Every Jameis Winston TD from the 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Every Jameis Winston TD from the 2019 Season

Watch every touchdown by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston from the 2019 NFL season.

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Tbucs19Gaming Reply

Ok cool, now can we get every Jameis interception? Thanks

    Mike P Reply

    Tbucs19Gaming Shut up clown. There’s already enough negativity from our own fan base, other fan bases and the national media. Fake fan.

    Kubush Reply

    @Mike P Only clowns here are those still backing JW.

    Mike P Reply

    Kubush He plays for the Bucs. I support the Bucs. Jameis plays for the Bucs. Simple.

    Kubush Reply

    @Mike P 4 years of wasted talent. I wont count his rookie season. Anyone still backing JW is not a Bucs fan. Period.

Ben Hagos Reply

“nOw Do InTeRcEpTiOnS”

Mike P Reply

Go Jameis💪🏿! Go Bucs☠️!


That’s my quarterback!

M R Reply

Thats my QB!!!

    Kubush Reply


    M R Reply

    Kubush go back to another bandwagon team. Dont come back next year when we’re in the playoffs

Kubush Reply

How about an Interceptions and Fumbles video for this clown?

yung n8v Reply

Go bucs

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