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who here is hype to see josh Rosen this season

    That dude Joe

    As a cards fan. Yes ill be keeping an eye on him. Hope u guys gota a better Oline than we did. Either way he’s a tough one. He can, “do this all day” if ya know what i mean.

    Bill Yates

    I hope eventually he is made the 1st string QB!

    Pumpin George

    @Castle Corn you should change your name to bandwagon fan

    Pumpin George

    @Castle Corn Baker’s not your boy and if he was in your face he tell you the same thing

    Pumpin George

    @Mallory Carll the dude is a fair weather

Daniel Sagerman

Josh is looking more and more comfortable. The NFL is in trouble once this young man is fully settled.

    Mallory Carll

    @Andrew Ambrusko — It’s the NFL. Everything changes form year to year. My Dolphins are not going to be a good team this season. There’s too many holes to fill. But that could very well change in 2020 and beyond.

    Chuck Wilson

    Mallory Carll Agreed… it’s going to be a growing pain season. Gotta solidify the OL and figure out QB. I think our defense is goin to surprise but we still need pass rush and CB depth

    Riga Mortus

    Smack Ish Miami HAS some talented players on it who will be there for the next 3-5 years. What Miami needs is depth on both the offensive and defensive lines and the secondary more than anything. Miami needs to fix the right side of the OL with too end talent and they need quality pass rushers on the edge as well as another lock down corner next to X

    Andrew Ambrusko

    @Mallory Carll Atleast they got rid of Gase and Tannehill, I guess that is a start but it’s gonna take a while in my eyes

    Jay B

    @Andrew Ambrusko yeah watch Gase and Darnold tear it up this year and Tannehill win the starting job over Mariota. That would sting a bit for the Dolphins.

Kevin Juice

Let’s Go Rosen 🐬🏈


Let’s go josh! I’m rooting for you bro!

COWBOYS fan1980

Arizona might have given up on this dude too soon

    Jp Thabeast

    I legit said that when the day they traded him and I got ridiculed, they say why should they stick with rosen, and how we always give quarterbacks too many chances. Well duh a really good quarterback can turn any average team into a playoff contender. And most of the all time great qb, Brady, Manning, Rodgers they all had multiple years before they became who they are. Aaron Rodger had to change his release for god sake, the packers could of just released him smh. I just can’t wait when the season start, and Rosen balling out so i could rub it all in their face I could careless lol not even a cards fan.

    Joel Bonilla

    TheCaptainObvious2 no Rosen looks like the next top quarterback, I’ve been saying it all year cards had a steal and blew it for trading him , kyler doesn’t look great at all.

    nalim lattarai

    Larry Legend is a GOAT you change opinion so much

    nalim lattarai

    manuel1654088 L


People hate on this guy but I think he’s got some potential. Just needs someone to give him a chance


    You mean an O-line


From the looks of it, give the man an o-line and he’s good to go!

    Armani Bolam

    To bad man. Our o-line sucks

Irritating Films

It would be really dumb to not start Rosen this season. He has so much potential and they need to see how he plays.


Rosen looked pretty good behind a shoddy line. Hoping he can get a plentiful amount of snaps this season.


I wanna see Rosen do good. Coming from a Cardinals fan.

    Shutdown Corner


    BB Clover 2010

    Larry Legend is a GOAT murray is a generational talent don’t give up on him

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @BB Clover 2010 I’m don’t doubt Murray will be good. I think he’ll have a successful career. But I believe Rosen has a brighter one ahead of him

Blow' The Whistle

Rosen has no need to rush his game his ceiling looks great just lil leaks easy fix.

James Gill

Even with the starting line the Dolphins have, Rosen will be running for his life. Hopefully the new guys can develop otherwise it won’t matter who the QB is. #FinsUp

Dustyn Kooken

Dolphins lucked out lol. 1st round talent all day.

    Mallory Carll

    I’m hoping. I liked Fiedler and Tannehill, but it’s been rough goings ever since Marino retired. Hopefully Rosen’s potential works out.

    Kill Me

    Dolphins fan all day but this guy is going against 2nd and 3rd string talent and can’t even effectively do good. I am not saying he won’t be good but we have to be realistic. Though I do like him more than Fitty he should sit out this year and gain more experience. Basically be a Walmart Mahomes. Would you rather a Walmart Mahomes or a inexperienced QB who can’t compete.

Von Miller

Rosen will have a better career than Murray

    Josh Rosen



    Cell service better in Miami than Arizona?

    Josh Rosen

    O Line is better in Miami then Arizona


    So Rosen gets cell service from Verizon? & Murray is with Sprint?

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    If he gets the right tools, he’ll have a better career than darnold and Allen too

Not saying My name

I really want him to do well after getting screwed in Arizona and I Also really hope that Kyler doesn’t get hurt because his awful O-Line doesn’t protect him

    Mallory Carll

    You and me both. Our offensive line is a train wreck. Hope you guys can build off Murray’s potential.

    Not saying My name

    Mallory Carll I’m a eagles fan I just feel bad for you guys


Start the young gawd Dolphins. Don’t be cowards. U literally have nothing to lose


Josh Rosen lookin real good. He is only gonna get better.

high horse

He looks good. Cardinals may have given up on him too early.

507 Performance

Arizona should have traded down for multiple picks and built an offensive line

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