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Aidan Lapp

Patriots are gonna have another dynasty if he keeps it up.

    DJ JDB

    @Daniel: Is your vajayjay burning Daniella? I’m sure Walgreens has ointment for your problem sweetie.

    Dop3 Phella

    Andrew Ambrusko *20 years


    DJ JDB real men will never truly respect the new England Patriots. We know at least 3 of your superbowl wins were rigged. Men from new England are just weak, spineless and drunks. No one cares about you or your fake superbowl wins

    Jonah Falcon

    Daniel you can say that all you want but from each of their 6 super bowl wins it’s clear they are great. You must be one of the loser fans that got their hopes crushed.

    The Greatest

    Na it won’t happen

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

I think Hoyer just lost his job.

    BeastMode 21

    That or Belichick flipping this kid for Tight End depth in a trade

    Well I agree with what you said, but

    @BeastMode 21 not gonna happen

    Well I agree with what you said, but

    @BeastMode 21 well.. actually maybe lol

    The Stoobers

    @Well I agree with what you said, but they gonna use him as Brady’s replacement in a few years

    Nicholas Preacher


Escocivo 30

Patriots find their future already.

American Sports Fan

Belicheck: *drafts an unknown white QB*

The entire nfl: *nervous pepe*


    Lol, unknown? He beat Bama AND Georgia the year they both made the National Championship Game 😂

    aFuller16 Maize and Blue

    @Chaotiki that was a crazy season

    American Sports Fan


    In college against teams with 10% NFL talent at MOST

    Daniel Benavidez

    He was a 5* QB in HS and took over for Baylor in his freshman year due to injury and then went to Auburn

Shifting Effects

He looked nice out there

Repeal the 19th MGTOW

Brady will play to 45 with this guy as the back up for sure.

All about Boston

I like him but he makes too many questionable throws

    Space God

    Chris Ross idk I have to disagree yes he has some work to do because he’s a rookie but imo no matter where he plays I think he has a decent ceiling and could possibly be productive in other systems

    Chris Ross

    @Space God eh, maybe. I don’t hate him or anything, just wasn’t a fan of his game. But maybe I’d be wrong

    Elisha Lewis

    Ok it’s his 3rd game and which throw are you talking about

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

    @Space God he has a slower release. I don’t know. I’d tend to pump the breaks on patriots’ backup quarterbacks, now that garoppolo is under huge pressure with the 49ers. Stidham kind of reminds me of jacoby brissett in terms of how both of them plays.

    anthony hockey1014

    I agree

Nehemiah Howard

Do every cam newton play

NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting

Not bad for a rookie. He’s improving some so that’s enough for now. Watched every preseason game so far. Has a nice arm. Accurate, but a bit slow coming off the first read. To be expected for a rookie. Some questionable throws for sure that would hurt in regular season game vs starters. I would cut or trade Hoyer and keep drafting qbs every season until Brady retires. Hopefully he’s either progressed enough to be a good franchise qb or another pick did.

BeastMode 21

He looked alright but need to make tighter throws and faster reads. Also people gots to chill with the “Brady’s Heir” hype. Let him develop

    Elisha Lewis

    BeastMode 21 chill it’s his 3rd nfl game and he’s Brady heir

    The Stoobers

    By the time brady retires stidham will be ready

    Adam Johnson

    I mean you could put edelman at qb for the pats and they’d still go 12-4

    Daniel Coronado


Robbie Hobbs

Don’t know what to think of him yet. He is good at escaping pressure and makes some good throws, but just don’t trust him yet

Edit: I really do like Meyers though

Alexander Song

Overall it seems like a lot of his success comes from the scheme, but I like his ability to buy time and make throws under pressure. We still haven’t seen him take a lot of deep down field shots other than a couple against the Lions, but that just might be the scheming and the coverage. He’s still making some questionable decisions, his accuracy isn’t amazing but it’s not a hindrance. I’d personally like him to cut the amount of time he spends on his windup and release, but he certainly has some promising potential.

Mr. Wavy McGrady

Give the man a chance to grow before you put a label on the guy

    The Stoobers

    By the time brady retires he’ll be ready

Grune D

Stidham was decent at Auburn. Wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick makes him a decent qb.

    Chris Ross

    Stidham was overrated at Auburn imo. But it’s the Pat’s so yk


Good to see that my pats won’t be totally screwed after Brady’s retirement


This kid may or not be the future, but he’s a good enough project for Brady’s last few years. Hope Hoyer can find work elsewhere. He’s a good guy.


He needs more velocity on the ball, it seems to float a lot when he throws it. But he is looking good

    nasir casso

    SangheiliWarrior yeah , and he hesitates a lot

shin's koala

Hoyer is a solid back up. They’ll keep him too. He does a lot more sideline work that helps the starter than any other back up. He’s a good guy to have on any team. Stidham needs a lot more work.


A lot of teachable moments coming out of this game for Jarrett. However Stidham can play, some of his throws in tight coverage were amazing.


Patriots are waiting for Trevor Lawrence. That’s when Brady gonna retire. They been planning this 😂

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