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Mini Vick… and that’s terrifying literally because he is too small and quick to take down


    Buster Brown you don’t even know what your talking about these lil first down throws relax

    Joe Dazey

    They are/was very athletic. The difference is that Murray is much more accurate with his passes.


    @WeedNugs Weekly vick says that about every guy… murray doesn’t even play remotely close to vick.

    D Mad

    Joe Mama highlights aren’t the whole story. vick was not know for his accuracy at least not consistently. his arm was a laser and the lefty flick of the wrist was nasty sporadically not consistently though.

    D Mad

    Nebula they’re not even remotely close? ….same? hell no. but similarities? definitely.

Seikou Sawaneh

Kyler is gonna be good 💯

    Manuel Loya

    @Mystery Man boss won’t even play the full year watch

    Mystery Man

    @Manuel Loya Yeah, prob will get injured by week 4


    Mystery Man you can’t call him one of the best pass rushers when he hasn’t played a snap. He has the POTENTIAL to be a top pass rusher but right now there are way better people than him

Preston Pekowski

Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones outperformed Dwayne Haskins 💀

    dexter morgan

    Larry deserves a ring more than anybody else in the NFL right now


    @TheRockStar Way them dam grudens


    @Juju Az A bust off ONE preseason game??? Nah man calm down.

    K k

    It’s preseason and Daniel Jones played with starters against the second string.


Kyler Murray looked good. Great way to represent Texas among the last 10 Number 1 overall picks. Matt Stafford, Andrew Luck, Myles Garrett. Baker Mayfield. 5 of 10 isnt bad.

    Chiefs kingdom

    @Combatchamp that’s fair, actually. Maybe 58 is a bit optimistic😅

    Chiefs kingdom

    @Cameron Santiago 👍


    bit early to put him in a list with already established players.. although baker had a good year last year, it’s too early to say for him as well.

    J h

    C S California has better QB’s Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers , Jared Goff

    John beason

    Texas is trash

XX_Sauceboy brand

get him and David a real o line

Leevi Parrett

I’m a chiefs fan but man am I hyped for this kid


    @Eric Friendzoned I assume that will be for home games and will use his foot on the road.

    no name

    As A Cardinals fan last preseason I was hyped for Patrick Mahomes and now he is amazing

    Leevi Parrett

    Enoch Escalera I mean just the fact people call him mini mahomes is absolutely nuts since he’s only been on the league for two years and only started this last year. Good things are coming!

Larry Legend is the GOAT

I love how they used DJ and the creative play calling

    Tommyboy 150

    Yeah man. It was good to see Rosen have an alright game against that shambolic o-line as well.

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    @Tommyboy 150 Rosen played a good game today. He’ll definetly be ready to be Miami’s starter once fitzception runs out of magic

    Humble Rumble

    ​@Larry Legend is the GOAT The run game looked pretty bad with the starters in, didn’t help Kyler at all starting at the 2 yard line and running for 0 yards on 1st down. Pass blocking and screen blocking looked pretty decent though.

Jamaal Noland

Former panther WR Bryd will be a good receiver for Kyler

    WeedNugs Weekly

    5 spots taken with probably two to go with roughly 5 guys competing for those spots, gonna be tough.

    HBK Don

    Hate we let him go hopefuly he helo ky out rooting for cardinals this yr


    Hes not making the team when he cant catch passes over his shoulder… He better get it in on special teams

Brandon Lee

Murray looks like a young teen age kid surrounded by all those NFL sized players 😂😂

Luffy SkyWalker

He looks like a backyard football character compared to them 😭😭

    Luffy SkyWalker

    @Call Me J. R. if u want to be left alone; Why make two comments under my post? I gave you a respectable answer, why am I a bum???

    Alchemica Blackwood

    @S L I think that Wilson will tower over him when they shake hands after the game. I don’t think that he’s 5’10”. I’ve heard too many credible people who’ve seen him in person say that he’s not 5’10”.

    S L

    @Alchemica Blackwood Wilson isnt towering over anyone. Lol But yeah hes probably 5’9, still not a noticeable difference

    GetMoney23 The King

    Alchemica Blackwood because he is 5’9 they just claimed him 5’10 because that’s more credible and that’s Russel Wilson height

    Larry King


Jimmy Her

Pretty limited snaps, but I did like what the general game plan was. Quick releases, and giving Kyler Murray throwing lanes.

    myko freder

    If they want to win this year they should give him a whole game of snaps in the preseason. He is more likely to be injured in the regular season when it means something. If he is just leaning things then because he played less than a half of pro football with a new offense, I think his chance of being injured by week 8 are a lot more likely than leaning in preseason where he won’t scramble for a first down and could care less about intentional grounding calls.

Joshua Hooligan


Kyler Murray: ……👏🏾

    Benji Nieto

    @SSA INVINCIBLEx how bro ?u sound dumb asf lmao it’s gonna cause more penalties stfu he did it in college with no problem and he’s doing it in the NFL there not saying anything so he’s good

    Isaac Smith


    Cameron Creal

    Ken Man that’s illegal you can’t mimic the snap

brandon weems

Y’all so deep. This ain’t even a 2 min hightlight video and y’all saying “he’s not gonna make” etc. Etc. Dude hasn’t even actually played yet, give him a CHANCE. lmao

Richard Aguilar

Didn’t know they let Darren Sproles play QB

    S L

    Got it out? You thought that would get you more likes huh? Back to being a bum you go

    Ace Ballera

    Jeez SL pretty harsh

undead bruh

He just looks super comfortable in the system

    Jason Crocker

    @Aaron Robinson “Dedication to their young QB”
    I guess you forgot about Josh Rosen😂😂😂

    Aaron Robinson

    @Jason Crocker I really feel bad for Rosen, he was never given a fair chance in AZ and, IMO, it left a blemish on his young career. I think he looked pretty good with the MIA. I hope he can flourish in that system.

    Tony _

    Its the same style he had in college and highschool he has it down by now

    Jason Crocker

    @Aaron Robinson Yeah. They didn’t even guve him a chance.


Pre season Game 2 and 3 kyler will play more but he looks good


So from this video, Murray showed me that the Cardinals still have a pitiful O-line like last year when Rosen was there.

    Joe Dazey

    They were missing some starting O-line starters for the game. If they have all 5 starters playing at once, it’s an improvement from last year. The depth is where the issue lies.

Jake Peterson

Please let Kyler Murray turn into a God so Larry Fitzgerald can get a ring


    With you bro!

    reed Araiza

    This is Larry’s last year probably I mean if they make the playoffs and win a game I can see Larry potentially coming back next season for his last but we will see. All I can say is now that we have Kyler we just have to keep building around him in 3-5 years the Cardinals will be fighting for Superbowls

    Nikki Delse

    Jake Peterson I have to say even as a Seahawks fan I wish Larry could get a ring

    Timothy Torres

    reed Araiza tbh I don’t even think we have to make the playoffs. We could go 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 and Larry will comeback. He’ll see that there’s potential and he will go on one last run and retire a champion.

austin king

People are really sleeping on Kyler’s arm talent.. you don’t become the first ever NFL/MLB top ten pick by luck. The kid is special.

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Splitz Cinamatics

Kyler Murray: *Everybody clap your hands*

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