Every Kyler Murray Pass & Run vs. Raiders | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kevin Hernandez Reply

He didn’t look good this game. Just keeping it 💯

    That OneGuy Reply

    @michael silverson yes the o line sucked but hes gotta get better at decision making, he’s throwing it to players that r gonna lose yardage and he is missing throws when he has time as well he needs to calm down a bit

    Doug styles Reply

    What game has he ever looked good in?

    Ryan Rucker Reply

    Doug styles Right because you don’t win the Heisman Trophy by looking good in games, STFU.

    Ryan Rucker Reply

    Doug styles Right because you don’t win the Heisman Trophy by looking good in games, STFU.

Charles Lee Ray Reply

People last week “ He is gonna light the league on fire “
People this week “ Relax you can’t judge him off one game “

    Moneymaker 420 Reply

    It’s preseason

    Tybadger973 Reply


    King Ape Reply

    Same thing with Lamar Jackson.

    Bon Bon Reply

    Kube Dog 🤡🤡🤡get off youtube, no one cares what you think

    KingUfa206 Reply


Kayman234 Reply

My guy what’s the point of making this? he literally had 12 yards passing…

    Joseph Bryant Reply

    So the league can dissect him, everyone will pretty much duplicate what the Raiders did to him tonight… Its a copycat League

    LightninLarry Reply

    This exact reason. To show how bad it was.

    UFO 51 Reply

    I heard he had 232 yards and 13 rush 😂

    liltunechi4 Reply

    Lol they make one if he plays 5 snaps and it looks good you’re all over it but if he doesn’t do as well you’re crying saying they shouldn’t make the video. Next week they’ll make this same video if he does well or not. Stop crying.

    Kris Wit it Reply

    He just overthrew the ball a few times while simultaneously running for his life

bigdawggrese Reply

Either he’s overrated or his o-line don’t care about him 😂😭

    Dead Pizza Reply

    @m7e but Deshaun Watson isnt 5’9 195

    Get to the CHOPPAAA Reply

    That would mean that having a good O Line is important?! Oh wait, it is..

    Get to the CHOPPAAA Reply

    @peter serrano But if Kyler is a failure they can blame the line. “Rosen on the other hand was just a bad QB”. Haha. They should have traded the #1 spot for picks and rebuilt their whole offense, not just one position.

    Jhony Osorio Reply

    @Mason Wilson except if youre russell wilson 🤷‍♂️

    † Ranger for Jesus † Reply

    *Prediction: Johnny Manzel 2.0*

A sad Jets Fan Reply

If Murray struggles against the pressure than this will be a long season


    @YourCousinsBuddiesSistersBestFriend yeah rite…

    Nebula Reply

    @KILLA KANGZ exceptions being rodgers and brady, but yeah… exceptions

    MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp Reply

    @KILLA KANGZ Not true

    Theo Walcott Reply

    LyftraS his o line is real scary 😭

spock 3p0 Reply

Not helping the o-line backfired already

    Khang Le Reply

    @Blake Harris lol for real dude got some of the best catches i’ve seen

    Blake Harris Reply

    @Khang Le if that line stays 🗑 though Johnson won’t be effective enough for play action to work. Kyler won’t be able to throw it up.

    Khang Le Reply

    @Blake Harris agree. but that pass alone tonight was on Kyler. maybe he just lost focus tonight and can make it up next week

    Daniel Reply

    spock 3p0 Murray just isn’t good.

    spock 3p0 Reply

    @Daniel it’s 2 games, wait and see

Mackenzie Hall Reply

Doesn’t help that this guy is being coached by someone who just left college too

    Flyesthuman Reply

    Mackenzie Hall it’s literally one preseason game calm down this team still trying to figure things out

    Killian Krummel Reply

    @Flyesthuman It’s very hard to figure it out when defenders are in your face seemingly every other snap

    Flyesthuman Reply

    Killian Krummel that’s objectively true, doesn’t change the fact that they are trying to figure things out.

    Jim Riebe Reply

    Or that he’s 4 foot tall and dumb as you know what 🙄 that wasn’t fair. He makes more money than all of us🤤

    Jim Riebe Reply

    @Flyesthuman they need to look at next year’s QB class because they will be picking first again🤔

Jaquez Shackleford Reply

Cardinals o line is so bad bruh I feel bad for kyler

    Eternal Await Reply

    Jaquez Shackleford vanilla protection v blitz schemes what can you do

    Milli Macro Reply

    Looks like the longest yard lol

    Patrick Fie Reply

    I thought they’d be better than last year😑

    Joseph Lopez Reply

    Can’t be worse than my teams o line

    xuimod Reply

    That’s not a good excuse. He made a ton of plays out of the pocket in college. Kyler is just too small and not quick enough. He’s a shorter, less quick version of Micheal Vick.

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

Same problem with the O-line just trash kyler will be ok but that hand clap snap gotta stop these defenders going to be on that


    T T Probably because he should still be coaching at a college level.

    Nicholas Kling Reply

    WVU STEELERS CELTICS I dont know, he wasn’t very good at that either. Really failed up here

    warriorsteel1 Reply

    Thats so true. Everytime the ball is snapped he claps.

    Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

    @warriorsteel1 right the defense going to time that and get off the ball way faster in the NFL

Reel Deal Reply

Imagine Josh Rosen turn out to be legendary


    @T0Ni454Presents Do you have a source?

    T0Ni454Presents Reply

    @TEEBEUTEL HODEN I saw it on facebook I think it was Radio Arizona or something.
    Nach deinem Namen zu urteilen bist du auch deutsch nehm ich mal an. ^^


    @T0Ni454Presents Ah haha ja dann hat sich das mit dem Englisch auch geklärt.🤣
    Ok muss ich mal schauen, hab ich jetzt nämlich gar nicht gefunden. Ich hab nur gesehen, dass der HC sich über seine Körpersprache beschwert hat. Aber das war wegen einem Training. Mal schauen was passiert.🤷🏻‍♂️

    magan plays zagan Reply

    The Fitz section curse will haunt him. Check out KTO

m7e Reply

He literally could not have looked worse. That’s the only good news for Cardinals fans here.

    Larry’s The goat Reply

    m7e I don’t think he looks that bad chil out

    DannyMary Reply

    @Shaqdashooter HK No I watched his tape as well. The system he was in and his receiver talent made life easy for him at OU. All year it was check the first read, and if he’s not wide open then run. That’s not gonna translate well to the NFL. He’s not accurate on the run, doesn’t see the field well, and has bad pocket footwork. I am regretfully confident he will have a rough rookie season, in part because his O-line and coaching. People want him to be a top 15 top 10 QB? I expect year 2 or 3 he might get there with good development

    Shaqdashooter HK Reply

    @DannyMary funny these are exact same things ppl where saying about baker but that’s a product of the run and gun system at OU not the QB ive seen him make countless throws on the run hell even his first preseason game most of his completions where on the run and he went 6-7… If you truly watched him in college throwing for over 4500 and 50 tds isn’t a first read if not there take off running kinda stats my guy and if it weren’t for 2 penalties he wouldve been 5-7 with over 60 yards and we would all be saying he had a solid day… Ppl need to stop reaching

    DannyMary Reply

    @Shaqdashooter HK You clearly need to rewatch his throws vs the chargers. He had one rollout 7 yard dumpoff if you really want to call that “on the run”. His other completions were his first read on 5 yard out-routes. When I say he can’t throw accurately on the run I’m talking down the field, even with minimal pressure. Listen man I think the kid has top 15 top 10 potential but he’s not close to being there yet. And this year in Kliff’s unpolished college system with a shitty O-line and below average receivers I expect a very difficult season. I never had these criticisms about Baker because Baker showed more poise and NFL qualities like good footwork, accuracy in the face of pressure and quickly going through his reads. The guy literally never panics and its always on the money, and that is not the case with Kyler.

    Shaqdashooter HK Reply

    @DannyMary but he made those plays consistently in college and you watched his college film well he was literally the most accurate QB in college football by every metric so you getting this from 2 nfl games is what’s mind blowing to me

ElevenFour Reply

That’s what happens when you start seeing NFL pressures and coverages. Good luck! This ain’t college lol

    Roberto Vargas Reply

    ElevenFour kyler prob not gonna do well this year. But you don’t know the difference between college and NFL coverages…

Deive Charles Reply

All i noticed is the raiders score going from 0 to 24.

    Ruthless Reply

    0 to 26

    Deive Charles Reply

    @Ruthless my bad, i couldnt bear to continue watching this so called highlights, i did not finish the video..

    Ruthless Reply

    @Deive Charles lol

James Choi Reply

Kyle Murray running for his life. Rams,49ers and the seahawks Dline are about to feast on this oline

    Westcoast 57257 Reply

    raider nation Y’all would trade Ferrell for Bosa in a heartbeat stfu

    Rick Kilchenman Reply

    Yeah. This is going to be dangerous not in a good way. Lol. Looking at this division I can see some sack leader coming out of it. When Murray is running for his life in preseason. He won’t be playing long. Go BROWNS.

    SF Faithful17 Reply

    Westcoast 57257 don’t forget buckner

    Greedy Monki Reply

    Westcoast 57257 Lol I don’t even think Bosa would’ve wanted to go to AZ

frankster98 Reply

This man cant even complete a pass over 9 yards in preseason. Tua #1 next year?

Mo Salah Reply

Kyler needed this because he been a little too cocky and he hasn’t done anything yet. He’s my favorite player but you gotta walk the walk son.

    Private From Madagascar Reply

    Mo Salah

    Wills Coleman Reply

    Mo Salah this is also the most incomplete team he’s been on since Texas A&M. Not knocking kyler, but he’s been on stacked teams with great players all around him since Allen

    Richard Corrigan Reply

    That o line is trash

    31TITAN Reply

    Kyler is trash oline play better

    Sbrabson04 Reply

    Totally agreed. I like the kid but I took it as disrespect with his comments about not many being able to do what he can do on the field. So many good QBs played this game and many were extremely talented or more athletic and didn’t do a whole lot. Like you said he must walk the walk. Haskins is the same way. They need to humble themselves a bit.

Josh Reply

MLB not looking so bad for him now.

    jacob Eversole Reply

    Tannahill?, …

    Jade Stäup Reply

    Actually requires more skill to play baseball at a high level, I don’t think he is going to be anything truly special at either.

    Roderick Clerk Reply

    @Jade Stäup IKR. You have the most sensible comment. Kyler is much better at football than baseball. Kyler is on the level of baseball players who have immense natural athleticism but don’t permanently see the Majors until their like 30 because they lacked position specific skill sets required for major league pro baseball. Kyler would drift to the Minors if he played baseball.

jarvis newberry Reply

Like Shannon Sharpe said. Everybody fast in the league. He see it first hand now.

Jen Reply

Shannon Sharpe is going to have a day in the park with this one 😂😂😂

    giovanni James Reply

    he will still have sum bad to say about the raiders too lol

David Galvez Reply

Don’t understand the hype with this guy! Didn’t see anything special!

    PlAyHoUsE 305 Reply

    Exactly. Dude is all hype and his coach is trash aswell.

    Donald Duck Reply

    Add to that all his plays in college were from shotgun not under center like the NFL. It’s still early but having a college coach who got fired because he couldn’t win at the college level is not good for Murray. Cardinals are a loosing organization for a reason

    Jade Stäup Reply

    He sucks.

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