Every Kyler Murray Pass & Run vs. Vikings | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kevin Pawl Reply

Kermet the frog is the mvp winner this year

    timothy buhman Reply

    Kevin Pawl he’s probably the same height as u shut up

erik3423 Reply

I’m worried about Kirk Cousins height with all those batted down passes.

    King AwarE Reply

    @Mario Hernandez this went waaaay over your head.

    Ryley Leseberg Reply

    Hardly had any in college. Daniel Jones had way more. It’s much more to do with the eyes than the height.

    King AwarE Reply

    @Ryley Leseberg it has more to do with the release point of the ball.

    Battled balls isn’t what im worried about at all with kyler.

    It’s composure, quickly reading the defense and his lack of offensive line.

    David O'Donnell Reply

    I am also worried about Colin Kaepernick’s height with all those bat downs

    DaraunTheMonk Reply

    @David O’Donnell what

TrenchWarrior52 Reply

Why does the announcer keep saying “5’10 Kyler Murray” like bro we know how tall he is stop saying it

    Julio Valle Reply

    He is not 5’10

    Jay Santos Reply

    – It’s kind of annoying , He appears to be a ” homer ” announcer for The Vikings …..

    A K Reply

    Jp Thabeast I’ve seen him in real life wearing Airmax and buddy was a good inch or two shorter than I was and I’m 6”2. So without shoes he’s a tall 5”9 5”10

    Fallen Ninja Reply

    @SamTheMan look up the pic of him next to Antonio brown who is a legit 5’10. They both played that game and we’re both wearing cleats.

    Empire State Reply

    That’s being generous

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

dude’s gonna be running for his life all year long.

    Tweek TP Reply

    Whatever you think lol

    Scott Spencer Reply

    For sure !!!

    xuimod Reply

    He needs to learn how to get the ball out faster.

Lleyton Elliott Reply

Hearing “Fitzgerald Jr” sounds so weird. Like he’s Larry Fitzgerald. Who tf says Junior 😂

    Spartan265 Reply

    @Cromartie The MC I’ma third and it’s on my ID. My father is a JR and his is on his ID. So yes people do put it on ID’s. Now to be fair I’m also not a NFL player.

    BNAMusic88 _ Reply

    It’s for his dad.. it’s a dedication thing

    Blake Larson Reply

    This announcer is a friend of Larry fits senior

    Rob Banta Reply

    Larry Fitzgerald is from MN. His dad is a Larry Fitzgerald Sr who is a sportswriter in MN. It’s a local MN thing relax

WarMarchine 11 Reply

5’10 kyler Murray….😂🤣 what type of comm… you know what nvm 🤣

Santana Moss Reply

3:30 3:44 Another repeat of a highlight. Who’s editing these vids?

    Spencer Berklite Reply

    Facts i thought i was the only one who is bothered by this

    GiantsJets718 Reply

    There is a glitch in the matrix

Hyowon Jung Reply

5 10 Kyler Murray, will this be his Nick name?

Matt Williams Reply

“The diminutive Kyler Murray” like why?

    Sojo R Reply

    @xuimod you’re going by pictures?

    Sojo R Reply

    @xuimod Pictures? Alrighty then. He’s 6’5 if he stands on his wallet.

    xuimod Reply

    @Sojo R yeah I’m going by pictures. He looks like a little boy on the field.

    CoKo A Reply

    @Grayson Hammonds I would normally say you’re right but hardcore sports fans like us can tell what height guys are just from watching tv. If Antonio Brown is legit 5’10 then there’s no way Kyler is too. They probably accounted for his long hair in the combine measurement

    CoKo A Reply

    I’m also 5’9. And I can definitely say that my limbs seem closer to Kyler than AB in terms of length

Ross Luton Reply

this announcer got adjectives for all the players

Lex Waters Reply

I’ve never heard so many comments about a qb’s height before lolol: the “diminutive Kyler Murray,” “the 5’10” Murray drops…” We get it, he’s not tall.

    Fallen Ninja Reply

    @Donald Duck bro dudes 5’7 or 5’8

    Spartan265 Reply

    @Donald Duck For real. I’m 5’10 and I’m pretty sure I’m taller than Murry is. Didn’t know Wilson was also my height though. Feels weird knowing I’m the same height but I’m just an average Joe lol.

    Donald Duck Reply

    I’m 5 10 also but with shoes 6 foot. I have broad shoulders also just like Wilson. Murray has no presence back there

    CoKo A Reply

    Antonio Brown is legit 5’10 and was looking down at Kyler on HardKnocks. No way Kyler is the same height

    Donald Duck Reply

    @CoKo A he looks about 180 also don’t know about that 207 talk

Brady Winterton Reply

The announcer keeps saying Larry Fitzgerald “junior” like oh thanks for clarifying I thought his dad was playing

    Tripp uploads Reply


    aaron berhane Reply

    Brady Winterton LOL

    GiantsJets718 Reply

    He’s obviously was one of those trying too hard in high school

King of Fedoras Reply

14/21 for 137 yards. not bad but not good either, just OK. Also noticed the hand clap pre-snap is also gone now so most likely he won’t be doing that going forward.

    erik3423 Reply

    He put those numbers up before the half against a really good Viking defense. I’d say he did good.

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

I’m expecting lots of kyler murray memes this year

Caleb Amon Reply

This dude really said “Kyler 5’10 207” like he was about to go into a boxing match 1:33

elver galarga Reply

I don’t want to hear the excuses after 8 weeks
“Oh but the o line”
But I thought Rosen was the problem? that’s why y’all traded him

    Jesse McKay Reply


    Jack White Reply

    elver galarga dude I’m calling it right now. Cardinals will start 1 and 7 and throw the coach under the bus. I guarantee it.

    Michael Reply

    Jesse McKay that’s what I’m saying . Rosen was a rookie too and they gave up on him so quick. You don’t need a Mobile Qb to run a air raid offense but I guess they traded Kyler so he can run every snap cause of the o line 😭

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    Dude they didn’t draft a o linemen til 6th round this year

    erik3423 Reply

    No, Rosen was traded because they thought Murray was the better QB and because he fit Kingsbury’s offense perfectly. Everyone knew Rosen wasn’t the problem, our offensive line was and probably still is the worst line in the NFL, and Wilks/McCoy were awful coaches, pair that all up with the insane amount of injuries the team had and you have a recipe for disaster.

keale osullivan Reply

Kyler Murray did Godly in college and highschool, but now… he just seems nervous when he plays

    Jacob Hayes Reply

    In high school people were smaller and talent was less. In college competition was greater but his Oline at OU was amazing. In the NFL he has one of the worst oLines and everyone is elite. This is all new to him

    youso91 Reply

    @Jacob Hayes not to mention he’s on one of the worst rosters in the NFL against a SB contending roster

ASMRsta Reply

I looked up Larry Fitzgerald Jr after watching this. I thought somehow Larry had a son old enough to play…

    Guts Reply

    I thought the same for a second. 😂

undericesinger Reply

He has some promise but I think he’s going to throw a lot of interceptions his first year in that Air Raid Offense

ZayDaGreat 2k Reply

When ppl gonna realize Xavier Rhodes is an overrated corner 😪

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