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Jay Bey

His recievers trash


    AsfKaii hell naw 89 had more plays

    Sky Blaze21

    @100 subs plz?? ? Santana moss???

    Sky Blaze21

    @drsamw pepper as a skins fan I have to disagreeyeah deshawn was good but was always her all the time and Pierre Garcon was very inconsistent dropped alot of balls

    drsamw pepper

    @Sky Blaze21 still can’t forget about Santana Moss.

Clifton General

He needs to play with starters, nuff said!😤

    nalim lattarai

    Brendan R L Brandon

    Elijah Mitchell

    @da’ved velazquez so many bust qbs have had “potential” lmfao


    already making excuses


    @Elijah Mitchell haskins literally only threw 1 bad pass the whole game. Looks like he deserves a chance at QB1 to say the least then we can go from there. He hasn’t done anything yet for you to say hes a bust. Obviously you just want him to be bad for some reason.

    Basant Gaur

    He’ll go far with Ereck Flowers starting, nuff said! 🤪

Chuck Sharts

Jones and Finley obviously have looked the best, but I like what I’m seeing from Haskins. He’ll keep getting better. I don’t know why Jones and Haskins can’t both be good 🤷‍♂️

    Wellspring 23

    @Pedro schmith Duke led the conference in dropped passes. Jones finally has people who can catch.

    Wellspring 23

    Good one

    Wellspring 23

    @Dyrty Barstud Exactly, Jones is killing it this preseason, 5 missed passes in 3 games?

    Cody Richardson

    Wellspring 23 my only complaint with Daniel Jones pre season is the dink and dunk throws…

    Pedro schmith

    @Wellspring 23 ya but those will be his starting wr going against starters😂

Domaneak Smith

D Haskins is way better than Case keenum who is turning the ball over with his ints … At least Haskins is moving the ball with his strong arm

    Sixth Street

    @Anthony Joseph Yep, he played against guys who won’t make the roster.

    Isaiah Singletary

    Sixth Street and WITH guys who won’t make the roster

    Keerat Virdi

    @Kevin Graham yeah I know but it wasn’t like Keenum closed his eyes when he threw the ball

    Adam Wicks

    In my opinion, he has a great arm. But I’m seeing alot of just slightly over thrown balls that could lead to some early season INTs.
    But I see the potential. He has very good poise and stands in there and takes the hit so he can deliver a rocket. He’s got the body to withstand the punishment

    Keerat Virdi

    @Adam Wicks true

Mario Ramirez

a couple of great throws that were dropped, decent performance nonetheless.

    Wellspring 23

    @Broken Dream Gamers Receivers can’t catch overthrown balls

    Wellspring 23

    @Moses Carter I agree man, played against the second unit too. He’s got work to do

    Broken Dream Gamers

    Wellspring 23 fool those throws where not overthrown are you high or stupid?


    Wellspring 23 he’s playin with a 3rd / 4th string line

    Broken Dream Gamers

    LeBeautiful they too stupid to realize it

Colin Wills

Terrible blocking…


    Colin Wills what else

    Mako Moss

    Colin Wills that’s ereck flowers for ya

    Sky Blaze21

    All thanks to Trent not wanting to show up..it’s gonna end up being another RG3 incident hopefully hadkins sits one year and we get a good LT and LG

I'm no Longer A Scared of the dark

Man Washington needs to draft a line next year my God. This kid arm is special.

    Wellspring 23

    @20 16 he was also overthrowing people against the second unit dork


    hes out there with the 2nd/3rd stringers…

Ibraheem Rao

Remember when SAS thought Haskins was more of a runner.

    nalim lattarai

    eoe123321 shut up

    nalim lattarai

    Preseason Dummy


    @eoe123321 those stats are stupid. They aren’t inaccurate, but the Redskins are taking more risks than the Giants in pre-season, and Haskins is throwing deep balls to people that can’t catch


    @nalim lattarai Argument, please?


    @Animelytical The difference in performance right now is just too big to say it is given to bad receivers on the Rediskins and not on the Giants, or because one teams risks more than the other.

    And its not like the Giants have good receiversas as well. Still Jones has more completions downfield while Haskins has thrown the longest pass.

phycadelic pikachu

Give haskins a good line and 1st string recievers and he will be special

    nalim lattarai

    Time Zone shut up

    Wellspring 23

    Daniel Jones a lot better, Giants made the right pick

    Elijah Mitchell

    @Time Zone facts

    Jamal Gault

    Wellspring 23 lmao sike

    Elijah Mitchell

    @Jamal Gault stats say otherwise 😂

Playoff Skinz

Jay if you didn’t want to have a QB battle say that just don’t be wasting everyone’s time and sabotage Haskins ability to get the job. You made him run the ball then in 2 min drill you ran the clock out dudes on 2nd team dropping his passes like … bro idek

    507 Performance

    Jay will get fired

    Chuck Sharts

    Yea that was a hard watch

507 Performance

Gruden doesnt want Haskins he ran the ball under 2 minutes mayne. He will be firef mid season.

Almighty Corey

He had some great throws they just weren’t catching it

Bolby Ballinger

In spite of a putrid offensive line the Redskins won’t be giving up many sacks.
Haskins has an uncanny ability to get the ball off at the last possible moment and has surprising accuracy when he does it.
Throw out the results, they don’t count in preseason remember, and look at how the results were achieved.
Haskins is the best first round qb.

    tha Bruh from 94

    @stingzen82 got to keep in consideration that Haskins has had way more dropped passes, that were on target but fell incomplete than DJ.


    @tha Bruh from 94 time will tell. As of right now he misses high too much.

    tha Bruh from 94

    @stingzen82 and DJ hasn’t taken any shots. So, we’ll see if he’s real when it’s time to do so.


    @tha Bruh from 94 didn’t you watch any of Jones plays like 3rd and 16 play?

    tha Bruh from 94

    @stingzen82 yes I saw many under thrown intermediate to long passes. People make fun of Haskins accuracy, how he has many overthrows, but DJ is under throwing every pass over 15 yards out. It’s NOT hard to see. Come regular season, those under throws WILL lead to INTs.

Doward Washington

🤔 Is it me or does he have the physical attributes of Doug Williams???

    Keith Berns

    I agree reminds me of the 90s qb style big body big arm fits the ball into tight windows, I know I’m not supposed to say this but his mechanic arm strength and aggression reminds me of Marino

    Hersi G

    Keith Berns He throws a beautiful ball that’s for sure. He can get it out quick, can zip it, accurate, crazy ball placement and big arm. He has it all.

Jacob Kopp

The Redskins are trying to do the right thing by not trotting out a rookie in week 1 but this guy he might be the exception

Bka4real Ab

That’s like 2TD’s the WR’s didn’t catch. Gruden should let him play with the first team. Are they like trying to make him look bad.

    Soaring Grasslands

    No. They just want to protect their rookie. Build the team around him first then start Haskins.

Creadel Parker Jr

That mf out there throwing that ball.

Monkey D. Zoro

*NFL messed up with him dropping to 15🔥*


    Tyson Quisano

    It’s “the NFL done messed up”… what does that mean anyway???

69420EpicMinecrafterGamer ,

Redskins Showed up the falcons, a Great defense Hope they be good this year #HTTR

Rushawn Kerr

This dude flip his wrist and the ball go 50 yards and I’m over her putting all my strength and it only goes 29 yards. Wtf am I doing wrong 😂😂😂

    Fazz 1

    Rushawn Kerr 😂😂


    If I’m 16 and flippin it about 40-45 yards theres a problem…but yeah just focus on placement of your hand and get good grip.Release is always important aswell.

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