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Escocivo 30

Besides that one INT. Rosen had a great game.

    Smack Ish

    @TPB-Josh_10k All the best well buy some time

    Smack Ish

    He missed wide open throws he’s not seeing the feild right


    Definitely not great. I would say uneven. First half was flat out bad capped off by the INT. He made some nice throws in the second half though.

    kenn junior

    he better look good he played all the way up to the 4th qtr against bums


    I wouldn’t say a great game. But it wasn’t bad considering the horrible oline.

Asian Satire

I’m happy for him and Daniel Jones.

    Chidozie Osuji

    @Pepper 526 Dont forget super bowl 33

    André Amaya

    Why are yoy happy for rosen he took a beating and didnt play that good

    Chidozie Osuji

    He played better than haskins

    Benjamin Alan

    @André Amaya “he didn’t play that well”*

    And yeah he did play pretty well. Sure he took that INT but after he kept his poised, threw some great passes, and showed good pocket presence. He wasnt perfect but to say he didnt play well isnt correct, especially when he lead multiple scoring drives during the game.

    Young Ghost

    Asian Satire and Kyler he was 5-6


Trash o line


    Every team with Rosen supposedly has a trash OL. It’s a trash statue QB that can’t move around in the pocket and create throwing lanes for himself. Notice how no one in Arizona is complaining about their OL any more now that they have a mobile QB in Murray?


    @DPMixing Rosen does have to learn to move around in the pocket better, but that O-Line is pretty bad too.

    John Cabbage

    @DPMixing it’s not the qb’s fault that a DT is in his face the second he comes out of his drop

The Conservative

They have no O-Line

    saks8th Avenue

    Top O Line Dudes Don’t dream of playing for the Dolphins plain & Simple. 🤣



Jin 12

Damn this O-Line Stinks…

    zurich foreman

    Actually I thought #72 dolphins had some nice reps just kept watching him and he didn’t get beat from what I saw

    Crank Bait

    @Jin 12 Damn your a genius

    Young Ghost

    Jin 12 and Haskins had an AWFUL o line you can tell his o line sucks when you gotta run to the outside every time they will both be good I just know

    robert walker

    kekemay 55 ya should be sharks

HipHopR&BLover Jon

Notice how every starting QB in the AFC East is from California.

    Jp Thabeast

    @Josh troll


    @C S bandwagon brady fans know nothing thats why

    Jim Mski

    @Crank Bait lol

    Jim Mski

    @Bakugo Ktski lol

Larry Legend is the GOAT

Dolphins, all you need to do is protect him. He will produce if you can do that one simple thing


    There’s a reason Arizona moved on from Josh Rosen people. Stop talking about the o line. 1) The ball has got to come out. 2) The ball has to be thrown accurately 3) Items 1 and 2 have to be done under pressure. This guy never learned to do these things well at UCLA. Of course Flores will put him in after the first 4 interception game by Fitz. But it’ll just be a repeat of the 2018 Arizona Cardinal season.


    cardinals couldn’t do it either lol

    Cold Blooded

    It wont happen. Exact reason he couldnt be succesful in AZ. No protection and shitty coaching schemes


    Larry Legend is the GOAT the dolphins have one of the worst offensive lines. It will not get better. Nobody makes this excuse for Kirk cousins who still played lights out but if you like the player suddenly you make every excuse.

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    @BaronVonBielski I never said anything about cousins lol


Damn that trash o line though

JG sports cards

I think he could be good he just really need some weapons on the outside

    derek d

    JG sports cards he’s got plenty of weapons he just needs his offensive line to grow up. Lot of young guys


    JG sports cards Dolphins have the most underrated receiving core in the league

    JG sports cards

    @derek d not even gonna lie you make a good point.

    jacob nidiffer

    CaptainCold Kenny stills and Albert Wilson are above average and davantae Parker is okay. They have an okay group but no number 1 reciever. That Williams did show flashes


    jacob nidiffer Don’t forget Jakeem Grant. Also Albert Wilson has elite potential and he showed that last season. Super underrated guy. I’m not saying the receiving core is elite but they are definitely a solid group but you’re right they need a true #1 receiver maybe Williams can be that guy

Kevin Juice

Let’s Go Rosen Prove The Haters Wrong 3️⃣🐬

    Kevin Juice

    Chidozie Osuji You Are A Hater 🤡


    Guy: Rosen isn’t worth a 💩. I don’t understand why you guys have so much faith in him.

    Bart Blackenship

    crosbonit you must not now a good qairterback when u see one. Do u remember how manning started his career? Or u a little boy


    @Bart Blackenship I remember how Peyton Manning ended his college career at UTenn. He played against a lot of future pro talent and excelled. This guy? Even though in a “power 5” conference, not nearly so much or for as long. You go on being a fan boy. It’s okay. But the next three years or so is going to be a rough for you, before you realize that you’ve got a career back up on your hands. Of course, you can gripe about the O line to cover for him.

    Bart Blackenship

    crosbonit okay I was playin but great response tho but for real tho this dolphins year!

Foureyez tv

Give him a o line PLEASE

    Yungkilla300 awx

    Foureyez tv that was just backup o line


    The Dolphins haven’t had an oline in 5+ years. And that’s probably not going to change any time soon.

Sauce 23

Preston Williams a baller‼️😤

    Taylor DeLoach

    yeah rosen pretty good with protection and williams was insane

Mr. Stocum

Quick Take: Rosen is a rhythm passer. The more passes he is able to throw, the better he’ll be. That oline still needs some work. Keep him upright and everything will go alright! Also, Preston Williams doing work in the former Hartline 82 jersey!

    Brooks Orlando



    Rosen is a pure passer. He has a beautiful throwing motion, throws a pretty ball and his mechanics are smooth but, he’s the type of QB that needs surrounding talent. He can’t carry a team on his own and he is not mobile enough to survive behind a weak o line like a Wilson or a Watson. Overall if the dolphins commit to him and work on putting together a league average or better o line, they will have their franchise guy.

    Marcus Petree

    @yuki3056 Well said i like him coming out of college a good oline or above average hes gonna make throws to keep u in the game

    Roger Craig

    Mr. Stocum Quick take, nobody on the O-line he played with are starters.

William Sabourin

This is more of Preston Williams game highlight video in my opinion, dude was insane

    Bakugo Ktski

    That one handed catch and the toe tap a few plays later was insane

    jacob nidiffer

    Can we talk about the throws Rosen put to him. I’m not discrediting Williams though

    robert walker

    Those throw were dead on though give credit to catch and throw ,better catches doe

Bakugo Ktski

But can we talk about Preston Williams tho!!!

Jack in Black

Oh my god that line in AWFUL

    Josh Gonzalez

    its the second team and the dolphins rested their best olineman

Chris Down

I’m happy to see Rosen & Willams doing they’re thing.😎

Brooks Orlando

Wow. I think this o-line is even worse than Arizona’s last year. That’s brutal for a young QB who needs to do his work in the pocket. Rosen is a gifted player. I hope the team and fans are patient with him

    Marcus Petree

    Hopefully he dnt start the whole season taking lot hits 1st 2yrs will completly ruin this guy. Gots lotta talent

    Jancarlos Camacho

    That wasn’t our regular starters o line

    Brooks Orlando

    @Jancarlos Camacho They did a god awful job regardless

Julian Olmos

im really rooting for this kid, josh can definitely be a quality quarterback. but god dammn that o-line couldn’t protect my house even if they tried💀

Brian Andrews

My takeaways
1: The O-line was terrible
2: Rosen made some great throws
3: Rosen also made some bad decisions
4: The O-line was terrible

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