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A Initiate

Remember when Haskins said the Giants would regret not picking him.

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @Anderson132100 I don’t think race has anything to do with how good a QB is. I’m not writing off Haskins after his first game. He played decent for a horrid team.


    A Initiate U already writing him off huh? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    A Rebel With A Cause

    @RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound excuses excuses excuses. He sucks period

    Skinsfan 445

    imagine judging a guys career based off his first NFL action midway through the game lol

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    @Anderson132100 any qb will fail playing for the redskins it just a fact


It’s about time Gruden put him in and let him learn.

    Chuck Eller

    He’s learning how to throw interceptions very well

    Colin Stapleton

    @Chuck Eller watchu mean? He was so clutch! He even threw a td pass to the Giants!

    Nick Serritella

    Definitely more of a future than keenum

Nash Scheber

Giants Fan Here, Jones Had A Decent Game He Also Made A Few Rookie Mistakes . Haskins Didnt Play Great But It Is His First Game But Obviously Isnt Ready To Be In The NFL Just Yet. Experience In The NFL Will Do Him Good Though .

    Nash Scheber

    @C Moneh your just mad because im right, he isnt ready he only played 1 year of college football thats it he needs more experience he shouldve stayed for another year . If you dont like my comment then stop commenting on it 😂

    K W

    Nash Scheber He is ready to be in the NFL, he just obviously hasn’t done enough work with everyone there to be successful and he also looked like he didn’t study the playbook. I was thinking exactly like you, he needs a while to learn but as of now reports say he hasn’t taken this as seriously as he needs to and that isn’t a good sign but I still think he has the talent to be successful

    Mojo Siesta

    I was at the game, minus those two INTS he looked like showtime, he wasnt the only one who made mistakes on the offense. Only the defense was stellar, man it was fun to finally see some of that

New York Giants

“The league done messed up”- Dwayne Haskins Jr.


    @C Moneh the giants are trash he knows they are not going anywhere


    @Chuck Sharts thats why when he does blow up u wont hear from this idiot anymore he gonna change his account name


    @New York Giants he didnt do anything we beat ourselfs lmao

    Kev Uchiha

    @Chuck Sharts what have the redskins won in the last couple years? Lmao

    Chuck Sharts

    @Kev Uchiha What have the Giants?

Colton B

I really feel bad for him. He was obviously not ready to play but he was forced into it as a last effort to save this team.

    Tropic Mix

    @Ryan Kenny and when you get rattled in that “OnE gAmE” that isnt even significant that’s an issue

    Juan Vargas

    Same I can’t see the skins winning any games not even to Miami I wonder if they will move on like AZ


    @Dante Hardy and missed open WRs

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Nick54123 he had no time to practice with starters, now he will have a full week to prepare but for the patriots so he might have another bad performance.


As a Browns fan, he reminds me of Brandon Weeden.

    CP3's Right Hamstring


    Adrian Lard



    ofc a browns fan lol your team just started getting better so u feel like u can talk now ok

Bigg B

Why is Gruden still coaching he should be fired as I’m writing this

    Anthony Joseph

    The Gatorade isn’t mixed right. I bet a white supremacist is behind why Haskins threw 3 picks! Let’s investigate!!

    Electric Fire

    Don’t think Jay is the problem, Snyder and Allen run a trash organization.


    @Anthony Joseph Found the racist

BW 12

When You realize That Dave gettleman actually had a plan


    @Farrah Cody He still was missing easy targets and not reading the defense at all, and all 3 of those picks were on him. Plus his preseason was easily the worst among the first-round QBs. Gruden made a last-ditch effort to save his job and it backfired in his face. Haskins in his current form looks terrible and needs a lot of work. Jones, while he didn’t play as well as his 4 TD game, still played solid enough to let the Giants cruise and things will only get better next week when Tate comes back.

    Farrah Cody

    @MrRapmaster19 he haven’t played with any of the starters before if you know football you know timing is everything… please stop trying to talk to me about football … dj been playing with the starts since July


    @Farrah Cody Then go blame the Skins coaching staff for not giving him said experience, but I really don’t buy it. You should still be able to read targets properly and not make stupid throws no matter which team you’re with. These are telltale signs of bad QBs: missing targets, not spotting open receivers, waiting in the pocket too long. The Giants defense is flat out not good, he should have been better.

    Farrah Cody

    @MrRapmaster19 this is the NFL buddy not college he is a rookie playing his first game they defense bad but you gota prepare and jay didn’t do that ..

    da'ved velazquez

    It’s just 2 games lol


They need Trent Williams bad. 🤦‍♂️

    Infinity War

    @classof2010president not just money but he hates the medical staff for dealing with his injury wrong



    va va

    He and his agent don’t trust the medical staff, they apparently misdiagnosed/mishandled an injury…makes sense. Example 1st week: wanted guice to be a bell-cow less than a year after an acl injury, made ap inactive rather then relieve guice who hadn’t played any games up to that point, and put guice back in the game a play or 2 after getting hit in the knee and coming out. He’s on IR now.


    classof2010president it’s not money people just say he wants money because that’s what they’re used to hearing. He went to the medical staff several times about a growth on his head, they kept telling him it’s nothing. Turns out it was a tumor, so he swears he’s not playing for the skins anymore


    The Keeper he actually owes the team money at this point so no

Donyell McGee

The Giants fans are sreaming out, “Go DJ! That’s my DJ!”




    guess they gotta have some hope ……

Jeffrey Li

Haskins offense gave up on him and his head coach about to head out, he needs to throw better but this wasn’t all on him

    Michael Fraser

    The Ohio State offense was predicated on him throwing it to the running back and then the running back picking up most of the yards, never understood why he was rated so highly. He does look big in the pocket and has a pretty alright arm but unless they just run screens all rookie year he’ll throw a hell of a lot more picks

    Tim Johnson

    @Michael Fraser Shhhh… don’t let Parris Campbell (90-1063-12) or Terry McLaurin (35-701-11) hear you.

    mark fortes

    Buckeyes excuses. Very typical.



Giants Pride

Dwayne Haskins first TD is to the Giants! Daniel Who?

Timothy Unfiltered

Giants fan here, pumping the brakes on DJ and Haskins. Let the young men grow. Best wishes to them both

    Timothy Unfiltered

    youso91 there’s a few of us lol Danny Kannel looked great through two weeks. And Peyton Manning looked awful year 1. Time will tell on these two, I hope they battle it out for a decade plus 🤙🏻

    N O L A N M I L N E S

    Haskins has been running the scout team. He’s had zero time with the starters running the offense since preseason.


    Ravens fan here y’all wanna trade Lamar?

    Its Edstrong

    Jxst2Legendary Lamar is a great quarterback don’t make fun of him


Dallas fan here listen one game don’t mean he will be trash and one of those ints was not his fault hit the receiver in the chest.

    Andy Sawyer

    Two of them

Aries Anderson

Those receivers play like duke receivers when Haskins throwing the ball 😂

Ian Huyett

He wanted to be a Giant so bad he threw them a touchdown.

Derrick Jones

Unfair to not let him start this game. Could’ve practiced with 1s all week and been a little prepared. It’s impossible to do good when you come in mid game while the team has been shut down


    no one in the comments understands this.

Damon Provencal

At least he threw a touchdown

To the giants

kroos giro

It is just one game and he will be fine. These are rookies remember. He is very talented we all know that.


Got mad respect for Haskins, he faced adversity and overcame it to finally throw an nfl touchdown for his dream team 🙌 truly inspirational

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