Every Minnesota Vikings Touchdown Highlight Through Week 6 of the 2022 NFL Regular Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Every Minnesota Vikings Touchdown Highlight Through Week 6 of the 2022 NFL Regular Season

Watch all 16 touchdowns by the through 6 weeks of the 2022 regular season.

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Junior Camper

They have a lot more touchdowns this year then they had last year!

    Matt Malikowski

    Wait what? That’s factually wrong. We had 147 points by week 7 last year, now we have 139.

Ren Drag

Loved that jj walk-in

Q Green

We gonna need more of those vintage dalvin cook 50+ yard touchdowns as the season goes on 💪🏾

Florence Dahl

Gotta see a lot of touchdowns this year Skol Vikings💯🤔😀😎👍❤🏈💪😃

Nikki Covington

I’m happy to see that the Minnesota Vikings offense players got to score a lot touchdowns this year than from last year.

Against the Packers

Justin Jefferson did terrific out on the field Sunday against the Packers with Rec 9 balls, rec yards 184 and 2 touchdowns as of Wide Open down the field with hugged by Kevin O’Connell. Definitely Justin Jefferson is kind of the best wide receiver because he very good and he said that after this season he going to be the best wide receiver in the NFL League but he had to give it to Davonte Adams for now and he definitely going to be good wide receiver this year with a lot of rec balls catch, rec yards runs and a lot of touchdowns and hit the Griddy dance and he going to be wide open wide receivers and he probably can’t be lockdown at all from the cornerbacks and he is very does tricks on his routes and confused the defense players of cornerbacks and safety and he can run fast and they probably can’t catch up to him like they did of the Packers defense none of the cornerbacks and safety couldn’t catch up to Justin Jefferson like Jaire Alexander and Eric Stokes couldn’t get him and that end up by Eric Stokes letting Justin Jefferson score two touchdowns against him and they both never got Justin Jefferson at all they couldn’t even cover Justin Jefferson at all.

The Minnesota Vikings did very good Sunday and had crazy day with the offense and defense and beat the Packers 23-7 and it looked like they wanted to win so bad and Guess what the Vikings won against the Packers and Justin Jefferson was a insane wide receiver Sunday Justin Jefferson just had a day and Burns out Jaire Alexander and Jaire Alexander didn’t even lockdown and didn’t stop Justin Jefferson at all and Justin Jefferson had 9 rec balls, 184 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Packers defense of Cornerbacks and Safety and that penalty there was not penalty at all he did not even do a Pass Interference and there was no penalty at all for Justin Jefferson that was a mistake by the referee and Justin Jefferson was insane Sunday of the home opener season of week 1 and he was wide open.

Against the Lions

Mike Hughes helped the Minnesota Vikings win on that Alexander Mattison and KJ Osborn score a touchdowns against Mike Hughes.

I think Mike Hughes was thinking he was on the Minnesota Vikings side and he was confused because there was no safety to help him out. He had pass inference called on him and he just let KJ Osborn score a touchdown and he was no where to be cover by Mike Hughes and he was like what just happened there with the safety.

Against the Saints

Definitely Justin Jefferson killed it and he was a bomb wide receiver today against Marshon Lattimore and Justin Jefferson won the matchup and I don’t think Marshon Lattimore didn’t do well except he couldn’t even lockdown Justin Jefferson like I thought he was a lockdown but he wasn’t a lockdown cornerback at all. It looks like Justin Jefferson could handle the Trash Talk of Marshon Lattimore. Justin Jefferson should broke a pass because Marshon Lattimore could missed the tackle and Justin Jefferson could be wide open and have a touchdown even though ML was down but he got his leg and feet.

Justin Jefferson had 10 catches for 147 yards and almost 3 touchdown but he should got that because he was to the end zone but I thought he made it but also he should went over Marshon Lattimore like a dive for the touchdown like he did in week 1 against the Packers and also Kirk Cousins should throw that to Justin Jefferson because he was wide open in the end zone with defense but throws it to Adam Thielen and 1 carry for 3 yards with a touchdown of his first career rushing touchdown. Justin Jefferson is just beating Marshon Lattimore and Marshon Lattimore can’t lockdown Justin Jefferson at all. He is too good at running routes.

That was unnecessary to push Justin Jefferson before he got out of bounds in the end zone and they should called that penalty on Marshon Lattimore.

These two penalties on the Saints defense was very good called for what they did to Adam Theieln right in the end zone and because they were on top of him and it was two penalties holding on 26 that was PJ Williams and Pass Interference on 23 that was Marshon Lattimore that was 5 yards and 15 yards that total of 20 yards and it made the first and goal on the one yard line and that what Justin Jefferson score a rushing touchdown of his career in the NFL game to hit the Griddy dance.

Against the Bears

A little toss up played here on the inside to Jalen Reagor and the Former Eagle had his First Vikings touchdown and it was 21-3 and Justin Jefferson and Jalen Reagor are best friends and they always do that celebration dance together like they always do on the warmups, Sidelines and on the Field and they both have done that celebration dance together against the Packers, Eagles, Lions, Saints and Bears and it is awesome celebration dance together and Justin Jefferson still does the Griddy dance. It looks Jalen Reagor finally got a touchdown as the Minnesota Vikings that is revenge for the Philadelphia Eagles because he show them what he really can do good and he also show what he is has not dropped any balls except he did two times but he picked it up and recovered it so actually no turnovers like what he did as of the Philadelphia Eagles. Jalen Reagor will definitely get more touchdowns better then he had as a Philadelphia Eagles because he had only 2 as a rookie year and that was it but he has some proven meant as of the Minnesota Vikings now and he is happy to be a Minnesota Vikings better then being in Philadelphia Eagles and he never wanted to be there and he got a chance to have a best career as the Minnesota Vikings better then as the Philadelphia Eagles and he been getting great balls catches and yards and also got a touchdown and he can do tricks also like Justin Jefferson is good at for route runner. Jalen Reagor having fun with the Minnesota Vikings players and team of the fans. So hopefully he get a great deal as of the Minnesota Vikings this year. He always celebration with the his teammates.

Against the Dolphins

Dalvin Cook finally got a big run for the touchdown 53 yards have return home and Great Victory Win for the Minnesota Vikings.

I love how Justin Jefferson sees his burst though the Dolphins defense and throws his arms forward and starts chasing him to the End Zone and Adam Thielen did the same thing and then did the helmet to helmet and then Adam Theieln jumped on Dalvin Cook and put his hand on Justin Jefferson jersey.


Would love to see more of the end zone after this bye week. 16 touchdowns in the first 7 weeks isn’t it. Did expect more of an explosive offense from KO but there’s plenty of football left 👌🏾 #SKOL


I thought at 20 second mark he was ruled short?

    Sal Rachac

    nope, he scored

Viking Jerome


Small amount of peas

We haven’t looked overly impressive this year but we still win. That’s a good trait to have


Got play better on offense and yes Ik ppl gone say defense but it a help of offense can play how to the potential and the d is like a bend but don’t break but it could be adjusted but I think we a be alright even when we do play the bigger teams we still building and got new regime it’s a start just got keep going

Inhale N Exhale

Every player on offense has scored a TD already 😈

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