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Every Josh Rosen Play vs. Buccaneers | NFL 2019 Highlights

Watch every Josh Rosen play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Miami Dolphins take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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You’ll never know how this comment got this much likes

    Monny o

    The direction the dolphins going in he should start so he can grow with the team if he not the future qb he’ll be a great back up but at least see what u got in rosen

    matthew davis

    Joe Ramos it was pouring rain in Tampa a lot of starters sat out the game to avoid injuries field was soaked that’s y you see everybody slipping and dropping balls


    Joe Ramos Exactly Rosen’s biggest problem is he holds the ball too long or doesn’t see pressure pre-snap. Some of the sacks are on the OL, but even going back to last year he would hold the ball too long and take sacks that other QBs that were more mobile would be able to easily avoid or would throw the ball away. Give him a perfect pocket (rare at this level) and he’s amazing but the guy quite often can’t feel pressure and takes easy sacks. I will give him a bit of credit he looked slightly more mobile than I’ve seen him at the end of this game but more often then not he just stands in and takes the sack instead of rolling out, checking down, or changing a play pre-snap to give him better protection / a hot route.

    Joe Ramos

    @matthew davis ah ok…I hope for his sake that that wasn’t the starting offensive line

    GetMoney23 The King

    matthew davis excuses excuses smh…

That One Guy

Cardinal fans punching the air rn

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    You have no idea

    rippetoe 38

    @luis Hernandez Yeah. I see it on about every sports video about a player.

    Mars Trip


    Toaster N'Friends

    They’re punching something right now considering how shitty Murray looked in his 2nd preseason game.


    That One Guy It’s preseason

Darius Watson

Damn almost every reciever was dropping catches

    The Critic

    Idk… those throws looked a little sketch

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    Just like in Arizona lmao


    They were hung out to dry, ON 97% OF THE THROWS

    Ács Dávid

    When Preston Williams made incredible catch againts the Falcons, it is normal for Rosen fans. But when the receivers dropped some balls everybody start crying

    Daniel M

    Alex In real life, same terminology as dropping a catch. It would then not be a catch. Don’t argue semantics if you’re trying to lose a debate.


I’d really like to see how Rosen would play if he ever had a existing O-line on his team

    Erick Colbert

    Him AND Ryan Tannehill.

    Kovu The Great

    The whole league has bad OLs….


    Kovu The Great saints,steelers,cowboys,eagles, colts, titans, patriots, ravens, chiefs, rams are all good olines


    The OL was fine, dude needs to recognize pre-snap blitzes and have some urgency as a QB. There were multiple times he got more than 3 seconds to read the defense in this clip. And when he got hit it was usually because the defense was blitzing. It’s on the QB to recognize that and check into a better play, slide the protection, or find the hot route early, it’s not all on the OL if the QB gets sacked. If the defense is blitzing more than 5 the QB has to recognize it and adjust the play call or make a quicker decision.


    DPMixing I agree with everything you’re saying, but I also think he didn’t have much development in Arizona, so I’m hoping he will have some growth here. Even though I hate the Dolphins because they’re in my division.

Millar J. Wolff

Rosen’s potential being wasted by ineptitude of his environment sickens me.

    Mac Matthews

    Millar J. Wolff I have a bad feeling this will define his career

    The Fit Gamer

    He should’ve been Bradys back up

    Cherad Clerdonna

    Millar J. Wolff same with Kyler aswell if he stayed it would still be the same… I wish he actually had an o line

Supahood 1800

Rosen is a good QB ….the media just pollute everything”


    Larry Legend is the GOAT Some drops were clearly his fault because his throws weren’t accurate… 1:47 he had an easy slant to the TE and threw it behind him but you’ll probably still complain was a drop. Only 2 real drops in the whole video and one was the DB that he threw it straight to lol.

    matthew davis

    DPMixing Preston willams had 3 drops himself and Kenny stills had 2 drops himself , he still stood in the pocket calm n collected and evading what he could delivering these passes in the pouring rain


    matthew davis Williams had 1 really bad drop, 1 where Rosen led him into a hit, and the last one Rosen threw into double coverage and he even caught it off the tip just out of bounds. 2 of 3 not his fault. Stills had one but it was a tough catch where Rosen led him too far in front and he had to dive for it. As you said it was rainy conditions so the QB had to give them a catchable ball. Rosen also got lucky the DB dropped his wouldbe INT, so slippery conditions also helped him. Overall the drops are overstated. In wet conditions you expect some especially if you keep throwing into contested passes and make them difficult catches.

    matthew davis

    DPMixing so you’re telling me at @0:08, @0:30, @2:55 all those throws hit them square in the chest or right in their hands and were dropped our starting receivers devante Parker and Albert Wilson would’ve caught those and got YAC he did make some bad passes and a bad read but overall with the pressure he faced after our staring LT , C went out he played sharp in the rain with a bunch of WRs competing to make the roster

Deshean Jackson

Just think if somehow in 6 years Rosen is being paid 100m and Murray is a back up somewhere. Sometimes I say the weirdest things

    daniel Quiroga

    Murray is a good player but in the shotgun it doesn’t work , just look at Russell wilson

    Luis Turner

    I can even see Murray going to baseball. Honestly, Rosen deserves better.


    murray will struggle this year with that o-line, it’s arguably the worst in the league. there’s only so much he can do, & he’s no michael vick that can escape anything.


I want him and Daniel Jones to do well just to make people angry.

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    I want Rosen to do well so I can say I believed in him even when everyone was calling him a bust (becuase i did)

    kenn junior

    why would people get angry at rosen everybody just thought that kyler was better which he is


    We all want Rosen to do well. Many want Daniel Jones to do well too. The problem is he has to be substantially better than Rosen and Haskins because they could have had 4 other QBs and also picked up Josh Allen who was projected to go in the top 4.

    It’s nothing personal. He is just competing against what they gave up to get him as well as the idea that Eli will be playing, making him a sixth pick who will sit rather than a player like Josh Allen who would be brought in to have immediate impact while still getting Jones with the OBJ pick 17, or Haskins, or Rosen in a trade while picking up another o-linesman, or Drew Lock who they said was 1A as in their second choice just behind Daniel Jones but really close. Drew Lock was their 1a choice. Who went 42nd. (though probably only because they knew they could get him based on the picks and who wanted a QB).

    Basically, Daniel Jones looks good. The problem is they could have gotten him later and the worst case scenario would be a 2nd round pick for Rosen or Drew Lock, or Dwayne Haskins (If the Redskins wanted Daniel Jones for real) and gotten another major future star


    @Animelytical The odds are definitely against him. Just never seen a high pick QB get given up on so fast, and never seen a high pick like DJ get mocked so brutally from the jump.


Dropped balls and terrible line play poor guy

XX_Sauceboy brand

Preston Williams is going to be damn good

Mann Made

Good God these Dolphin receivers SUX! SACKS SACKS SACKS different team… same result! Rosen gonna have to take out a life insurance policy this year with that shitty line protecting him.

Cris L

These recievers dropped passes like they hated the ball lol

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    Like they wanna make Rosen look bad lol

    Blake Lockhart

    True, but Rosen was throwing some heaters. When he settles down he delivers a nice ball.


Sacks, drops, contested catches. This poor guy can’t catch a break!

    The Glorious

    N O L A N M I L N E S only pre-season thou. Time to iron it out HERE. I think he’s looking good, making yards

    Pangalang Mactana

    He can’t throw either

Justin Melton

My god his teammates arent helping him at all. Receivers, tight ends, offensive line. NO ONE!


Tom Brady said it. Gotta have timing, once you see it, it’s too late.

David Johnson

It’s great that Miami give a chance to so many amputees. If he had a receiver with a pair of hands he’d be a fine qb.

OMG It's Devernair

O line looking weak as usual for the dolphins ..

Son of a Wrench

Dang Patriots should have traded for him!! All this kid needs is a good O line.

Justin Bingham

Rosen is running for his life, no protection in the pocket. Good quarterback.

Danny Vitullo

Incredible that the Cardinals chose a baseball player over him. Steve Keim will be looking for a new job soon

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