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Every Nick Foles Play vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019 Highlights

Watch every Nick Foles play against the Miami Dolphins. The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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Escocivo 30 Reply

This looks more like Dede Westbrook highlights

Drew Goddamn Brees Reply

Lord Foles back at it again

durvo the doom Reply

Nick foles the savior is here , first td , but the int was bad , but it is preaseason

    AJtheDB Reply

    Had Chris open wide in the middle it’s okay though

    Robert Williams Reply

    Yeah the guy made a good play on the interception hey it happens

    What Are Those Reply

    durvo the doom well the jags lost so it’s a preseason L

    pauldew62 Reply

    durvo the doom to be fair that was a great undercut and catch by the corner it’s not like it was straight to him and blatant

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Nick Foles looks so different in a Jags Uniform but without a Eagles Uniform so weird

    L3- -37 Reply

    Not really. We’ve seen him out of a Philly uni before.

    Anthony Faiola 9 Reply

    Hector Rodriguez. He’ll always be an Eagles. BDN=🐐

    Law Da Realist Reply

    @Anthony Faiola 9 just to beat the eagle in a Superbowl

    hamhockbeans Reply

    @Law Da Realist Not gonna happen but the Jags better take care of Foles. Eagles can beat the Jags in the USA or out of this country.

    hamhockbeans Reply

    @Edy B Sorry son he was drafted as a Eagle and won it all as a Eagle. He looks like a normal QB in any other uniform. He was a Ram now a Jag looks the same but as a Eagle he looks sharp and clean with the wings.

speedy Thunder Reply

Nick foles will do great things with the jags

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Just don’t get him killed like he almost got with the Rams.

Mega Reply

👍 Good luck to Nick from this Eagles fan

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Yeah they better not get our boy hurt. They don’t have the same O-line as Philly.


We love you Nick. Thank you for bringing us our first Lombardi trophy!

    rockbandftmfw9 Reply


    Anthony Faiola 9 Reply

    Peace WILLIAM-WEST. Thanks for commenting it for me. BDN=🐐

    eoe123321 Reply

    St. Nick !!!

XtotheE 2812 Reply

That boy fournette trucking ppl already omg gosh

    Chase Reply

    @Mike Vrabel Lol. Titans are trash and Henry is overrated.

    Mike Vrabel Reply

    @Chase LOL, he only has the longest run in NFL history against one of the supposed best defenses in the league. He made Telvin Smith retire cuz he scared

    Goku Black Reply

    @Mike Vrabel Who’s Telvin Smith

    William Fortson Reply

    @Mike Vrabel one run doesnt mean he isn’t overrated

Show Me Reply

All the Jags got to do is run first then play action cause Foles a good QB to make things happen!!

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

I think he likes Dede Westbrook lol

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply


N O L A N M I L N E S Reply

Westbrook didn’t come back to the ball like he was supposed to. Hence the INT.

    Carlos Crux Reply

    N O L A N M I L N E S or u could have common sense, Westbrook is on a hitch route and obviously the DB read it and beat him at the top of the route watch some film dude Westbrook broke down to early which led the DB to go where Westbrook and going to be which is what he is taught

Smokin Jay Cutler Reply

Alright I’m getting dede westbrook on my fantasy team

    SSpabl0 SSpa3l0 Reply

    He wont make it past week 3 with them rip passes foles throwing em lmaooo

Master Samuraiott Reply

They’re right about Foles loving Westbrook

Chasen Cambron Reply

Dede & Foles huh 🤙🏽These WRs should be drooling with Foles @ QB

Alton Rodgers Reply

Dede Westbrook a real one he took that lick got up like it was nothing then scored a TD not to long after 💪🏾

Spazzy985 Reply

Good luck Foles! Thank you for bringing us a Lombardi. Forever grateful for what you did for my Eagles. You earned that starting position in Jacksonville. You’re a heck of a QB.

    JDL Reply

    Nah fam not your eagles. My eagles

LeeTravius Mckay Reply

You know it’s a new season when you hear Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

brycekali Reply

Foles definitely apologized for that killshot Dede took after his touchdown 😂

Harry Ramos Reply

Welp I’m drafting Westbrook 😂

Jack Hintze Reply

Hehehe I picked up Dede Westbrook in free agency

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