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Drew lock couldn’t do it for the broncos! Instead, Rypien had to.

    CODOX Reply

    fcbcf 2012 we aren’t saying he’s a god. Giving credit where credit is due!

    Ben Reply

    Pierce J He had a few balls that should of been picked but.. 4th stringers Lol.

KE GaMEs Reply

Man he did not do good

    Francisco Quezada Reply

    @slsriflecruman87 mahomes looked way better then this in his debut first game lol this guy went to my high school in lee summit & he will never compare

    JShady7620 Reply

    Francisco Quezada mahomes has 49 yards in his first preseason game lock had 34, if Williams catches that pass he dropped he probably gets 10 yards; so it was about the same debut. What worries me is lock never looked at a second receiver, but he also didn’t have much time in the pocket. With a clean pocket at guys like sanders; Sutton, and Lindsay on the field I think lock will do better.

    Josh. Reply

    @Go Pack Go he was also playing with 5th string receivers and oline

Dennis Reply

Ngl this makes him look pretty bad(no hate intended)

    Darth Raider Reply

    Because he is

    Jeremy May Reply

    It does but keep in mind his first game probably had a lot of nerves but yeah I get what you’re saying a rocky start for him hopefully he’ll get better

    • Shammgod Reply

    Darth Raider it’s the first game,did you see Brett Farve on his first game?

    Y U H 999 Reply

    Is a bronco fan I know. Still weird how they found more than a minute worth of footage thou

Ghost Deep Reply

Football seasons almost back🤝

MangoZ X Reply

Had a rough start in terms of throwing. He is a rookie so you never know

    japneet singh Reply

    @Mystery Man ok case kenum has been a journeyman his whole career he didn’t play just for this two coaches you mentioned he’s played with dozens and lawys sucked he just got the right system with the Vikings and talent around him so he played good same as Goff look at the Superbowl when you take away play action and he has to actually rely on bieng just a QB and throwing it he was bad

    Nebula Reply

    @It’s yah boyKe lock will not be jared goff or watson.. first of all he’s not even a first round selection, but mostly he’s just bad. not based off of this game, but based on his college career. he put him massive numbers but his accuracy is woefully bad & was only successful due to his college system. the only thing he has going for him is arm strength & a bit of mobility. i’ve been saying this before the draft & i will stick to my word that he will be trash.

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Nebula I guess time will tell.

    ghost in the shell357 Reply

    I thought he did pretty good

    dope boy highlights Reply

    @US1Jacob like tom Brady

zane brown Reply

This man just made Joe flacco a starter for all 16 games now in one half of a pre season game

    Darren Powell Reply

    more dropped balls than inaccurate throws, don’t get so caught up on the stats…even tom brady will miss on multiple deep balls in a game

    MrNobodycares100 Reply

    @Fektthis like are you legit stupid? 😂

    zane brown Reply

    Fektthis they got a running back the rest I’ll agree with

    zane brown Reply

    oh ok flacco doesn’t win that without boldin rice and Jacoby flacco needs every piece of offense to be good or he won’t produce

    zane brown Reply

    Jon Davis I mean clearly John doesn’t believe in joe that much if he drafted a QB

AngelJordanBruh Reply

Hell yeah NFL is back! Looking forward to this season! Let’s get it

Cody Dean Reply

All I seen was inaccurate throws and drops

Harambe05 Your boi Reply

Joe Flaco not sweating after watching Drew Lock 😅

    Nightmare Kilo Reply

    @dean o don’t even bother my guy their going to make excuses for lock Iike I said before if this was Lamar comment section equals going crazy😂😂 but hey this is his first game let him get used to the NFL Lamar had to do the same thing I’m sure he will improve

    2 Dudes TV Reply

    Mean but def true

    Dominik Wilson Reply

    RG3 looked like this his first couple pre season games then won rookie of the year lol

Teal Town Reply

He’ll get better

    Bolby Ballinger Reply

    Just like Paxton Lynch!

    Juls c Reply

    Better at what ?? Hes trash

    Acrid Sleep Reply

    Juls c dude it’s preseason come down


*throws the ball like Josh Rosen in Madden 20*

*I’m talking about the accuracy here*

    duclaw _ Reply

    JDX GAMING bengal knows the struggle💀💀

    Kayman234 Reply

    duclaw _ I was about to say😂😂😂

    JDX GAMING Reply

    @duclaw _ gotta give props for getting the reference

Michael Reply

His accuracy needs a lot of work . A lot A lot work . He make it so hard for his receivers

    Darren Powell Reply

    more dropped balls than inaccurate throws

    Nebula Reply

    @Charles C his accuracy was horrible in college. yes it’s obviously his first ever game at the next level, especially preseason, but it doesn’t mean when he’s more comfortable accuracy will randomly show up. he was the product of a college offense & it will not translate to the nfl, been saying this before the draft.

    pappyjames3 Reply

    his footwork was terrible. defensive line was speeding him up.

    Jp Thabeast Reply

    @dean o 💀

Angry Sammich Reply

My god if Flacco goes down and they play Lock, Denver would be screwed

    YouGotHouses WeGotMahomes Reply

    Chiefs league now guys. Get all pissy if you want. This is life when you don’t have the luxury of HOF QB’s under center. Welcome to Denver’s version of the Elvis Grbac-Matt Cassel years. Elway was a super sensational QB. One of the best to ever do it. But not shown the capacity to be a good GM. Get rid of the best DC in the game in Wade Phillips on to hire back to back defensive head coaches in the modern day NFL where the rules have been tilted to favor offense. Elway might need to go into concussion protocol. Broncos tears for years to come. Enjoy languishing in mediocrity. Try to save the rest of the league from all the Al Bundy Polk High stories. Shrooms are decriminalized. I’d recommend dosing whatever the opposite of micro is because it’s gonna feel like your stuck having a never ending bad trip anyways.

    ryan wilczewski Reply

    How are you about to come to this conclusion after a preseason game?

    Charles C Reply

    @YouGotHouses WeGotMahomes Elway & Jordan have the same issue. They can’t evaluate talent for their position

    Josh Ryan Reply

    @Mandalorian Legion i agree its his first game

BmoreBirds22 Reply

Damn i can see some nathan peter-goat in him , if he keeps working at it then just maybe……….

    WeShowYou39071319 Reply

    BmoreBirds22 stfu bum

    Nellybo knockdown Reply

    WeShowYou39071319 jokes im just hearing FAX

    Jerry Obrien Reply

    lamar looked just as bad early on. Remember Cowboy Homer Cain and others quickly using 1 game to condemn
    Lamar and the i told you so crap. They then refused to give him any credit. Lock has to learn the game and that takes time.
    Manning Elway were pretty bad early on too. I did laugh at Bronco fans who were saying to start Lock and bench Flacco.

    Zertex Z Reply


Master Chief Reply

Has potential but in this game, he probably had some first-game jitters

    Unz360 Reply

    That’s what I’m saying. It’s his first game I’m not judging. What I like is he’s trying to make plays, a little wobbly but not too hesitant

    Bolby Ballinger Reply

    That or your head coach was actually telling the truth when he said Drew Lock was nowhere near ready.

    troy weber Reply

    He also had like no time in the pocket and that caused him not to step into his throws

    pappyjames3 Reply

    @troy weber gotta get used to it. you won’t get a clean pocket every play. but that footwork has to be sharp.

Manny Manhattan Music Reply

The kidney stone miracle

    Haden Shoup Reply

    Vic Fangio is dying rn😂😂😂

Taylor Rhodes Reply

Lock has the high IQ. So many good ideas of where the ball needs to go. He just needs to place it better to be effective

    20 16 Reply

    Lock iq was actually one of his weaknesses

    Gino Khalifa Reply

    20 16 no his accuracy is the weakness

    20 16 Reply

    @Gino Khalifa you can have more then one weakness

    Killua Zoldyck Reply

    Ronney Augustine yeah, he is probably just has some jitters and worried.

    S Bassett Reply

    For his jersey number, Locke chose his IQ.

Gabry LV Reply

It’s amazing to think that he is bad when he just played 1 qtr. chill the F out, he will play better. Paxton Lynch showed flashes in preaseason and he was a bust

    Millerbros3 Reply

    Very true

    angel calderon Reply

    I dont see a lot of people straight up saying he’s bad, they’re just correctly pointing out that he had a bad game. Also, your Paxton lynch example doesnt exactly prove your point: It only makes Locke look worse if lynch busted out despite showing flashes.

    jacked jesus Reply

    Gabry LV not saying he’s terrible but the dude isn’t ready to start…that’s pretty obvious. He’s going to get eaten alive if the broncos start him week 1

    Jordan the Panthers fan Reply

    If hes this bad in preseason game what makes you think he can ball anywhere else

clevelandcbi Reply

Gonna be the first NFL stadium with protective netting.

    Jeffrey Abbey Reply

    Oh wow

    Lmao hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Sunny Reply

    Lmfaoooooooooooooooo u got me dien

    Grand Admiral Thrawn Reply


    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe Reply

    Flawless Victory!

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

You guys judge too early? Remember Payton Manning’s rookie year? They went 3-13

    M&AWalker Reply

    Peyton went 3-13

    Swagasaurasrex Reply

    Bolby Ballinger also picks

    Kedrian White Reply

    Remember Paxton Lynch

    Andrew Swarthout Reply

    I know but Peyton could throw a pass

    isaiahh rodriguezz Reply

    BeastMode 21 I agree!

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