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1738 Vibes Reply

Rosen ain’t even that bad, he’s just always been in trash situations

    FBI Agent Reply

    He sucks
    Simple as that

    John Diederich Reply

    A H kyler has a healthy oline, all of the offensive lineman but the center were injured last year and the center was a rookie. Now we have an offensive line coach, healthy oline, but most important Kliff Kingsbury playcalling is dink and dunk as you’d call it just look at Murray’s stats he had like 20 completions for 150 yards dunk and dunk. Rosen had a projected qbr of 140 in his first start if his receivers didn’t drop balls. Murray had like 90

    John Diederich Reply

    FBI Agent Murray threw 2 picks his oline is better than Rosen’s last year promise I’m a cardinals fan, ik what’s best for my team cuz I watch the games unlike y’all that claim he’s trash. And we shouldn’t of drafted murray

    Derrick Frazier Reply

    @A H that’s because all his weapons are healthy and he’s throwing the ball damn near 50 times a game not showing more #s just look better. And yes yall defense got better too
    Wait and atleast kyler is in an offense he knows

    Derrick Frazier Reply

    @A H what’s crazy is as fans yall remain delusional not realizing what he had lost and what he also had to learn and endure all season as a rookie.. Then you guys get the flashy kyler kid and are blinded by the excitement in reality rosen wasn’t the problem everyone saw what was wrong with the cardinals. But some of the fans wanna always come over to try to trash rosen like what did he do to yall aside from running for his life get blasted and learn like 3 offenses and losing damn near all of his weapons? But somehow he is in a worse situation in miami? I dont think so.

Grim Sniperr Reply

Rosen did good this game the offense just could t score in the redzone

    Wise Wolf Tony Reply

    The first time they were in the redzone I blame on play calling as they ran it 3 times inside the 7 yd line instead of trying to throw it even when it was 2nd and 3rd and goal from the 3yd line. So had to settle for a FG. The next time inside the 10yd line. Parker drops a wide open pass over the middle that would have been an easy TD. And then Williams had the ball taken out of his hands on another TD throw from Rosen. Then Rosen drives them down all the way to inside the 5 before the half and Drake fumbles it. So Rosen in that first half set the team up for 4 different scoring chances. Just everyone around him left a possible 18pts on the field do to bad play calling fumble and a drop passes.

Andrew Kyle Reply

I feel very bad for Rosen

    Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club Reply

    Andrew Kyle saints could use him

    Andrew Kyle Reply

    Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club na we got Taysom and Teddy were ok

    TheGreatGavino 6 Reply

    What is Taysoms position? All of them.

    Tyrann Reply

    Andrew Kyle he sucks

Emiliano Chavez-Lopez Reply

Rosen dreams about being on a good team

David Reply

Tua bout to stay in school. He wants no part of that o-line and receivers. 😂

    Sandy Santamaria Reply

    Preston Williams is a stud and will be our number 1 receiver. Jakeem Grant and Albert Wilson flourished under Adam Gases offense last season. O’shea doesn’t know how to use the weapons that we have. We need a more experienced offensive coordinator

    Andres Grimace Reply

    @Wise Wolf Tony ok and when or where did i say otherwise? Have you even read OG post? Because that’s what i replied to…

    BadWolf Reply

    It’s a good thing this team won’t be on the field next season with the exception of 12-15 players. And If the Steelers continue to lose, the Dolphins can use that pick on Jerry Jeudy. I’m sure Tua would be all about that.

    Wise Wolf Tony Reply

    @BadWolf That kid reminds of Jarvis Landry just taller a lot faster and with better moves in the open field. So maybe Jarvis might not be the best comparison but at least in terms of the open field stuff he seemed similar as he has a ton of shifty moves like Jarvis and can also run threw tackles like Jarvis. Its just unlike Jarvis Jeudy has the speed to go deep. Unlike Jarvis who basically just a 20yd or in type WR. Even more so his last season in Miami where throws to him only averaged something like 3yds and throw. So I would be very happy getting that duo of talent. Although still kind of hoping that Rosen proves he can be the future QB. That way we can use one of the picks to get the top OT and then a skill position like Jeudy or the top RB in college. Honestly if they do draft Tua not sure what should be the second pick. Guess it depends on what they can get the with 110mil in cap space. Which I would use to spend most all of it on the OL in front of Tua. That way you can draft a RB or WR with the steelers pick. And depending on what you get then than with the Texans pick either go for a pass rusher or another skill position player.

Pumitri Reply

If I were Tua I’d starting playing a little worse from here on in 😳

Henri M Reply

How many drops? Over 5 key drops, including a sure TD?

    Gabphin 136 Reply

    And a fumble in the end zone

Rameel Zahid Reply

i didn’t realize how trash the receivers are… Rosen shouldve got way more completions with all those accurate throws

Minshew, The Gardner Reply

For how bad the Dolphins offense is, Rosen didn’t do too bad. Hopefully he has a good career.

    Wise Wolf Tony Reply

    Honestly as a Dolphins fan it was a promising game. For how bad this team is they actually competed in this game. I mean their hasn’t been a season where I didn’t know every single Dolphins until now. As I can’t name you most of the defense other than McCain, Wilkins, Howard, Jones, Baker and McMillan and now Taco. On Offense I know most of the team besides the revolving door of O-Line other than Davis and Kilgore. If it wasn’t for mistakes this team had a chance to win thanks to Rosen. This was a team that didn’t move the ball once last week. Yet Rosen in the first half set up 4 scoring drives. Just one was a missed FG. Another was a fumble inside the 5yd line. And then for another they ran it 3 times inside the 7 so settled for a FG instead of a TD. And then on another Parker and Williams dropped perfect passes that would have been TD. So they left at least 18pts on the field.

Herd Radio Reply

Josh Rosen throws a pretty smooth ball

BubbaJo Reply

You know how’s the dolphins are tanking for tua yeah tua should tank for a better team

    BadWolf Reply

    Why would Tua have a problem playing in a sexy city, on an up and coming squad, with no state income tax.

    BubbaJo Reply

    BadWolf because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want a coach that has no problem tanking in only his second year for a replacement

TheSonOfAGunFrom410 Reply

I hope whatever QB the Dolphins tank for refuses to play for them.

Yeliab Reply

I’m a cowboys fan and I seriously hope Rosen gets traded to a better team. This dude keeps getting put behind garbage O-lines put in shitty situations

Gamerdude 101 Reply

It’s crazy cause Rosen played decent. His receivers were trash as hell.

CJ 21 Reply

He played well , I don’t wanna see anymore Fitz man. Out of the three games this was the only game we were somewhat competitive

TRdutch Reply

Dude has no help. I lost count of all of the drops before the end of the first half.

Horsey McHorseFace Reply

Can we maybe get Rosen like an offense?

Andrew Severson Reply

If the Dolphins had better receivers then they could’ve done way better. But Rosen actually had some
Good throws.

Champ James Reply

Receivers dropped at least two touchdowns. Half of Rosens incompletions were drops.

R. William Comm Reply

Rosen can play in the NFL. If Dolphins stick with him he will develop into an excellent NFL QB.

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