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Isaac .A

He did pretty good, not a dub but a learning experience

Dan X

He’s got potential, Steelers need a reset in general

Escocivo 30

Not a bad performance. Steelers 0-3 is more shocking.

    ray herrera

    No ben,ab,or bell whatd you expect

    Nicholas Garcia

    @Jordan Davis yeah my mistake, I forgot they lost today, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a playoff team.

    Bobby Johnson

    @ray herrera just wait guy just wait

    Bobby Johnson

    Well just wait Steelers are going through rough times but it will make them stronger. Anybody who says otherwise well…. there’s a reason they dont play the game. They just listen to Disney pundits.

Jason Shelton

Ugly game…but 9ers 3-0 baybeeeeee!!!!

Rotten Sircus

Great to know that Mason wasn’t the reason we lost !!! He’s going to be fine !!!

    Nicholas Robinson

    It’s all this mediocre coaching staff.
    Wasting all this talent on both sides of the ball.

    Thomas Gerber

    Butler and Fichtner need to go

    Nicholas Robinson

    Wonder how long it’ll take for Art Rooney II to see the writing the wall

    Bobby Johnson

    @Nicholas Robinson yep, the coaching especially offense just plays scared. They were too conservative with the guy why play scared if you all the pundits say we ain’t winning anything this year.

    Rotten Sircus

    Butler I agree with but Fichtner isn’t the problem ! Teryl Austin is already in our building just let Butler coach the Linebackers !!!


He actually didn’t look bad at all, the play calling really hurt the offense with all the dinks and dunks. I’m pretty sure Mason is more comfortable in the 10-20yrd or more passing ranges. One big mistake was the pick trying to force a play, but all rookies do that once or twice.


Is it just me or…. It looks like legion of boom back there by the 49ers

    Bobby Johnson

    It’s just you.

    Did Jen

    Bobby Johnson ur trash

Corbin Hulsewe

Didn’t catch the game but followed the stats and for most of the game I was thinking he must be really shitting the bed. After watching this it’s pretty easy to see he was way better than stats showed. Yeah he made rookie mistakes and missed some throws but that SF defense is legit. Pass rush absolutely man handled the O-line and coverage was really good too. Never had much of a chance.

    Ice X

    Not poised. Couldn’t read the blitzes. Settled for quick/short passes or check downs the majority of the time. Accuracy was definitely an issue. Steelers fan here….. This guy just doesn’t have it. We are fuc*ed

    Corbin Hulsewe

    Ice X the play calling was garbage and kept him highly contained. He improved when they let him loose in the second half. It’s his first career start on the road vs a good defense, were you expecting MVP level play? Give him a chance, I’ve seen far worse performances by some great quarterbacks.

    Ice X

    @Corbin Hulsewe it looked to me like his first read was always the quick short passes. If you’re saying that was the play calling and not his own reluctance to at least try and air out the ball then fine I agree with u. We’ll be able to tell in a few more games for sure though. But I’m highly skeptical. Looked like Brock Osweiler in black and yellow out there

    Corbin Hulsewe

    Ice X offense needs to modernize and adjust to his strengths. More high tempo spread/air raid concepts and RPO like he ran at Okstate. He was always best when given freedom and making audibles.

    Ice X

    @Corbin Hulsewe maybe… I just need to see him try to stretch the field out with more than 3-4 deep throws a game. Only time will tell if it’s the play calling or if it’s all him. Either way.. that was a shitty game.


He did good vs Seattle and did good this game as well. Not on him, everything else on the offense is at fault tbh.

Moe Elder

Mason Rudolf definitely has potential to be a good QB, just needs to air the ball out more

    Wexfordbuccos _

    Moe Elder that’s not his call. Randy Fichtner (Steelers OC) has been very very conservative with Rudolph so far and its cost us the Seahawks and 49ers games. Especially 49ers. On one drive he called a run on 3rd and 11. With Rudolph in the game Fichtner hasn’t been playcalling to win, he’s playcalling NOT to lose. Once he let Rudolph start throwing the ball, we put up some points.

    Bobby Johnson

    @Wexfordbuccos _ thank you! Exactly right the coach needs to take the handcuffs off.


    Rudolph is a good QB….watched him when he was at OSU.

From The Sideline _

It’s 1 game, y’all already starting to sleep on him.


    It wasn’t a very good look. I was staring at the receivers every snap and he had people open every play and never looked. Also over threw and under threw constantly, nothing was tight.

    Corbin Hulsewe

    airanator1212 first career start on the road vs a very good defense, especially pass rush which inexperienced QB’s statistically struggle the most with. Seen much worse from 1st rounders.

Brandin Anthony Gallegos

Great performance! But Having no run attack killed this game. Next up Bengals

    Wexfordbuccos _

    Brandin Anthony Gallegos Randy Fichtner’s playcalling was wayyy too conservative today and last week against Seattle. He needs to just let him throw the ball, not designed WR screens. Rudolph’s strength is downfield throwing.


Mason was absolutely not the reason we lost this game. Could have played better of course, but we had our chances against a very good 49er Defense.

This coaching staff is hot garbage.


    James Conner is hot garbage not the coaching

Matt K25

Hope he succeeds in the NFL, was a huge fan of his during his time at Oklahoma State

Jay Nguyen

He’s poised and fearless for a 1st time starter.

Almighty Quez

Our o line is not doing that great


Rudolph played well. He isn’t why the Steelers lost again.

Yinz Burgh

The Steelers have Randy Fichtner as the OC and he’s calling the shots. The guy is to shotgun happy and it makes the offense very predictable. Not to mention the 49ers D-Line was relentless. The announcer was right when he said ”everythings been short, just air it out.” That’s what I was saying this whole game, the OC should have let Mason gun it downfield

Zach Tame

The Steelers are going to keep losing if they don’t stop having 90 percent of their throws be screens. Its been hurting the team so much this season

RK Belmont

Jason Verrett got smoked. To be fair, dude hasn’t played since Peyton Manning was still in the league

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