Every Dwayne Haskins Pass & Run vs. Bengals | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Every Dwayne Haskins Pass & Run vs. Bengals | NFL 2019 Highlights

Watch every Dwayne Haskins pass & run in his second preseason start. The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Washington Redskins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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Cj Got Clout Reply

So many ppl in the comments saying he’s bad 😂 you ppl really don’t know anything about football

    GRD7 Reply

    Haskins is probably 20% of the QB he’s going to be right now his ceiling is very high. He doesn’t look like he’s playing free I can tell he hasn’t grasp things yet because he’s playing very slow he’s got a ways to go before he can play fast without thinking he said it took a year to get comfortable in Ohio State’s offense so you know it will take a minute to get comfortable in Redskins offense.

    souldy09 Reply

    Seriously! Haskins is a rookie and one year starter from college. He’ll only get better from here. His ceiling is incredibly high.

    Eli Da Snake Reply

    @NoahSly like you can throw a complete pass to somebody

    NoahSly Reply

    Eli Da Snake lol I play on my hs team but I making 10$ million a year lmfao. He’s better than me by 100* but that doesn’t mean he’s pro quality

    Shifting Effects Reply

    He missed so many open throws

Fine The Ref Reply

A lot of people are bashing the kid because of his turnovers but that was always bound to happen, he was a first year starter at OSU and is adjusting to a brand new game with faster players. He showed better poise this game and I think will develop into a good QB once the game slows down for him, you got a good one Washington.

    Remnant1217 Reply

    @Todd Luton How’s Tom Brady’s and Ben Rothesburger’s mobility?? Peyton? Eli? I rather have a QB that can shred you from the pocket.. That’s how you win Championships..

    GRD7 Reply

    He said it took a year before he was comfortable in Ohio State’s offense he spent 2 years on the bench so by the time he became the started he was very familiar with the offense. Now that he’s in a new system you can see the difference he’s playing very slow right now you can tell he’s still hasn’t grasp things he admitted the offense was challenging to learn but once he gets it down I think he will be fine. They say some of the Redskins plays have 10 to 15 words attached to them.. most NFL plays usually only have 6 to 8 words…college plays have about 4 words … Gruden is silly for making things that complex.

    Don't need to know my name. Reply

    @Todd Luton You have no clue what your talking about.

    Nebula Reply

    @Todd Luton what? big ben, brady, rivers, brees, majority of the top 10 quarterbacks.

    Tanner Kowalkowski Reply

    @Todd Luton QBs don’t need to be athletes to be good

JG sports cards Reply

I can definitely see the potential here.

    Ethan Reply

    Think he will be great eventually keenum looked better but haskins will get the keys down the road

    Chuck Sharts Reply

    @Ethan Keenum didn’t look better, but it’s definitely close

    Nebula Reply

    @Gregory Lightbody 4 more completions than 3 is not “way more” lol

    Gregory Lightbody Reply

    @Nebula he had 6 completions

    Nebula Reply

    @Gregory Lightbody 7/14 look it up

Asian Satire Reply

Haskins looked better than Murray

    Nightmare Kilo Reply

    So last week Murray was better than Haskins now this week Haskins is better than Murray let’s take a sec and think about this

    Fine The Ref Reply

    Gregory Lightbody No he wasn’t, PFF’s website literally tracked the pressures.

    Badness Nards Collecting Reply

    Gregory Lightbody oh yea he did not even close

    Don't need to know my name. Reply

    @Fine The Ref stupid take.

Lordzae Reply

Hmm… of course you leave out that pass to harmon that should’ve been a defensive pass interference…

    LimeWire Media Reply

    Lordzae it was a terrible throw would that really help his cause? P.I. or not

Ka kjj Reply

People don’t understand that Haskins is playing with like 3 string wr

    Chidozie Osuji Reply

    @Mark Drekaj And Daniel Jones played better than him

    Fat American Reply

    And o line

    Cal Caleb Reply

    Or blacks should stop playing QB and stick to blocking and catching for a real white QB it only makes sense

    Chidozie Osuji Reply

    @Cal Caleb Hey Deshuon Watson is a god

    Cal Caleb Reply

    @Chidozie Osuji and ……that’s one out of the other ni💩💩ers

Deon D Reply

All the armchair quarterbacks in the comments lul

    Dragon Luffy Reply

    @Crunch Then go out there and show him how it’s done.

    Paul Henry Reply

    @Dragon Luffy 😂😂😂😂😂

    Cormel Reply

    Most of us played division II or Varsity so we at least know what good & bad should look like…well I hope so. It’s just a different threshold considering what he “should” be able to do, but these are guys who know what they’re doing, QBs aren’t that far apart.

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 88 Reply

    your momma armchair this di.ck last night deon

    Winner3 Reply

    They’re damage controlling the Daniel Jones draft by the Giants, the Giants should have gotten Haskins

Drii 33 Reply

OL needs a little work

    Johnterrius Morgan Reply

    Drii 33 it’s 2nd string buddy

    RS2K Reply

    @Johnterrius Morgan Not even. Mix of 2nd and 3rd lol

    Drii 33 Reply

    I mean I know that it’s still preseason but they could have been a little descent going against a 2nd string DL right?

Cole Callaway Reply

Wait until he can link up with his former teammate Terry McLaurin…I think we are keeping him a secret for the regular season.

    Badness Nards Collecting Reply

    Cole Callaway now you told the world thanks

    Paul Henry Reply

    @Cole Callaway exactly cuz he hasn’t step foot on the field yet. He definitely is a dangerous weapon.

    souldy09 Reply

    Terry supposedly “bruised his tailbone” according to Gruden (therefore he’s been kept out of the game so far). But he should be fine. I think Haskins x McLaurin x JReed x Guice will be abolustely deadly. I can’t wait to see it happen!

Daddy SmokesYams Reply

Bad QBs don’t throw 55 yard TDs while under pressure and make it look easy so stfu wit all the hate

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 88 Reply

    it was a 25 yard throw with a 30 yard run after the catch , get it right

    65 TossPowerTrap Reply

    I agree. That TD pass was a big league throw. I was there in DC when Darryl Green ran his first interception back for a TD in 1983 in preseason. I got the same feeling last night.

    Justin Cosing Reply

    handsomeflee 3x? More like once and the receiver got both hands on the ball! Literally hating like why

    Nebula Reply

    not saying he’s a bad qb, but if you knew anything about football you wouldn’t judge preseason.

    Jeremy B Reply

    @Justin Cosing factzz

Michael Horn Reply

Anyone else hear that incredibly annoying background noise? Oh my god.

    M Realzola Reply

    Quit crying

    Nebula Reply

    Yeah sounds like a screeching train

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 88 Reply

    if im not mistaken i think i heard gospel music

    osbert Reply

    the audio is a trainwreck

Chidozie Osuji Reply

0.:26 Daniel Jones recivers at Duke

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply


Brian Sevilla Reply

I see a lot of josh Allen from last year. Lot of flashes of brilliance but surrounded by no help.

    reggie dunn Reply

    Brian Sevilla, don’t forget bad coaching.

    Chase Fithian Reply

    @XX_Sauceboy brand so ur saying its probably not a good test subject to judge his ability on? Hes playing with the backup offense against backup defenses.. He’s getting much needed experience. Nowhere near perfect but hes a fast learner

    The Way Reply

    Brian Sevilla I’m a bills fan and I personally don’t see the Allen comparison..

    Brian Sevilla Reply

    The Way not like for like. But you could tell when Josh Allen was not on his back last year, the talent was there. I’m expecting big things from Allen in year 2.

    Nebula Reply

    in terms of throwing the football i can see that, but josh allen is more like cam newton overall. the guy ran for 600+ yards and had 8tds on the ground. he’s one of those guys that can take a beating due to his size, but he also goes out of bounds and slides.

Sauce Money Reply

Their left tackle #74 is trash

    Bob Saget Reply

    I’m pretty sure that’s Ereck Flowers.

    Teddy Jam Reply

    @Bob Saget no 74 is Geron Christian.

JayeCrook29 Reply

Damn, he’s gonna be good for quite awhile if they can protect him.

Still laughing that Stephen A. called this guy more of a runner than a passer. 🤣

    BucsDucs99 Reply

    I bet Stephen A was laughing after the first play in this video though

    ApparentlyEric Reply

    The guy had like 4 overthrows lol

    20 16 Reply

    @ApparentlyEric and ? It doesnt help when your o line collapses in 2 seconds

    TERRELL396 Reply

    @ApparentlyEric what QB u know that hasnt overthrown before

PNW_PsilocybeJedi Reply

Welp, welcome to this tagic world, Redskins fans, from a fellow Seahawk fan who’s frustration is always about to burst when he has to worry about terrible offensive line play. I pray yor QB stays healthy

    Justin Cosing Reply

    I mean this is the back up back up line

    Tyler Johnson Reply

    Justin Cosing yeah but the whole left side of the line is horrendous

ishnock Reply

Damn. I love this kid. A pure pocket passer, with crazy arm strength. He is going to be special.

    daniel Quiroga Reply

    I think you re so blind and stupid

    Beta Lewi Reply

    @daniel Quiroga so is your mother for having you

    John Johnson Reply


    Waindim Tufoin Reply

    @daniel Quiroga I think you are hating

    Eli Da Snake Reply

    @John Johnson I like to see you throw 50 yards buddy

Inferno Reply

The amount of people who take pre season seriously is hilarious. I’d hate to take betting advice from them.

Phillip Riles Reply

He has the arm talent. He just needs better weapons around him and more experience.

    Waindim Tufoin Reply

    He’s playing with 3rd stringers. The starters played before he came in

Tori Speaks Reply

He has potential but as of right now he’s giving Josh Allen vibes. He needs to understand he doesn’t have Ohio State’s track star receivers.

    Justin Ofotan Reply

    Tori Speaks josh Allen never had Haskins pocket presence

    20 16 Reply

    Yes he does they just weren’t out there

    Mike B Reply

    I mean he has one Ohio state track star wr lol

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