Every Interception Made By the Chargers in 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Like 5 of them?


Aye when are we ever gonna be good


    we were good last year idiot do you watch football

Luis Ozuna

Rivers interceptions are more interesting


    Luis Ozuna lol, I thought this video was gonna be about those

Cali Republic

Now do all the thrown interceptions

    Eddie Baker

    That would be a long video.

    Sam W.

    At least not as bad as Winston’s. The guy throws straight into coverage and doesn’t even care. His reads are so poor that it makes Blake Bortles look elite.


    Sam W. Rivers does the same thing lmao 😂

    Sam W.

    @ItzJayScott difference between him and Winston, Rivers pre-determines his receivers being at the spot they are supposed to be at. Rivers tends to put a little too much faith in his receivers than other QBs do. I don’t know if it has to do with bad play-calling or what, but most of his play-calling the past couple of his years, especially this season, were like that. It has to do with Rivers’ need to get the ball out fast, mainly due to the poor performance of the o-line, but he will sling out a little too quick, whereas Winston won’t even make a read. He just throws it straight into coverage and not even allow his receivers to make a play on the ball. If you followed Chargers football, a lot of the the INTs this season were plays where his receivers “could make.” I don’t know how many poor passes Winston threw that looked comical and not professional like. Also, didn’t Jameis throw ten pick-6s this season? Absurd! Most of them were on curl routes too. That’s stupid, horrible, and ridiculous! You’re professional QB in the NFL and making constant, poor decisions on something like a curl route. Come on! When was the last time Rivers threw a horrible pass on a short route that WAS NOT done by miscommunication? Rivers tries to do too much, and it works a lot but unfortunately, not this season.

Trick shot T

Chargers pls respond back who are we drafting we should trade for the 1 pick next year and use it to get Trevor Lawrence


    We’re most likely getting Justin Herbert

    Henderson Williams

    @Silva701 eh…I dig it🤙🏾


    @Henderson Williams I like him too he’s a strong arm quarterback who’s also agile

    SD Fishin

    Cant trade for #1 pick, unless they know the future.
    Just trade up this season for tua

    Legend__ 21

    @Henderson Williams nah trading a 1st for cam is too risky bro…i rather start fresh with a new QB for our franchise🤷🏾‍♂️💯

Ice Man


xd MadMelon4

how bout every int thrown, that’s a longer vid

Fred Dogg

3 minutes? We had that many? Thought this video was a joke and was gonna be like 30 seconds long

Compton 187

Rivers threw em right back

Lil Dyl

This’ll be a short video


We got so many free pizzas they canceled the Pizza Hut promotion

The Twins

Let’s go chargers

Sam W.

I am surprised this vid is longer than a minute.

Legend__ 21

Aye we might not be in the playoffs, but at least Tom Brady is out fellas😂⚡💯


    @Sam W. He’s probably a new fan lol. yeah you’re right I’ve supported this teams since 06 so you’re on point on what you said.

    Legend__ 21

    @Mauricio Da Menace what are you talking about bro?…signing Tom Brady is like Ray Lewis joining the Steelers or when Kevin Durant joined the warriors…Tom is a big reason why we don’t have a SB till this day…and he literally blew us out last year in the playoffs…adding Brady would be the dumbest thing ever and a disgrace…its best for everyone and his career if Brady retires or stays a Patriot

    Legend__ 21


    I’m wrong but

    Mauricio Da Menace you mean whenever lt was injured and rivers had a torn acl

AfFrontal Cortex

where’s the film of every interception we gave up?
like if you think this is just hip hip hooray lets do what we can to sell tickets after a worst case scenario season?
love bosa, ingram, eckler, wide receiver corps, hunter, derwin, etc…

Brian Callahan

I love this damn team… Possibly too much


Short video. I guess that’s one reason it was also a short season


i miss our secondary from 2017 🥺 they had the straight ball hawk mentality man

Carlos Hernandez

This helps lol ⚡⚡

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