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Riverside Mixes

Get refs that know what they’re doing please

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    You’re garbage at madden


    Chargers got so many breaks from the refs today.


    Foreal the broncos would have beat them 30 to 10 if not for the refs

    Lou Skunt

    It was crazy today how many chances they gave the Chargers to win. Holding and face masks from the oline all day without a whistle and calling constant ticky tack BS on the Broncos.

    Riverside Mixes

    Larry Legend is a GOAT hahahhahha



Jaydub 27

but they lost……

Dolph Lundgren

Ekeler is straight up a better player


    @Bashar Al-Assad for such an “elite” back, gordon has some of the worst vision I’ve ever seen. This season ekeler has looked amazing all around.

    Bashar Al-Assad

    Greatgregru Ekeler looks good Forsure but Melvin will always give us the better chance as he can do what Ekeler does in the catch and run game is by far a better runner than Ekeler. Only advantage Ekeler has is his small size to make it hard to find him. Ekeler looked terrible today. Should have given Gordon the looks in the redzone


    Receiving backs are the future of the position. I completely agree with you.

Legend__ 21

Its really hard being a chargers fan smfh…im too young to be this stressed out by this team smh

    Legend__ 21

    @Daddy SmokesYams yea i feel you but the injuries we have on our team is sad and pathetic…we literally playing with 4th, 5th, and 6th stringers🤦🏾‍♂️


    @Daddy SmokesYams Y’all have no chance tho so you don’t have to worry, the chargers have had talent for the past few years and consistently choke/lose


    Don’t. Don’t even think about them. Coming from a Cardinals and Suns fan. RIP me

    ray ray

    @Legend__ 21 what are you talking about the only starters injured is you CB the others are 3rd stringers and 2nd stringers are Injured

    Legend__ 21

    @ray ray you do realize players rotate and substitute throughout games right?…our depth is so low that we have to play multiple people…and melvin ingram just got hurt too.

Joshua Cruz

All that talent🤦🏼‍♂️


3:20 best play of the game


Lol the disrespect

Aaron Rodgers

Lol he back 😭😂 how it feel losing money?

    arturo cano

    Who learned you how to spoke…. #getlearned

    Aaron Rodgers

    arturo cano lmfao


Soooo… how did his return change the team?? Other than losing money??

Teo Strong


Absolutely no one:

Melvin Gordon: First downs:0

arturo cano

Chargers should have traded him. Extremely overrated


    There’s still time

    V R

    its possible

julio guzman

Thats my black RB

    anto 8K



AB becomes mentally ill, saquon Barkley gets injured, and now ekeler is gonna lose touches. Still number one in my fantasy league tho lmao

    Blasian Marcus

    Cataya not for long pimpin


Don’t get me wrong Melvin Gordon is an excellent RB but I feel like these past charger’s games ekeler/Jackson has been the perfect fit🤷🏽‍♂️

    Babila Dinga

    To be fair this game script wasn’t great for a guy on limited snaps. Then ekeler goal line fumble issue is interesting. I think gordon and ekeler in terms of passing works well. Plus it’s clear out of all 3 who the best rusher is.


He really didn’t look that good.

Jerome Watkins

Why did they post this😂😂

Chris Moreno

How the hell do you call these highlights? He averaged some 2 yds per carry

Jordan Powell

As good as Melvin gordon is Austin ekeler is a better all around running back.


Had this mf on the bench all season for 7.80 points smh

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