the jags, skins, and fins couldve taken him. other gms are not stupid – they analyse every qb in the class and they saw the same things gettlemen saw. for sure, one of them would’ve taken dj. and its not like dj is bad or average, we saw what he can do.
    5. In 1 or 2yrs, giants will be playoff contenders. We have an amazing qb, the best rb in the league, a top 5 oline (ranked first in run blocking and 6th in pass blocking) and a good, young receiving core with a tight end that leads his respective position in yardage. All we need is a secondary to solidify our defense (our front 7 is very young and improving every game).

Kurt Zabala Agonoy

I will admit that I did make fun of Daniel Jones when he was drafted and he made me shut up today.

    good mann

    @Tyson Quisano well watch dis losing season like a man

    mike wright

    @Troy Brownrigg not the point the Giants know they can rally behind a quarterback that’s not Eli Manning he’s too stationary and hasn’t gotten better!!!!! This whole time Daniel will get better the whole team will😁


    hello baker mayfield!!!1 what do you have to say now?

    Vishaal Venugopal

    Facts and tbh he’s so much more likeable than haskins who’s very arrogant and entitled

Jonathan King

*Terrell Owens voice* Thats my quarterback😢





    Toby Creation


    Slim 803



    @Slim 803 😂😂😂😂😂

Joe I.

I’m so happy. He took so many hits and shots and just kept getting up and making plays. It is a great feeling when you see you have a Quarterback.

    Mann Made

    J M: Joe I was saying that it’s great that Jones kept getting up from a sack. That’s not good period when your QB is getting smashed like that. Giants better protect him better or Eli will be back in there.

    Kevin Whitter

    Mann Made Bucs defense is very good this year. Barrett had 3 sacks last week and they have one of the better run defenses in the NFL. That defense will finish top 10.


    Joe I. Nah that’s how you get a injured qb

    Marios Rotsides

    That’s one thing I wasn’t worried about with him. He didn’t operate with a clean pocket at Duke and always showed resiliency despite getting knocked around routinely. If you questioned his ability as a QB, sure, but he has definitely proven he can take a hit and be the same guy.

stéphane A

Jones isn’t afraid of the pass rush, He stays there and tries to execute anyway while Eli would already be on the ground in foetal position.

    Art Vandelay

    He’s got some wheels too! He beat linebackers and some DB’s around the end a few times. That last TD he looked like his vertical speed was every bit as fast as a TE.

    GroveBoy DallasTx

    Dude Eli Manning has 2 Superbowls c’mon man he’s done a lot for New York fans .

    Puff Daddy

    No eli manning disrespect will be tolerated


It’s going to be fun watching all the analysts eat crow this week!

    Luis Ishmael

    @William Hinson numbers count!

    Griffin Kelley

    Luis Ishmael Tom Brady has always had a dominant Oline and wide receivers that could catch, he also had gronk. At duke Jones had TJ Rahming, a practice squad player and no one else.

    Luis Ishmael

    @Griffin Kelley oh really so if any quarterback would have been in Brady position they will have won all those championships then huh?

    Luis Ishmael

    That’s nonsense

    William Hinson

    @Luis Ishmael You’re the one comparing Jones with Tom Brady which is of course nonsense. Jones made Duke a winner which is not easy to do. As far as his numbers……so far so good. Give him a chance.


This kid have no eyes to see a pass rushers!😂😂😂 dude is calm.


    For the most part they protect him well

    The Blend Warrior

    He just stands in the pocket and tosses it all calm…like he’s Rodgers…and his speed to get away is very good!

    Basketball God

    @jaygiant10 What game we’re u watching?

    Dialectical Monist

    He reminds me of Phillip Rivers, except he can also run.


    Basketball God I said for he most part clown how else can he get those good stats

Wei Yuan

Man, Giants fan owes him and GM an apology!

    Joseph White

    He wouldn’t have been available at 17

    Basketball God

    @Joseph White That too

    Basketball God

    @bgainesDM1 My point was no Giants fan knew if this kid was good or not only the GM. Ur not sitting telling me u was anticipating on the Giants Drafting Daniel Jones outta Duke University the only thing we were paying attention to from Duke was their Basketball team…..

    Pi Day Rocks

    @Joseph White The only person to “confirm” that is Gettleman, who said afterwards that two teams told him they would have taken Jones before #17…. but why would a team give up their draft choices to a competitor…. either Gettleman is lying or they fooled him because there is no way that another team allowed information regarding their draft pick to reach Gettleman before the draft occurred… and that is exactly what he said happened.


    @Basketball God In any draft, you take a wait and see approach. Brian Baldinger actually broke down a lot of film about Jones and how he made the most of a brutal situation that he was in.

Salazar Payne

I’m so happy for Giants fans right now. Sincerely, a Chiefs fan.

    Mathew Cox

    Thanks man!!! Too many years of complacency to count. So happy they finally gave the rookie a shot

    Salazar Payne

    @Big Boi I was raised in Kansas City and have been a fan for 45 years. Never been on any bandwagon. And just to prove it, I’m also a Browns fan. So there.

    Anthony Hutchins

    He will never be Mahomes though haa

    Richard Pilhofer

    Thanks man we’re happy for you too. (I’m a Giants fan but Mahomes is my favorite player in the league)

    Richard Pilhofer

    @Anthony Hutchins nobody will ever be as good as Mahomes you moron

Ralph Ganitnit

People talking about jones in April:🤬💩
People talking about jones now:😩🍆

    Jason Kerns

    Ralph Ganitnit factz I have faith in Daniel Jones I’m a loyal and die hard Giants fan

    [AXS] Greyalpaca

    zapping zoomer 🤦🏻‍♂️

    zapping zoomer

    @[AXS] Greyalpaca your response was not helpful…please respond in a helpful manner…thanks!!

    Tyler Vanwert

    @[AXS] greyalpaca BOOMER 😂

    Pi Day Rocks

    People talking about the GM wasting the #6 pick on a projected 2nd round QB in April: :🤬💩
    People talking about the GM wasting the #6 pick on a projected 2nd round QB now: 🤬💩

Leonardo Lugo

This game will go down in Giants history! This is a start of a new chapter.

Wyatt Winterfeld

Good Moring Football: *Why the Cardinals should have taken Daniel Jones first overall in 2019*

    Lil Wayne Carter

    @Teeblo he’s too short

    christian miranda

    Wyatt Winterfeld – Jones is the better QB and will be the better player going forward.

    That demeanor, poise and the way he reads a defense and gets the ball out as fast as he does with the accuracy is from a 4-5 year vet. He had a lot of adversity.

    The first game, immense pressure for a good portion of the game. No running game Barkley was shut down yesterday and suffered an injury.

    His receivers are avg but they made plays and him moving in the pocket helped them.
    Jones will continue to improve and hopefully, the OL does as well.

    The D well what can be said, 28-10 to a rookie QB making his first start and Dimes leads them back to a comeback win. He had 4 TD’s in his debut(running and passing). WOW!!!

    Should have been the first pick in the draft.

    Jon Burrows

    @christian miranda Yep, would rather have the big QB who can run when he has to than the small QB who runs because he can’t see over the line.

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